What happens when Henry leaves Vicki with more than just a broken heart?

Okay, just to warn you, as I live in the UK I've only heard that Henry tells Vicki he's leaving, I've not actually seen the episode. So this fic is basically what I would like to happen.

Some of you may have read the 'M' rated version of this chapter already. I just wanted to post a chapter that had a lower rating so that those not inclined towards the 'M' rated fictions could enjoy it... well, hopefully!!!

The wind whipped through the trees, giving voice to its powerful force, grasping at the leaves, breaking them from their roots causing them to tumble, dancing with the ease of a prima ballerina who had practiced her dances for a lifetime, landing soundlessly, on the sodden grass below.

But one person did not feel the wind, she didn't feel anything. She hadn't felt this much pain in over a year… not since he walked away from her a year ago today. Okay, so that wasn't necessarily true. She had felt things, pain, guilt, anguish. The emotions that coursed through her veins were there… because he no longer was. She felt like her heart was breaking all over again. Over the past few days she couldn't think, couldn't see, touch or hear anything without thinking of him…

She stood without purpose; the display of colour contrasted with the darkening day was nothing to her. She didn't know why she had stopped here. She had been out walking, trying to clear her mind of thoughts of him, thoughts that caused her heart to rip apart at the seams. She thought she would be able to cope, that maybe a year had been enough to piece her life, and her heart, back together again. How foolish could she have been? As soon as she had woken up again, without even looking at the calendar she had known what day it was…the anniversary of the day her life came crumbling down.

That morning, she cried. There had only been one occasion since he left when she had cried this much. The memory of his face the last time she had seen him came to her and she could see it as clearly as if he were lying right beside her.

Now she was standing over looking Vancouver as the last of the sun's rays extinguished behind the horizon. The tears that streaked her cheeks felt like ice as the wind brushed across her face. She didn't know how long she stood like that, lost in a sea of memories and pain.


It had been over a week since that fateful night, that night when she thought she had been doing the right thing. Neither a day nor minute had passed since when she didn't question her actions, and yet she always reached the same conclusion… that she would rather have him hating her, unable to forgive her… than have him dead.

The look on his face when she had run him through with the sword to take his life essence kept coming unbidden to the front of her mind. The look of hurt, pain… and betrayal was almost more than she could bear. The sound of Henry weakly but desperately imploring her not to carry on with the ritual rang in her ears… in that moment she knew things had changed forever. She had ventured onto a path that would unknowingly lead her to the depths of despair, sorrow and heartache… a path that had lead to this moment.

She was standing at her window in her office staring out into the darkness but seeing nothing, when she felt the familiar breeze hit her coupled with the skipping of a beat in her heart, not through fear, but relief.

She hadn't seen him since he had come to her a week ago asking her why she had done it, whether she realised the price of what she had done… and how she had tainted her life-force with his blood… with him.

"Henry?" She breathed, turning around.

The look in his eyes told her he still resented her for what she had done… still held the essence of betrayal that cut through her like a carving knife, but there was something else deep within his gaze… sorrow.

"I'm leaving." Was all he said in response, his eyes upon her, his gaze unwavering.

She knew the answer to her next question but had to ask be there some infinitesimal possibility of her prediction being wrong. She could barely bring herself to speak, suddenly finding it difficult to form even a sound let alone a word in her throat.

"F…For how long?"

The look in his eyes said it all. She didn't know where she suddenly found the energy to speak more than a few words but the pain she felt inside fuelled her anger.

"YOU were willing to let Asteroth take you to hell in my place… but I'M not allowed to taint my lifeforce to save your life?"

Henry started to speak but was cut off, anger reverberating from Vicki in waves.

"I know! I know I made a deal with the devil… and I don't care! I don't care if I owe him…'cos there was no way I was gonna let you die if there was ANY way I could save you!"

Henry was in front of her in less than a heart beat.

"You have no idea what you're dealing with… the black magic you used is a force more powerful and evil than you can even begin to comprehend!"

She took a step towards him looking him straight in the eye, her words laced with venom.

"You know what… if I'd known before hand how you were gonna react… known the price I'd pay… I'd do it all over again in a heart beat because I could not live in a world that doesn't have you in it!"

Vicki shoved past Henry then turned back to him. "Clearly you don't feel the same way… do you think it's easy for me… knowing that I owe the devil and that he could come collecting any second! I'm in so much pain right now Henry!" Vicki cried, tears starting to well in her eyes as hard as she tried to force them back.

"Not pain from the ritual… pain from the knowledge that you hate me for what I did… it's eating me up inside, but every time I feel like I'm dying inside, what gets me through is the knowledge that even though you may hate me and never want to see me again… at least you're alive!"

