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It was after sunset when Mike had been walking along the corridor to Vicki's apartment carrying a bag of Chinese food. He fished the set of keys out of his pocket and entered them into the lock. Nothing could have prepared him for what, or rather who, was on the other side of the door. When he entered her apartment and saw him standing there, hatred boiled in his blood and he automatically reached for his gun, placing the Chinese food on the hall table.

"What the hell are you doing here Fitzroy?" He spoke, venom lacing his words.

When Henry turned around Mike quickly moved the gun to his side when he saw that he was holding Peter in his arms.

"I suggest you get that gun away from my son Detective."

"Oh so he's your son now? Let me ask you this Fitzroy, where were you when your son was born huh? Where were you when the mother of your son found out she was carrying your child huh? Where were you when she needed you the most Fitzroy?" Mike yelled.

"Mike, it's okay…" Vicki spoke softly from the entrance to her kitchen. His gaze flicked to Vicki. She smiled at him gently, drying her hands on a dish towel. She walked over to Henry and placed a hand on his arm and spoke softly.

"I'll be back in a moment." She trailed her hand down his arm, as she turned to Mike.

"Come on, lets talk outside." She told him. When Mike wouldn't budge she took a hold of his arm and exerted pressure on him, pulling him towards the front door. "Mike please."

He reluctantly submitted and followed her out of the apartment, pulling the door closed behind them. Henry stood, holding Peter in his arms, gently rocking him as his heightened hearing picked up their conversation.

"Mike, I know you're just being protective of me, of us, but you know what I went through when Henry was gone…"

"I know full well. The endless night's you spent crying, how you wouldn't get out of bed. If he thinks he can just waltz back into your life…"

"Mike, he had every right to leave. I betrayed him, you know that. He told me he would have come back in a heart beat if he'd known about Peter."

"Really, he said that!"

"Yes. Look Mike, I know you're pissed, but please just drop it, if not for my sake, then for Peter's. You helped me look for Henry, all that time. You saw how upset I was, and now he's back I've never been happier. He's promised me he's not leaving."

Mike sighed. When Henry had left, Vicki had slipped into a state of depression, hardly eating and only when she was forced to by either himself or Coreen, staying in bed most of the day, crying endlessly.

When she had found out she was pregnant, they had tried to be there for her as much as possible, he and Coreen working tirelessly to try and find out where Henry was, but to no avail. When a vampire wants to disappear from the radar he generally becomes invisible. Mike had never tried to take the place of Henry as Peter's father, never pursued Vicki in a romantic fashion again since he discovered just how much she cared and loved for Henry. They had both moved onto just being friends, and it suited them fine.

"I'm surprised Coreen didn't tell you about Henry."

"I knew something was up, she's been quiet all day."

It was Vicki's turn to sigh. "Henry has every right to see his son, to be a part of his life… and I want him in Peter's life, I want him in my life. You're gonna be a dad soon… how would you feel if Coreen wouldn't let you be a part of your child's life?"

'Wow', Henry thought to himself. 'Coreen and Celluci? Together and having a baby? So much had changed in a year.'

"You know I'm only pissed 'cos I care about you both. I just don't wanna see you hurt again."

"Coreen said the same thing earlier today… you two are more alike than you'd care to admit you know?"

"I know… just don't tell her that." Mike smiled.

Vicki touched his arm. "Come on, let's go inside."

Coreen had arrived about 20 minutes after Mike and had kept Mike under control for the most part. He saw the way Henry was around his child and around Vicki and noticed how much he had changed. The way he looked at his son gave him confidence in his promise to stay with Vicki. The only time he'd really confronted Henry was when Vicki & Coreen went into the nursery to put Peter to bed after he'd fallen sound asleep in Coreen's arms.

"Fitzroy." He spoke softly, fearing that Coreen would return and chide him if she heard what he was about to say, but in his heart knew that she would probably say exactly the same thing to Henry in due time.

"I'm glad your back, for Vicki and Peter's sake… but I swear, if you hurt either of them again… in any way, so help me God I will stake you in your sleep."

Henry could see the sincerity in the detective's eyes and knew that he meant it with every fibre of his being.

Vicki and Coreen walked back into the room as the two men stood facing each other.

"Did we miss something?" Vicki asked,

"No, nothing." Mike replied softly, keeping his gaze upon Henry. He turned to Coreen.

"Come on, it's getting late, we should head home."

Coreen smiled, "Sure, besides, I'm sure these two have a lot of reacquainting to do." She winked at Vicki.

Vicki laughed softly, shaking her head as she walked with Coreen to the door. As Mike was about to turn and follow them Henry placed an arm on his shoulder.

"Detective…" Mike turned back to face him. Henry took his hand in his. "Thank you… for everything you've done for them." He lowered his voice slightly. "And I promise, you'll never have to make good on that threat."

Mike had never really felt a connection to Henry, the only time was over a year ago when they had been working together to try and find Christina. Now he realised they had more in common that he had cared to admit.

Mike shook Henry's hand in response and spoke with a small smile, "I know."

As they said goodbye to Mike and Coreen and shut the door, Vicki sighed, leaning up against it. "Well, no blood was shed, so all in all I'd say that went pretty well!"

With no words needing to be exchanged between them, Vicki stepped forward and Henry automatically wrapped his arms around her. She lay her head upon his shoulder, one of his hands caressing through her hair as they stood in quiet contentment. Vicki brought one hand up to rest on the side of Henry's face as she whispered in his ear. "I love you."

She moved back to look in his eyes as he leant forwards and captured her lips in a soft caress. "I love you too." He whispered against her lips.

Never had she felt such peace, never felt so at ease that she did being wrapped in Henry's embrace, knowing that their son was sleeping softly in the other room.

She took Henry's hand and walked into the bedroom. Again, no words needed to be exchanged as they lay upon the bed, her back against Henry's front, his arms wrapped securely around her as they lay in silence listening to the baby monitor on the bedside table, Vicki listening to their son's soft breaths, the sound lolling Vicki to sleep, and Henry listing to their son's steady heartbeat as he watched Vicki sleep and knew that in over four hundred and fifty years he had never felt as happy, and content as he did now.


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