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Episode 3.1

The small suburb of Little Whinging, Surrey on the planet Earth, is a quiet place to live, especially Privet Drive. Every house was exactly the same from the neatly trimmed hedges to the white-painted fences; no one would guess that there was anything out of the ordinary here. Of course, they'd be wrong. Because in one house there was something very out of the ordinary. In one house, there was a secret. No, no, not that house. The one next door. Number Six…

Five-year-old Luke Skywalker groaned as his sister shook him awake on that Monday morning.

"G' back t' bed Lei'," he moaned. "S' too early."

"It is not," insisted an annoyed Leia Skywalker, "It's ten minutes to eight and if you don't get up now we'll be late."

"It can't be that late," muttered Luke as he rolled over to gaze blearily at the alarm clock he never bothered to set. After all, Leia always woke him up anyway.

He yelped, flinging his covers halfway across the room as he vaulted out of bed. Scooping up his clothes, he dashed out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom.

"You know, if you didn't stay up half the night making those stupid models, this wouldn't happen every morning!" Leia called after her twin.

Sure enough, model airplanes covered every bit of shelf space available in the room and those that could not fit on the shelves, hung from the ceiling. Three or four dozen different airplanes littered the area. A desk jammed in a corner of the room held a half-assembled model of a B-14 bomber (at least that's what Leia assumed it was, going by the box propped up next to it).

All of them were presents from the twins' Uncle Ben, who spent most of his time traveling from place to place on 'business' which he never elaborated on. Of course, that was just fine for both Leia and her mother, though Luke seemed completely oblivious to what his uncle was really getting up to. But really, they were all much safer not knowing the details of what happened when Uncle Ben went on missions for the Rebel Alliance. Though Leia still wasn't entirely sure what it was, she knew the Rebel Alliance was not ordinary. All those places she heard her mother and uncle talking about: Alderaan, Corellia, Corescant. Leia had never heard of any of them and when she tried to look them up in the world atlas from the bookshelf in the living room, she could find neither hide nor hair of them.

Leia shook her head. Best not to think about that. It always got her upset. And on such an important day, too.

Slowly she turned around and headed downstairs, where her brother was, no doubt, already in the kitchen bolting down his breakfast as fast as possible, not realizing that his sister had turned his clock an hour ahead.

Padme Skywalker was not surprised at the complete silence in her minivan as she drove that morning. Her son was still sulking at his sister 'evil plot to rob people of precious sleep.' Of course, Leia continued to insist that it had been for his own good.

Padme looked in her rear view mirror as she pulled up in front of the school. Before she could say a word, however, Luke spoke up.

"Why can't you just home school us?" he half-asked, half-whined.

"Because you need to interact with children your own age. Besides your sister." She replied as if they had not had this argument a dozen times before.

"You could send us to a play group," suggested Leia, looking nervously out her window.

"I could," agreed Padme, "But I'm not going to."

There was a pause, then Padme had an idea.

"If you want," she offered slyly, "I could walk you in."

At this, the twins shoved the door open and lept out. Dragging their lunches and backpacks behind them.

"No thanks, Mom," they replied in unison their earlier quarrel forgotten, "We can manage."

"Have a good first day!" she called through her window.

Shaking her head as she rolled up her window, Padme grinned.

So predictable. They get more like their father every day. Here she frowned, unhappy. Luke more than Leia, but still… Force, I hope I can keep them from winding up like him. They won't, they're good kids. Pranksters, though. I better not get a call form their teacher on the first day or they're in big poo-doo.

The driver in the car behind her honked, forcing Padme out of her reverie.

"Alright, alright," the former queen muttered, as she drove off to her job as a secretary at a drill company called Grunnings.

Alright. Like I said , a little short, but it's only the beginning. My chapters in a story tend to get longer at a slow but steady rate. I just edited this one a little. A few plot mistakes I missed. Like how the twins are five not six. In any case, the next chapter should be soon. I have it mostly written. I just have to type it up and wrap it up.

But til then,

May the Force be with you.