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I took a seat next to Edward on the couch still holding my sleeping daughter in my arms, "So what's going on?"

Edward look at Jacob and Sam with a look of pure hope.

"The pack and I would like to help you find your daughter. Paul would just love to help and kill a vampire." Sam said explaining what Edward had heard in his thoughts.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us find our daughter." Edward said in return.

Jacob looked up and laughed saying, "You mean your unbeating heart?"


The vile creature finally fell asleep. Now I can figure out what I need to do. Aro said that he wanted the child and that if I can get it to him I can have my revenge on its mother. So now all I have to do-

"Waaa!!" The vile bundle screeched.

"Damn it you little monster! You're worse than your own mother when it comes to pestering me." I said as I walked over to it, bending down to hold it as if it was a skunk ready to contaminate me, "What do you need now?"

The monster continued to scream as I tried to force the bottle into its mouth, "So your not hungry." What else could a child need!? Then a fowl smell came to my nose. "Agh! God no!"


"Bella do not worry we will find her." I said as I tucked her into bed. Sapphire was already asleep in her crib and Bella was exhausted even if she won't admit it.

"I know its just-" she stated to say until I cut her off, "Don't worry and get some sleep."

I walked down stairs to where Sam and Jacob still were, when Alice came storming into the room.

"I know what Victoria's plan is, but then everything goes black." she gave the dogs an accusing look.

To my surprise both of the looked away trying to look innocent. Apparently Alice has some power over Sam, too.

"Alice tell us." I commanded.

"They are in a hotel. Victoria has been ordered by Aro to take Caitlyn to him." she said.

I was about to let out a growl when Alice covered my mouth saying, "Don't you dare Sapphire and Bella are asleep and if you wake them up I will take it out on your Volvo."


"Aro why do you want Isabella and Edward's daughter so bad?" Jane asked as she was sitting in front of me.

"I do not want the child as much as what I want what the child will bring me." I answered.

"And what is that?"

"The child will bring me the parents and the parents will have to stay with us in order to get their child back." I answered her simply as if scolding a child.


I looked around the living room at my family to the pack, "Okay here's the plan..."

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