Henry's gaze, although it still held anger, softened slightly, becoming more pained and he stepped closer towards her. He'd been so consumed by anger that he hadn't stopped to think about what Vicki had been going through. Before all this he would have dropped everything, done anything at the drop of a hat if he'd hear even a whispering that Vicki might have been hurting… but the feeling of betrayal still coursed through his veins and he didn't think he could ever remove that feeling.

"Why didn't you tell me before?!"

"Oh like you would have agreed!" Vicki yelled!

"That's not the point!" Henry yelled back. "I'm leaving… not because I'm angry… I still am, but that's not why."

"Then why!" Vicki cried, a lone tear escaped and trailed down her cheek.

Henry's voice softened, "Because I can't trust you… and I don't think I can ever forgive you."

It felt like she had been stabbed in the gut, was this what Henry felt when she ran him through?

"You know what?! I never pictured Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond one for running away. Maybe you're not the noble prince I though you were. You brought me into this world Henry, hell, not just me but Coreen and Mike too. How can you leave us like this… how can you leave me… after everything we've been through?"

Henry was sure that if his heart were alive… it would be breaking right about now.

"Maybe it was presumptuous of me, but I thought you cared about me… hell even if you didn't love me, I at least hoped you cared enough to stick around when things got tough… clearly I'm more blind than I thought!" Vicki yelled pushing him out of her way. Henry let her move past him, closing his eyes.

"Clearly there's nothing I can say or do to convince you to stay… you've made up you mind…so just go Henry!" The tears were falling freely now.

Henry looked to the ceiling, taking an unneeded breath, praying she wouldn't see the tears starting to form in his eyes.

In a heartbeat he was at the door, hand on the handle. Without turning he spoke to the door.

"Goodbye Vicki."

He started to open the door when he heard her voice.


He turned hesitantly, not sure whether he could deal with seeing her tear stricken face, but he forced himself to do so.

Vicki was looking at him, eyes full of grief, and without warning she moved walking determinedly towards him. He didn't have time to move, as she placed her hands on his face, and captured his lips with hers.

He couldn't help but respond, his lips parting slightly to capture her bottom lip between his. The kiss was lingering, and bittersweet. Vicki pulled back, resting her forehead on his, caressing his cheek softly with her thumb.

"I…" She started with a whisper, "I just wanted to remember."

The pain was eating him up inside. He could taste the salt from her tears in the remnants of her kiss.

Suddenly, he placed his lips back upon hers. She wound her hand round to the back of his head, her fingers tangling in the silken curls to hold his lips to hers. They pulled back mutually, and both saw the desperation in each others eyes. They both knew that what was coming wouldn't change things… that he was still going to leave… but that they needed to be with each other just once. If they didn't… that was a regret neither of them could live with.

Their lips came together again as she pushed and he pulled her in the direction of her bedroom.

The cry of an owl brought her out of her reverie, and she reached into her pocket. Her fingers brushed over a folded piece of paper and she pulled it from the confines of her pocket.

Carefully, as if the paper were made of tissue she unfolded it.

Upon the crumpled paper a short letter was written in elegant hand-writing. She didn't need to read the letter, she new what it said, word for word…


I never wanted…'


I never wanted to hurt you, and I want to know that you were wrong. I do care about you, more than you will ever know. I'm leaving because it's the best thing for the both of us. My leaving is better for you because ever since we met I've been putting your life in danger, and last week proved that. I can't let you put your life on the line like that for me. I can't face the thought that someone I care so deeply about could have died because of me… I also can't face the thought that someone I love could betray me like that… and that is why I am leaving. Every time I see you I feel the sword in my gut, and even though it wouldn't have killed me, the knowledge that you used my blood to taint yourself kills me inside. I never wanted to foul your soul in any way… because your soul is so perfect… it's what I fell in love with.

I don't know if a day will ever come when I can forgive you. I can't forgive you for wanting to die for me. God knows I want to, but right now, I can't… My life is better for meeting you, but your life is worse for meeting me.

Goodbye my love…


She'd awoken as day-break inched over the horizon and found she was now left alone, with only the memories of their one night together to hold on to. She clutched the letter to her chest, her breath hitching with the tears she failed to hold back. He was gone… possibly forever…

She sunk down on the bench behind her and tired to pull herself together. After a few minutes she ran her hands over her face, brushing the tears away then took a few deep breaths and stood up once more. She delicately folded the letter and placed it back in her pocket.

As she took one last glance at the view in front of her, she heard a voice behind her.


