Disclaimer: I own the plot, but I don't own Digimon.

Author's Note: This is for the weekly contest at the LiveJournal community "Digimon Drabbles," the prompt being "revolution."


"Stupid laundry," muttered Catherine as she – in a white robe – dragged her laundry basket to her mansion Laundromat and opened several washers.

Donning a pink bathrobe, Kari stopped beside her, basket in tow. "For the second time this week, we're washing our laundry, Catherine."

"Yeah, and I've had enough!" added Catherine and threw some panties into a washer. "We need to start something. Anything to stop this trend."

"How, Catherine?" asked Kari curiously.

"Like starting a revolution," Catherine replied thoughtfully.

Kari transferred some bras into her own washers. "What kind of revolution?"

"One that demands the government to give us the option to not wear clothes in public."

Kari dropped a nightgown from shock.

"Everyday, we're washing our laundry," continued Catherine, staring in her basket. "Everyday, we're forced to wash our clothes and then wear them outside. Why can't the government change the law and allow us to be naked for once?"

Composure regained, Kari chuckled from her whine. "We could always join a nudist colony."

"Kari, I don't want to live in a camp far away from Paris," said Catherine. "I want the change to be here, in the city, and I want the government to give us the choice to strut around naturally outside and not constrict ourselves by wearing all these clothes."

"With how conservative everyone is, I doubt that will happen," said Kari simply.

Catherine huffed.

"Well, if that's the case…"

She untied her belt and tossed her entire bathrobe into a washer.

"…Then, maybe, it's time for a change, don't you think?"

At first, Kari did not respond.

But when she turned around and saw Catherine's beautiful, naked body, she became mesmerized and felt like tossing her own robe into a washing machine, too!