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Chapter Four

Okay Bella, keep it cool. It might spare some time before they leave.

"Secret? What are you talking about? I tell Edward everything." Wow, I was kind of getting good at this lying thing. I guess they're right, practice makes perfect. No, focus Bella. Edwards leaving you. Oh god, he's leaving again. He won't come back. Never. I failed. I shouldn't have had that apple yesterday.

"Bella, it's okay. You can tell us the truth. It's not like we don't know already. Don't you think it's kind of hard to lie to a vampire?" Carlisle said. I looked over to Esme. Her face was broken. Poor Esme, she probably was the one who hated leaving the most, but she to probably knew it was for the best. I mean, wouldn't people get suspicious if they saw this beautiful family walking with someone as big as me.

Tears were falling freely now. My body betrayed me once again. The charade was up. "Just don't leave. Please, please don't leave me." I whispered. They all heard me off course.

"Bella, what are you talking about Bella? We just want to help you." Carlisle said, the doctor within him rising.

"You say that now, but what about when it doesn't work. When I just get fatter. Just please, get it over with. Go." This time, I wasn't whispering. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

"Bella" Carlisle began to say while taking a step towards me. I took a step farther away but I had to hold onto the wall for support. When did the room start spinning?

"No, no, no. Leave. All of you. Get out!" I said and then remembered this wasn't my house. "Wait, no. What am I thinking. This is your house. I should go. Remember, I loved you all. I still do, even if the feeling isn't mutual."

I took a step away.

Then another.

Then another.

The room was spinning even more now if possible. I was losing my balance. I turned towards the wall for support but it was too far. Just as my legs let go underneath me, I braced myself to hit the floor. And as my vision started to fade, I hit a pair of arms instead.

Emmett POV

"No, no, no. Leave. All of you. Get out!" Bella screamed. What was going threw her head right now? Did she really think we were going to leave her? Why would we when all we want to do is help? I hate seeing her like this. She usually looks fragile but now, she looks even worse. She's paler than usual, and she just looks dead. "Wait, no. What am I thinking. This is your house. I should go. Remember, I loved you all. I still do, even if the feeling isn't mutual." What did she mean? Feeling not being mutual?

She turned around and took a few steps forward when I saw her start to fall. I ran, reacting quicker than anyone else. Or maybe it was that I was closer to her. Regardless, I caught her before she could hit the floor.

"Bella? Bella, can you hear me?" I asked and waited for a response.


"Carlisle, she's not waking up. What's wrong with her?" Edwards panicked voice asked from beside me. I was going to pass her over to him but Carlisle interrupted me.

"Pass her over." Carlisle said, while going into doctor mode. He looked her over.

One second passed.

We should have known earlier.

Two seconds passed.

How could everyone be so blind?

Three seconds passed.

She might die.

Edward growled. "Don't think like that Emmett. She won't! She couldn't, give her a few days. She's going to be fine."

"Hopefully." I said. Nobody else spoke as Carlisle left the room with Bella.

One minute.

What's he doing?

Two minutes.

Come on, how long is this going to take?

Three minutes.

Poor Bella, why would she do this? It's so... stupid.

Four minutes.

She's acting like such an average human.

"Emmett, she is an average human." Edward said, breaking the silence. Yet, his words didn't lessen the tension, if anything, it made it worse.

"Oh come on Edward, look around. She's surrounded by vampires. When we weren't here, she was surrounded by werewolves. She's not average, Edward. Bella's special. And she's smart which is why this is so hard to believe." I said, never raising my voice to a level of yelling.



Finally. Carlisle returned. Bella was not with him though.

"She should be fine. She's just dehydrated. I've given her water. It's not too serious. I'll just watch her and when she wakes up, we'll rehydrate her. She's going threw a lot Edward. Don't be too hard on her. Don't forget, she is still human." Carlisle said and returned to the room that held Bella.

What if she still doesn't smarten up though?

"Emmett, stop being so negative. She's going to eat. She's going to be fine." Edward said. I didn't argue. There was no point.

All I could do was hope that Bella realised she was beautiful but wow, did she ever screw up.

"Shut up Emmett."

BTW ; Emmett doesn't love Bella that way. Just like a sister. Also, hes my favourite so I had to use him. I hope its not out of character.