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Chapter 1


The day started with Beast Boy pounding on his bedroom door and screaming like a maniac. "DUDE! Robin wake up! You will never guess what is happening in the middle of Jump city!" Robin knew instantly it was going to be one of those days.

Thinking it was a villain up to no good as always, Robin jumped from his bed and ran to the door. It slid open and Robin was clicking his yellow belt into place when he asked, "What is it Beast Boy! What's happening?" the green changeling took off down the hall and Robin followed running, thinking how odd it was that Beast Boy was smiling.

When the two boys entered the main room the rest of the team was standing in a group looking up at the rather large TV screen, almost dreamily. Robin felt his heart freeze inside his chest when he saw what al the commotion was about, "That's right folks, and in the center of Jump City is the bright colored tent of the Haley's Circus. They are here for two weeks to entertain the whole of the city, bring your children on down and see the elephants and the trapeze act, one of the best in the world. Tickets for children under the age of…"

Robin had tuned out the rest as Cyborg and Beast Boy jumped on him, "Oh please man! Can we gooooo!" cried Beast Boy. Robin squeezed out from under them and tried to stay on his feet.

"Yeah, I haven't been to a circus since I was like five!" Cyborg yelled in Robin's ear.

"Please friends? A circus? Is it anything like the parades that you have shown me? A celebration? Like…the carnival?" Starfire asked flying over to join the boys.

Cyborg and Beast Boy exploded, "Oh it's better Star!" Cried Beast Boy.

"It's the ultimate!"

"The most extreme!"

"Completely cool!"

"Ultimately Wonderful!"

"Dude…you said ultimate already." Beast Boy said annoyed, Cyborg looked at him and shoved him hard with his hand, "It's the best kind of entertainment ever!"

Beast Boy zoomed back in and spoke, trying to paint a vision for Starfire, "Beautiful women who ride elephants and horses!"

"Men that breathe fire!" Cyborg said.

"The enchantresses!"

"The Clowns!"

"And the best two things of all about the circus!"

Beast Boy jumped onto Cyborg's shoulders and they yelled together, "THE FOOD AND TRAPEZE ACT!"

Robin had felt his heart sinking with each mention they made about the circus, but it was when they brought up the very last thing, the trapeze act. He felt his legs go finally give out and his head grow dizzy. Images flashed before Robin's eyes and his breath started flying away from his lungs. He fell over and for a moment couldn't catch his breath. "Robin!" came Starfire's concerned voice, but it was not Starfire who lifted the boy wonder up and ushered him out the door.

"Raven…what are you-"

"Quiet…come to my room first."

They walked to her room, leaning on her whenever Robin felt dizziness taking over. They finally reached their destination and when they were safely inside Raven looked at Robin with great concern.

"Is there something you would like to tell me?" her voice was it's usual soft croak and he knew there was no point in trying to hide or deny anything. Raven and Robin were connected, if something was wrong with Raven, Robin would know, unfortunately it also worked the other way around.

Sitting on her bed with his face in his hands, Robin knew he looked like a little kid, but with screams of past demons shrieking in his ear he felt like a little kid. "Raven, I can't go to the circus…well …. I can't go to that circus."

Raven came to stand in front of Robin and he looked up into her eyes, "I just can't…you can take them…I will even pay for it. But I can't go back to that Circus."

Raven sat down beside her friend, her cloak still covered most her body. "You can't go back? As in you have been there before?" she raised an eye brow and Robin stood and walked over to her window to see the beautiful day that had seemed to start so quickly with out him.

"As in…I was born there." Robin said looking out onto the bay.

No noise came from behind him and he wasn't sure why he had just told her that, Robin had promised myself long ago, he wouldn't drag his friends into his past, because they had their own troubles in their own pasts. Raven was the perfect example, her own father was pretty much a demonic creature from a different reality. Compared to that, Robin felt like his past was a Sally Sob-story, but something told Robin, that Raven had already put two and two together. So finally letting at least one of my friends know made Robin feel like a burden had been lifting off his shoulders.

Robin had been a gypsy child, living with a traveling show, and parading himself about for money. But it had been a decent type of way to make a living. They had never stolen because they had never needed to. Mr. Haley had paid them well. It had been a wonderful place to grow up, with her mother and father, and all the rest of the circus people to look after him. He had met his first love there; a childhood sweetheart of sorts. He thought of her lips and felt his insides grow cold. She had disappeared along with his family.

"Oh…that explains a lot." Robin was pulled from his thoughts and he couldn't help but smile a little inside, she was always so calm and collected, she never over reacted even when it was called for.

"It is not a story I want to get into…but this Circus, the one in the center of Jump…is where I was born. It is the first home I ever had and the first home I ever lost." Robin felt her come up behind him and place her hand on his shoulder.

"Perhaps it is time to get that home back." knowing she didn't mean for me to rejoin the circus, I felt my hope grow, to gain back what he had lost, even if his parents could not be there. Still perhaps their souls, their spirits would be there to watch over him. Maybe it WAS time for him to go home.

