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snow (December)

Remus x Tonks

(you are perfection)

- To Winterlude -

The snow is falling outside, and a storm is coming. Remus is glad to be inside, warming up by the fire with his pregnant wife, cups of tea in their hands – this is probably as close to happiness as he's ever been (it is a quieter, sweeter kind of happiness than the rush of joy he had felt when his friends had told him they would become Animagi for him). He wishes they could all see him now; see that he is as happy as one can be in times of war.

"Meditating again, are we?" Tonks asks teasingly.

Remus returns her playful smile as he replies, "I'm afraid so. That's what old people do, you know."

Tonks rolls her eyes and mutters something under her breath. Remus gazes at the fire reflected in her dark eyes, at the laughing lines on her young face as she grins again. He is suddenly struck by the stupidity of his past behaviour; the mere thought of leaving her seems unbearable now.

"Come closer, Dora," Remus says, longing to hold her in his arms.

Tonks comes to settle on his lap and Remus holds her tight, rubbing her back gently and revelling in her warmth as the snow is falling harder still outside. For a while they just rock back and forth, their eyes closed, listening to the fire softly crackling in the fireplace of their small flat. Remus then places his hand on his wife's stomach and wishes the baby would move, but he (Tonks has already decided it's a boy) does not; everything is still on this dark evening, but the wind and snow.

Tonks smiles lovingly as she places her hand on his. "I think our boy is asleep."

Remus raises his eyebrows and replies as he always does, "It could be a girl, Dora."

Remus can imagine what she would look like: wide dark eyes twinkling at him through a mass of pink hair, probably behind a pair of glasses, because Remus has always imagined his kids with glasses.

But Tonks rolls her eyes and says, "And we could call her Nymphadora Junior? No thanks."

Remus chuckles as he remembers their first meeting and her insisting that he called her Tonks. "Really, it's Tonks!". "But Tonks is your family name! It could stand for anyone from your family! Besides, it's not… it's not pretty enough for you." "… Did you just admit I was pretty?". Ah, yes, Remus remembers their conversation perfectly; the blush on his cheeks and the lights in her eyes.

Some find her stubbornness on this matter annoying; he finds it adorable.

"But I'd like a Nymphadora Junior," Remus insists teasingly.

Tonks shakes her head. "We wouldn't want any more broken plates, would we? Besides, I've always wanted to have a son, and… I hope he'll be more like you than like me."

She had said her last words quite shyly, with her eyes wandering near the window. She then looks at Remus again and remarks quite sadly, "Soon I'll be too big to be able to sit on your lap."

Remus laughs and kisses her. "I can't imagine you being 'big'."

"I will be, Remus," Tonks says seriously. "I'll be big and ugly –"

"That you'll never be," Remus interrupts firmly.

Tonks screws up her eyes just like she does before transforming. "I could be ugly, if I transformed… but something I've always liked about you is that you've never, ever asked me to change anything about my appearance, while it would be every man's fantasy."

"That's because you're perfect," Remus says just as gravely. "Perfect with all your little imperfections."

For a while there is no sound except for the snow clattering against the window and the wind howling and Remus smiles contentedly. He feels strangely invincible.


Remus frowns at her smirk. "What?"

"I think the baby is getting sick from too much cheesiness on your part, darling."

But there is a soft glint in her eyes that belie her words. Because tom-boy Nymphadora Tonks has been waiting for her Prince Charming, just like everyone, and now that she's found him she's never going to let him go.

"I hope it's not true," Remus says, feigning to be aggrieved, "because I don't think I'll change."

Tonks chuckles. "I hope you won't change, Remus, because as I once read in a cheesy romance book, you are perfect with all your little imperfections…"

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