Sakura Mikan is smartest and the prettiest girl in the lower-classmen…Hyuuga Natsume is the smartest and the most handsome guy in the higher-classmen. Both of them knew each other last time but never knew each other name even until Natsume moved. Will they be together again?..

Mikan Sakura

The prettiest and the smartest lady in the lowerclassmen

Cold but when it comes to friends she'll be the first to be worried

Has no parents

Alice : Nullifying and Stealing Alice

Trained by Persona

Dangerous Ability-Class

A Lower-classmen

Has no master

Best friends with Ruka, Anna, Nonoko and Nobara

Very popular among the guys in lower-classmen

Respected by all lower-classmen students

Fast in dealing with everything.

Always going out on mission

Hyuuga Natsume

The smartest in the higher-classmen and the best looking guy in the academy.

Cold but when it comes to friends he'll be the first to be worried

Alice : Fire

Trained by Persona but doesn't knows Mikan

Dangerous Ability-Class

A Higher-classmen

Has no servant

Very popular among girls in both lower-classmen and higher-classmen

Feared by the guys in the higher-classmen

Fast in dealing with everything

Always going out on mission

Imai Hotaru

Second smartest in higher-classmen

Cold but when it comes to friends she'll be the first to be worried

Alice : Invention

Technical Ability-Class


Servant : Nogi Ruka

Couple with Ruka

Known as Queen of Blackmailing


Not very smart

Very timid

Dangerous Ability-Class

Often get bullied by other girls

Best friend of Mikan

Alice : Ice


Servant : Tsukimori Ryuutaro

Known as Ice Princess

Tobita Yuu


Best friend with Koko and Ruka

Alice : Illusion

Latent Ability-Class


-Servant : Nonoko

Secretly in love with Nonoko

Nogi Ruka


Best Friend with Mikan

Alice : Animal Pheromones

Somatic Ability


Master : Imai Hotaru

Couple with Hotaru


Friendly and caring

Best friends with Nonoko and Mikan

Alice : Baking

Technical Ability-Class


Master : Koko

Secretly in love with Koko


Friendly and caring

Best friend with Mikan and Anna

Alice : Making Potion

Technical Ability-Class


Master : Yuu

Secretly in love with Yuu


Cheerful, Friendly and Caring

Best friend with Yuu

Alice : Mind Reading

Latent Ability Class


Servant : Anna

Secretly in love with Anna

Andou Tsubasa

Caring, friendly and A lot of sense of humor

Best friend with Akira Tono (someone who wont come out in this fanfic...gomen)

Alice : Shadow Manipulator

Dangerous Ability Class


Servant : Misaki

Misaki is his Girlfriend


Friendly Caring and sensitive

Best friend with Mikan

Alice : Doppelganger

Special Ability Class


Master : Tsubasa

Tsubasa is her Boyfriend.

That's All For The Character Intro in my fanfic…

End Of Prologue.