AN: here's the sequel to Baby Roses!!!!!


We all smelled Victoria at the same time and rushed to the baby room, but we were too late. The window was crashed open and Caitlyn was gone. We all, except the girls, ran after her and we could hear Sapphire crying.

"Victoria, let my daughter go or you are dead!" I screamed.

She laughed and ran faster.

"Edward, go home to Bella we have this." Jasper said and I did.

3 hours late they came without my daughter and I left Bella, who was hypervanalating on the couch and I tackled Jasper.

"You said you had her! She has my daughter!" I screamed at Jasper and started hitting him. Emmett and Carlisle pulled me off and held me back, but I only stopped fighting when Bella called my name.

"Bella, calm down, we'll get her back I promise." I said taking her in my arms and rocking her back and forth. At the moment Ash and Alex ran into us and I held each of them tight making sure that they won't go anywhere and to just keep my together….

(end of flashback)


I can't believe it… I just can't… my enemy has my daughter and there's nothing I can do about it yet…

"Bella, come home! It's midnight and not a time to be walking around in the woods." Edward called to me from the house, "and you need to feed Sapphire."

Edward and the rest of the family decided that it was time to change me now that the kids were born. Today's the first day that I'm awake.

"I'm coming Edward." I called half heartedly.

I walked slowly toward the house and he met me there half way.

"Bella, it's not your fault that Victoria has her… We are all trying to get her back." Edward said softly in my ear as he put his arms around me and held me tight.


"Disgusting little creature! Don't you know how to shout up!?" I screamed at the child that wouldn't stop crying.

The child, I don't know her name nor do I care, laid in the hotel bed scream her freaking head off. I swear if it wasn't for the fact that I needed the child I would go put her right back with her vile mother. Or I could just throw her off a cliff. That sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll do that if she doesn't shut up!!!

"Do you need to be fed or something?" I asked her as I picked up the warm nasty thing and stuck a bottle in its mouth and surprisingly the stupid thing shut up! Finally, some piece and quiet.

A knock came at the door and I stood up slowly not wanting to wake the thing up again. "Yes?" I asked the door when I answered it.

It was a maid, "Madam, you're going to have to keep your child down. There are other people complaining that your child is being to loud." As she said this she looked frighten.

"First of all, this is NOT my child and second they can all go fuck themselves!" I screamed and slammed the door, waking up the nasty child and screaming at the top of her lungs.



I can't stand seeing Bella all broken… I should have went with them to get Caitlyn… she wouldn't have gotten away if I had went along with them and not stayed back…

I rocked Sapphire back and forth humming her lullaby lightly in her ear trying not to wake up Bella, who was just now resting. Bella is a vampire now, and it's been 3 days since Caitlyn was taken. Bella has human abilities just like Ash and Alex, who were away staying with Renee. Bella can blush, sleep, eat, has a heart beat, and do whatever else a human can do. Carlisle thinks it's because of the kids, that they still need a human mother so Bella's vampire powers adapted to that, too. Bella still has the strength, speed, and hearing of a vampire, too. But the oddest trait of all is that she doesn't need to hunt and human bleed is repulsive to her.

"Edward." Alice called quietly from down stairs.

I set Sapphire down and ran to Alice.

"What is it? Have you seen anything?" I asked her anxiously.

"I was having I vision of just you holding Sapphire when" Alice was cut off by the door bell ringing, "everything went black." She finished.

That can only mean one thing…

I went to the door and opened it only to find Jacob Black staring right back at me.

"Hello dog." I told him, "What exactly do you want?"

He looked at me with a blank expression and kept his thoughts to himself as he said, "I need to see Bella."

"That won't be possible." I told him.

"And why not?" he asked and he started to shake.

"Jacob Black will you calm down??" Bella asked sleepily coming down the stairs.

I ran up to her, "Bella, you should be resting."


Father said that she was one of them now. But she's not she's standing right in front of me blushing and warm.

"Bells, I just came to make sure that you were alright." I said as I went up to her and crushed her into a tight bear hug.

"Jake, I can't breathe." I set her down, "and no I'm not alright…"

"What's the matter Bells?" I asked her as she started to cry and the filthy bloodsucker took her into his arms.

"Victoria…" was all she could say through her tears.

I hated seeing her cry, "What about her Bells?"

"Victoria took my daughter…" she said and balled, but what caught me off guard was that she ran into my arms and at the same moment her other daughter started crying so Edward ran upstairs to get her.

"It'll be alright Bells," I said smoothing out her hair, "I'll make it better. I'll go talk to Sam and see if he'll let the pack help the bloodsuckers to find your daughter."

Bells looked up at me with tears in her eyes that only now had stopped flowing now that I said that.

"Thank you Jake." She said and gave me a bear hug.

"Now where is this daughter of yours?" I asked her playfully just as Edward brought her down stairs.