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"No, I'll be right there." Padme Naberrie Skywalker replaced the phone on its hook and sighed.

She hadn't really thought that either of her children would actually get in enough trouble for their teacher to call her on the first day of school. She could hardly believe that her son had pushed one of his classmates. She didn't believe it. Leia might have gotten physical with another student if she felt the other child was in the wrong; but Luke was far too timid. She shook her head.

There had to be more to the story. Padme sighed once more as she stood from her desk. No matter what the truth was, she would have to inform her boss that she was leaving early because of it.

She knocked on the door of said boss' office.

"Come in," called a voice.

Padme opened the door, and cautiously poked her head through.

"Ms. Davis?" she asked politely.

"What is it, Padme?" the kindly gray-haired woman replied.

One wouldn't think when looking at her that she was the regional manager of a major drill company. She seemed more like a doting grandmother, despite being clothed in what was obviously a business suit.

"I'm afraid the twins' school just called," Padme told her boss. "They said that Luke's gotten into a fight."

Ms. Davis frowned. She was quite fond of the twins, often insisting that they come up to her office instead of remaining in the company day care center. She gave them many treats and they were both delighted when she gave them small tasks to do.

"That's odd," Ms. Davis commented still frowning. "Luke isn't the type to get physical. I'd think that if either of them were to get into a fight it would be Leia, and then only if she felt her opponent was being rude or unfair."

"I know," Padme said, nodding. "That's why I need to go up there and sort this out, if it's alright with you."

"Of course, dear," Ms. Davis agreed emphatically. "You get this sorted out, I'm sure it's all just some sort of misunderstanding. And make sure to let me know what happens."

"I will," Padme promised, "And thank you."

"Not at all, dear."

Padme returned to the outer office, closing the door behind her. She grabbed her coat and purse before hurrying down the hall to the elevator, wondering all the while what kind of trouble her son could have gotten himself into.

Luke sat on a chair outside the principal's office waiting for his mother to arrive. The principal hadn't listened to his side of the story; he'd only listened to the lunchroom monitor's story before asking Luke one question:

"Did you hit the other boy?"

Luke had, he couldn't deny that, but the man gave him no chance to explain why. He had just told Luke to take a seat on one of the chairs outside while he called the boy's mother.

Luke had tried to protest, but the man had cut him off with a look and repeated the instructions for him to wait outside.

So here he was. Sitting in a chair that was too big for him and glaring at his feet which he was swinging back and forth, for lack of anything better to do. The principal's secretary glared at him as if his movement was disturbing her. Luke defiantly pretended not to notice.

Just then the door opened and his mother walked in. She spotted him right away and strode over. She bent down and placed her hands on her son's shoulders.

"Luke," she began calmly "What happened?"

"This boy tried to make Leia and me-,"

"Leia and I," Padme corrected.

Luke gave her a look that clearly said he didn't think this was the time to worry about grammar, but he corrected himself.

"Leia and I," he continued, "stop being friends with Harry. He said that Harry was a freak and Leia told him that Harry wasn't and the boy yelled at her. I got angry and told him not to yell at Leia and that Harry wasn't a freak." Luke looked down, shame-faced before he continued. "And then I pushed him. But he wasn't hurt. Those were crocodile tears."

Padme frowned. After so many years as a politician in an increasingly corrupt bureaucracy, Padme knew how to tell when someone was lying to her; a fact that went double with her ceaselessly honest son. But if he was telling the truth...

"Why didn't you tell your principal about this?" she asked.

"He never gave me the chance," her son replied.

Padme felt her anger rising with in her. This man had called her away from work without even trying to figure out what had happened.

Padme stood, her face blazing.

"Mother?" Luke asked tentatively, noticing and recognizing the look on his mother's face. It was the one that usually meant that either he or Leia was in major trouble.

Padme didn't answer him. She simply strode over to the door to the principal's private office and flung it open.

Jim Barnett sat in his swivel chair. It was the first day of school and already there had been a fight. And between kindergartners, no less. He rubbed his temples.

I thought I was getting away from this kind of thing when I transferred here from the high school, he thought.

The little boy who had been brought in had seemed nice enough, (he'd actually been hoping the monitor had made a mistake for the boy's sake) but the boy had admitted right out to pushing his classmate. The boy, Luke Sky-something, had seemed contrite, even embarrassed, but the school had a no-tolerance policy towards violence; even when it came to kindergartners on their first day of school.

Mr. Barnett's hands were tied. He'd had to call the kid's mother. The woman had seemed to take the news very well, considering. Though she had, several times, asked if he was certain it was Luke who'd gotten in a fight and not Leia. The two were apparently twins, and Barnett had gotten the impression that Luke was normally the milder of the two. He was beginning to wonder if he should investigate more into whatever had driven the boy to physical violence when Padme Skywalker burst into his office in a near rage.

A full twenty minutes later, an extremely sheepish Mr. Barnett polked his head out of his office door and asked his secretary to call one Dudley Dursley to the office. When the overweight five year old arrived, he was immediately admitted into the vice principal's inner sanctum.

In the end, Dudley got off with a warning. Much to the distaste of both Padme and her son. Both boys were sent back to class and Padme returned to work.

She was still fuming when she arrived to pick up the twins. Her mood did not improve when her daughter told her that the same Harry whom Luke had stood up for, had been told by his aunt to walk home, even as the woman loaded her own obese son into the spacious back seat of her minivan.

Padme told all three kids to get in the back seat and buckle up.

The retired politician's real surprise came when she asked Harry where he lived.

"Number four Privet Drive, ma'am was the half whispered reply.

Padme slammed on the brakes not sparing a single thought as to whither there was anyone behind her.

"What?" she demanded in shock as she twisted around in her seat to look at him.

"I live at Number Four Privet Drive, Ma'am," the far-too-skinny boy reasserted even more quietly than before.

Padme just stared.

How could this boy possibly have lived next door to her and she never even noticed?

"Wow, we're neighbors!" exclaimed Luke excitedly.

"Really?" inquired Harry shyly.

"Yep," said Luke.

Padme took a deep breath, turned around, and resumed the trip home, her thoughts swirling as she listened to the three voices in the back seat.

One calm and rational, one loud and excited... and one unnaturally quiet and unsure.

Anyone get the feeling that Padme's beginning to catch on?

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