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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"I'm bored."

Kagura couldn't help but agree with Tomo's statement. The holidays were good at first, especially right after exams, but right now
they had become rather boring to say the least. Tomo had phoned Kagura at midday (and woken her up), whining at her until she agreed to come round. That was why Kagura, Tomo and Osaka were currently all sprawled out in varying places in Tomo's room: Tomo on the bed, Kagura on the floor, Osaka sitting at the desk and staring at something in front of her.

"It's not symmetrical."

Kagura and Tomo looked up at Osaka at the same time, wondering what she was on about this time.

"What's not symmetrical?" Tomo asked. "The wall?"

"It's not symmetrical," Osaka replied, holding up a circle that she'd drawn on one of the many pieces of paper that were scattered over Tomo's desk.

"It is," Kagura replied. "Circles are symmetrical."

"Not that," Osaka replied. "It's not symmetrical."

"What isn't?" Tomo asked, looking as perplexed as Kagura felt.

"Why do we call symmetry 'symmetry'?" Osaka asked.

"What the…" Kagura groaned, not liking the sound of this.

"Well the word symmetrical ain't symmetrical at all. Coz if you spilt it down the middle with a mirror, it wouldn't be the same on both sides. So why do we call it symmetry if symmetry itself ain't symmetrical at all? Ah mean shouldn't it be symmetryyrtemmys? Coz that'd be symmetrical…"

"Symato- what?" Kagura groaned.

"Sym-met-try-yrt-tem-mys," Tomo spelt it out syllable by syllable. "Heh that sounds like it would be a cool name for a band."

"What have you been smoking?" Kagura muttered.

"Well we all know Osaka's a stoner," Tomo snickered, pointing to the Osakan in question, who was drawing another circle and drawing weird patterns inside it. "As for me, I am Tomo the great and numbnuts like you could never appreciate my genius."

Kagura grabbed the pillow Tomo was lying on and chucked it at her.

"You are just jealous of the geniusness that is me," Tomo muttered, hugging the pillow Kagura had just thrown at her.

"Trust me, I'm terrified of ending up as crazy as you," Kagura replied.

"What about ending up like Osaka?"

"Osaka is just Osaka. No one could end up like her."


There was silence for a minute, then suddenly…

"I'm bored."

Kagura groaned. The vicious circle of boredom continued.