She stood stock still, not daring to turn around. Without looking behind her she knew who the voice belonged to, not only from her memory, but from the way her heart skipped several beats at the sound.

She forced her feet to move and she turned around. As she took in the figure, the night sky grew darker, the stars disappearing as she lost consciousness.

As she regained consciousness an image rushed at her from her memory and she sat bolt upright. Looking behind the bench she saw no-one and immediately thought that she'd been hallucinating when someone touched her arm and she turned.

"It's okay Vicki, it's me."

She stared at him, breathing heavily. He hadn't aged a day, still looked the same as he had when she saw him last.

Henry Fitzroy.

She started laughing.

"Um… I probably have no right to ask this, but… what's so funny?" He asked her.

Through her laughter she managed to speak. "Oh god… I've finally cracked… now I'm hallucinating!" She stood up and started to walk away.

"Vicki, it's me, I'm really here… I promise!" He implored.

"No… no… see, the real Henry wouldn't be here 'cos he hates me…" She turned around to face 'Henry'. "The only Henry who can forgive me exists in my imagination… ergo…" she waved a hand to indicate him, "you're a delusion."

She turned and walked away from him but in the blink of an eye he was in front of her and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. She was too stunned to respond. When he pulled back she just stared at him.

In all her fantasies and day-dreams of kissing him, NEVER had it felt so real…

'Henry' was really Henry… flesh and blood (so to speak).

She placed her fingers to her lips. "Oh my god." She spoke, barely above a whisper.

"I promise you Vicki… I'm really here… and I guess I've got a hell of a lot of apologising to do." He smiled.

She moved her hand away from her mouth and spoke, her voice a mix of irony and weariness. "You have no idea."

She looked to the heavens and sent a thank-you to whoever had brought him back to her.

She took in a deep breath. "Come with me, we can talk at my place."

She lived about a 10 minute walk from the park where Henry had found her. Since the day he'd left he'd felt a constant pain in his long-dead heart. That morning, twenty minutes or so before day-break, he'd arrived in Toronto after making his journey back to her. With day-break so close he checked himself into a Toronto hotel after picking up some duck tape at a 24-hour convenience store and had just enough time to seal the edges of the blinds in his hotel room before daylight emerged over the horizon.

As he awoke that night his first thought had been Vicki and he checked out of the hotel (after removing the duck-tape from the windows, so as not to arouse any suspicions) and set out to find her… He didn't need to pick up her scent; he followed the pull of his heart. Every time he took a step in the right direction, the pain in his heart lessened, gradually decreasing until finally he found her, atop of the hill in the park.

Now as they walked in silence towards Vicki's place, she kept stealing glances every few seconds as if trying to make sure he was still there… make sure he was real.

As they arrived at Vicki's place, he realised she had moved across town from her old apartment. He'd been so focussed on watching her that ha hadn't even realised where she was taking him. For all he knew she could have been leading him into a blazing inferno… god knows he deserved it.

As she reached to open the main door to the apartment building, Henry was there in a flash and opened it for her. 'Still the gentleman' she though, and couldn't help a little smile.

They rode the elevator in silence, both watching each other as if waiting for the other to disappear.

A minute later and they were stood outside her door. She pulled a key from her pocket and opened the door, stepping inside.

She'd moved into an apartment slightly bigger than her last one. As he took in the apartment, a familiar female voice shouted to him.

"Holy Crap!" Coreen yelled, staring dumbstruck at him.

"Well, the fact that you can see him gives me more reason to believe he's not a delusion!" Vicki said.

"I…wha…when…I mean…I…" Coreen fumbled over her words.

Before she could say any more, Vicki walked over to her.

"We've uh, got a lot to discuss."

"Of course… uh… everything's fine." Coreen replied

"Good, thanks." Vicki smiled warmly at her.

"Um, I'll come by in the morning… with coffee for you…" Coreen said addressing Vicki, "…and a branding iron for you!" She added, addressing Henry. The look in Coreen's eyes, held the slightest hint of sarcasm, but most of it was filled with resentment.

When Coreen left, Vicki turned to Henry… "Can you wait here a minute?"

"Of course." Henry replied. She stared at him softly for a moment more then disappeared through a door into an adjacent room.

Henry turned to look out of the window. Her new apartment really did have a spectacular view. He stared out of it, wondering how this night was going to go… what could he say that would justify him leaving? He'd been over what he'd say thousands of times, how he'd explain it all and beg her forgiveness… and tell her how much he loved and needed her.

"Henry? I want you to meet someone…" Henry turned to her. In her arms she held a quietly sleeping baby, wrapped in a blue blanket.

"Say hello to your son."

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