Chapter One

AN Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Characters all belong to Stephenie Meyer. Yay Stephenie!
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It was sunny so of course, the Cullens decided to tak advantage of the weather and go hunting. 'I'll be back tonight. I love you.' I missed him already. I giggled but quickly collected myself as my algebra teacher turned around to see who was making noises. Few people turned to me but no one spoke up and she returned to the board.

Long, agonizing minutes passed until the sound of a distant bell finally rang. I reluctantly let out a breathe of relif and started packing my things up in the bag Alice had bought for me a little over a month ago. As I turned to walk towards the door and to lunch, I was inturupted.

"Bella! Wait up.", Jessica said. That was strange, we haven't talked in what seemed like ages. Must be important then.

"Hey Jess, whats up?" I questioned, truely honest to why she suddenly became intrested in me once again.

"Is it true your pregnant?", she asked as if she was asking me how my day was. I stopped dead in my tracks. Pregnant?! How in world would I be pregnant. Me and Edward haven't even done anything yet. Even if we did, vampires can't have babies. Rosalie made sure I knew that.

"What are you talking about? Of course not, why would you even ask?", I questioned, rushing trew my words. Stupid highschool, stupid Jessica, stupid rumors.

"Well, and don't take this the wrong way, its just ... you've gained quite a bit of weight latley. Seriously, I thought you must have been at least three or four months. Your thighs look a little bulkier too. You sure you're not?", asked Jessica. What was she talking about? I hadn't seen anything different. Then again, I haven't really had the time to really pay attention.

"I'm sure. Edward and I havn't done anything yet.", I stated and Jessicas face turned to a tint of pink.

"Oh, well sorry, I have to go.", She said and walked towards the cafeteria. I went in the other direction, making my way towards the washroom. Luckily, no one was inside. I took a good look into the mirror and saw something I've never seen before. My thighs did look huge! And how could I not notice my stomach? I looked eight months pregnant! My arms too, oh god. How could I lose control like that?

I ran out of the bathroom and towards the parking lot. I jumped into my truck. I had to get home, I had a scale. Who cared if I missed class, I'd probably break a chair anyways. I drove as fast as my truck could, almost as fast as Edward would have. Gosh, once he relises how much weight I've put on, he'll dump me for sure.

Once in the house I sprinted for the scale and stepped on it. 128. I weigh 128 pounds! How could this have happend? Just a few weeks ago I'd been no more then 110. I had to loose the weight. I'd stop eatting. And I'll exercise. No, Edward will notice if I stop eatting and the thought of making myself throw up was revolting. I'd just have to eat less and work out more. This could work. Charlie had a treadmill which he never touched in the living room.

I put sweats on and ran. I ran and ran and ran. Forty five minutes passed and my legs were so tired I had to take a rest. I layed on the floor next to me, intending to do about fifty sit ups. Fifty turned to one hundred and quickly after then one hundred turned into one fifty.

My stomach growled as I stood up. I went into the kitchen but stopped myself. No. I still had to make Charlie dinner though, so I went in regardless. I made rice with chicken. Simple, and low in fat. I made sure I only made about one serving and a quatre so that I'd have an excuse to give Charlie later on.

As the food was cooking, I ran up to the shower to wash up my hardly earned sweat. As the water rushed down from the head, I thought more about how much weight I really put on. My face looked chubbier and come to think of it, my bras were getting a little tighter. I just had to stop thinking about food. No more then nine hundred calories a day. I could do that.

I came out of the shower and dressed in pajamas. Even though it was barely five, I was still exahusted. Plus, Edward said he'd be here at seven.

As I got down the stairs, I saw Charlie was home already. "Hey dad."

"Oh, hey Bells. How was your day?", Charlie asked.

"Good.", I lied. I hated lying but sometimes you needed to. "Dinners ready." Charlie moved from the living room and into the dinning room. I served him his meal and put what was left in my plate, which wasn't very much.

"Thats all your eating?" Charlie questioned.

"I must have counted wrong and made less.", I said. Charlie seemed a little unconvinced but didn't press. When I finished eatting and doing the dishes I glanced at the clock. 7:13. Edward was here.

"Charlie, I'm kind of tired. Would you mind if I went to bed?", I asked.

"Uhm, no. I was just going to catch some of the game anyways.", He said and I nodded and made my way up to be welcomed with a pasionate kiss only breaking when I became short of breathe.

"Whats the emergency?", I questioned, laughing at my angel.

"No emergency, I just missed you. How was your day?", he asked.

"Good.", I lied once again. He seemed to beleive me as he continued on with his questions. Time passed quickly and before long I was falling asleep in the arms of an angel.

"I love you", He said, but it was too late. I was already dreaming.

AN I think you all should know I don't think 128 pounds is fat. I'm 130 myself. Bella is just seeing what Jessica told her to see. Its all in her mind. And Jessicas a so she didn't really think of that, she just really hates Bella.