Bella awoke to the sound of a door opening, apparently she had fallen asleep.

Yawning, she thought a weird dream. Edward had left her and Rose at home and... it felt so real. Bella shook her head trying to wake up and warm up. Was she lying on the floor? She sat upright and looked up noticing an indifferent Rosalie Hale looking down at her.

"Hi," she squeeked out sitting up and regretting as blood began to rush to her head making her dizzy.

When Edward arrived home later that evening he was suprised to see Bella and Rosalie getting along so well. Bella inbetween Rosalie's legs as she braided her hair. They both seemed so content and Edward hated to break the silence.

"I told you it wouldn't be so bad," he smiled at the two girls. Noticing Bella's tired gaze he bent down and picked her up in his cool, strong arms. Seeing his gaze Rosalie averted her gaze. It was true Edward loved Bella but was it possible for her to love Bella too? Her chest felt heavy.

"Um, yea, Bella's not so bad," Rosalie smiled while Edward stroked Bella's cheek lovingly.

"I'll let you guys have some time," she couldn't hide the bitterness in her voice and Bella flinched.

"Rose..." Edward trailed off noticing she had already left. Edward only sighed, what was wrong with that girl?

Rose didn't know either but after that night, she began seeking Bella out. Just to be around her made her feel content, to be able to smell her, touch her. Her prescence was overwhelming. She was beginning to like Bella a little too much.

One fight with her and Emmett caused Rosalie to flee the state for a few weeks. During that time Emmett was miserable, he knew she was OK but thinking he caused her to do that sent him into a deep depression that only slightly lifted when she came back.

If only he knew that it wasn't him that made her flee, but Bella. The love-sick look she got in her eyes whenever Edward was around or mentioned made her stomach feel tight. She couldn't take it anymore and left.

It broke her heart to know what she put her family through, but she needed to get away. The stress of everything was beginning to make her snap at the littlest things, something she had never really done before. Even with Bella there, she knew she acted like a bitch but that was because she thought she was ruining everything they had worked so hard to achieve.

She was only gone for a few months and traveled to many cities not fining one that really held her attention. After spending a week in Stone Gap, a small town in Virginina, she realized how much she really missed her family and, more importanly, Emmett. While she was there, she had seen a boy that reminded her so much of Emmett it pained her, he was the reason she was returning.

Rosalie sighed and wondered what was going to happen now that she was returning. She already knew Emmett would be a mess and hoped he would forgive her for leaving but she wasn't sure if this was really the right thing to do. Her feelings for Bella had seemed to go away, but what would happen when she was faced with being around her? She tried not to think about and began boarding the plain to Forks, Washington.

Chapter 2 End

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