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Sara thinks Grissom is in love with Lady Heather and Grissom thinks Sara is playing hard to get, will our geeks ever get it together?

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A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain.

Abraham Cowley

Leaning forward to get a better grip on Grissom's mouth Sara marvelled at how perfectly they fit together.

Sara groaned as she felt his hands go from behind her head to slide down and rest on her waist …

Waking up and hearing her alarm clock Sara sighed knowing that it had been another dream.

Looking at her alarm clock she saw that she had a few hours to get ready for work.

Sunday and Monday nights were the worst for Sara because it meant she was away from Grissom.

Normally she would simply work overtime but she wanted to play a little hard to get knowing she had spent the past six years trying to get Grissom's attention and failed.

She had tried everything, working with him, defending him, visiting him at home once when he was sick and even asked him out but to no avail.

Zip, zero, zilch.

Sara had fallen in love with Grissom the moment they met and her crush had simply become deeper as time went on.

Moving to Vegas six years ago had only flamed the feelings but she was beginning to realize it was unrequited love.

After discovering this about herself Sara tried to distance herself from him and yet her dreams and feelings had only gotten worse.

For Sara her love for Grissom had turned into her addiction.

Even if she could not have him she was quite happy to at least be around him.

She just hoped he would stay single because knowing he loved someone else would be too hard.

Over the past six years Sara was relieved that Grissom had not moved onto someone else.

There had been Terri Miller but she was now married and although she hated to admit it Sofia had become a real threat but was now confident that she didn't need to worry.

The sudden appearance of Lady Heather in the past few days had made Sara become worried.

After the incident with Adam Trent, Sara had been confident Grissom would initiate something but nothing and now he was back to his ignoring her phase of their relationship.

Feeling a lone tear escape down her cheek Sara was terrified she had waited too long and for the wrong man.

Maybe Grissom was not meant for her and she had wasted her prime years.

She still wanted to get married and have children.

Although she did not look it Sara wanted everything most women wanted, a white dress to walk down the isle in, a picket fence, some children and a dog.

Having been bought up foster care with no-one willing to adopt an older child Sara now craved a family life.

It was only a few weeks ago that Sara decided to get a move on if any of those dreams were to come true.

Unfortunately her dreams about Grissom were now getting more intense and she was back to square one again.

Swinging her legs around Sara stood up and stretched knowing everyday was a new beginning and you never knew what might happen.


Walking into the lab she was surprised to see most of the team out on existing cases and was about to get a coffee when she saw Grissom walk passed.

Grabbing an extra cup for him, even though he would not thank her for it, she went to his office.

Putting a huge grin on her face Sara walked in his office and sat down.

"Hi Grissom," Sara said inwardly grimacing at the awkward sex dream her mind was now throwing at her.

Putting down his coffee in his favourite mug Sara was immediately downhearted when she saw him pick it up and put it away obviously busy looking for a file.

"Oh, Sara I didn't see you there, if you can drive out to Johann Sneller's house and work the scene," he said continuing to look for a file.

Feeling upset that he could not even look at her in the eye Sara picked herself up and walked out.


Seeing Sara walk into the lab Grissom decided to busy himself with files so Sara would not initiate anything with him.

Grissom had taken a long time to admit it … but yes he was in love with Sara.

Unfortunately he was her supervisor and 15 years her senior and a relationship under those conditions it could not work.

It was hard enough trying to work with her everyday but with her shy comments and brief brushes against him were taking their toll.

He had tried ignoring her before but this time he was determined to stay the course least one of them get hurt.

After he managed to get her to leave his office he saw his favourite cup and savoured the hot liquid.

God dam it, any other man would have started a relationship with her years ago.

Grissom however knew how things worked and was not willing to jeopardise her career and reputation.

He would simply have to work harder at putting her at the back of his mind and hope she could move on when he knew he couldn't.


Working the scene was hard enough but overhearing other people discussing Grissom's supposed relationship with Lady Heather was almost too much to bear.

Sighing deeply Sara was starting to question her sanity.

Seeing Grissom walk in Sara tried to smile again but of course he didn't see her so she turned around and kept working.

Keeping her breathing steady and making sure she kept up her smile would mean she would not burst into tears in the middle of the crime scene.

Seeing Grissom run out Sara quickly followed and saw him drive away in his SUV.

Thinking there was something wrong Sara quickly got in her truck and followed at an appropriate distance so he would not see her.

Parking on the road Sara quickly turned off her lights and saw Grissom stop Lady Heather from whipping the main suspect.

Wishing she could turn her head away Sara then saw Grissom hug and rock Lady Heather back and forth.

She finally knew why Grissom did not initiate a relationship with her.

Finally realizing what was going on Sara could feel her heart break – he was in love … with Lady Heather.


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