But that also meant it was time to open up to his friends, and Robin was scared, more scared then he had been on his first outing with Batman. Not of rejection, Robin's friends would never reject him, but of opening memories he had fought so long to escape. Of showing his team, he was human, that he had been a normal kid, and that he had not always wanted his life to be like this.

To show them that he was normal, that even though he kicked butt in a fight and was a really good detective he could feel lose, he didn't have super human thinking abilities and his body couldn't magically regenerate.

Robin didn't want to go to the circus to face his ghosts, but he knew he had to. And he knew deep down he wanted to see all his friends and family and he wanted to see the circus and he wanted to see the trapeze act. And, Robin suppose, at least this time he would have his friends to back him up and make him feel strong… and safe.


About nine hours and one uncomfortable car ride later the Titans stood in the center of Jump City, it was evening and very beautiful out, with a warm breeze, and the moon almost above the horizon. The lights of the circus were drawing in all those that wished for just a minute to forget how the world truly was and for a second Robin did too.

Jeez dad, there sure are a lot of people showing up tonight, last night was packet too!

Yes, well, Gotham is a big city Dick, lots of people want to come and see the circus.

Why? It's just a bunch of colors and lights and animals.

Ha-ha, yes…I suppose you are right, but perhaps if you were to ask someone who didn't grow up in the circus why they came you would hear a much different answer.

What does he mean mom?

Well Robin, since you have been here ever since you were born, you know the magic behind the circus, you practice with all the clowns and dancers and riders and trainers. You see the illusions that happen. The people who come to the circus don't. They see something they have never seen before, something different then the grays, blacks, and whites of the city. For once they can let their imagination take hold and to them, the circus is magic. It is escape, and it is extremely fun and safe.

Oh…. makes sense I guess.

"Robin…. Robin come on Dude! Your falling behind, we want to get the good seats." Robin turned his eyes away from the big top to look at his team who had grown further away from him. He ran to catch up.

There were however, lot's of people and as he made his way through the thick crowd someone bumped his should which sent Robin sprawling and he accidentally knocked into a different man and fell to the ground. The large lines of people still flooded past him and when he looked up to see whom he had hit so he could apologize, Robin was met with a white-gloved hand. "Excuse me my dear boy. I wasn't watch-" The man stopped for a moment and his eyes grew wide, "Rich-" robin was also at a lose for words, for before him extending his hand was the ring master himself.

"Mr. Haley!" Robin jumped up and before he could say anything else the man embraced the boy so tightly to his chest Robin could barely breath. Mr. Haley still smelled like cigars and that funny cologne of his, but it was the memories that made Robin wake up and attempt to huge the large man back.

Well if it isn't the little Robin's birthday! Here Richard my boy! I brought you a present. The perfect bribe to keep you in the circus when you grow up.

Ha-ha, Mr. Haley, why would I ever want to leave the circus? This is my home, all my family is here.

Right you are dear boy but one can't be too careful, the youngest boy to ever pull off the triple flip, and he is in my show. I must protect my investments.

Ha-ha-ha, Mark, please don't teach my son how to bribe people, I wouldn't want him turning out to be like you.

Oh John, You know very well I didn't turn out even half as bad as you make it seem. After all, this is the Haley's Circus is it not?

I suppose you have a point there, but if Richard wants to leave when he is old enough, we decided long ago that we would allow it.

You make my heart break John. But as you wish, after all you are his parents, come dear boy open up your Uncle Haley's gift to you.

YESSSSS! Look dad it's a remote control airplane!

"Richard?" Came Mr. Haley's happy tone.

Robin snapped back to reality and looked to the man with surprise, "How could you tell it was me?"

"Oh my dear boy, you were born in my circus, how could I not know you?" he smiled and laughed and embraced Robin again.

Starfire and Raven had gone high into the air to try and locate their rather short leader, and Beast Boy had stood up on Cyborg's shoulders, it was the green changeling who spoke first, "DUDES! ROBIN AT THREE OCLOCK!" The rest of the group look relieved and started moving toward their leader. When they got to where Robin and Mr. Haley stood Robin introduced them. "I'd like you guys to meet the Ring Master of Haley's Circus. Master Mark Haley!" Robin smiled at Mr. Haley who bowed and took hold of Starfire's hand, he planted a kiss and Starfire giggled.

"A pleasure to meet the infamous Teen Titans."

"So like you know the Ring Master? Does that mean we have instant back stage passes?"

Robin glanced to Beast Boy and gave him a quizzical look, "Don't push your luck, you may be a hero but just because you're a heroes doesn't always get you special treatment." Raven said.

Beast Boy deflated with a sad look and folded his arms across his chest, he was pouting, Robin kindly smiled down upon his friend and almost laughed, "So how do you know Robin Mr. Haley?" asked Cyborg.

Mr. Haley looked at Robin, the boy nodded slowly, now was as good a time as any wasn't it? But just to be safe Robin motioned to the back and Mr. Hayley nodded to him.

"I will tell you, but you must come with me to my tent. We have about a half hour before the show and I would like to allow Robin a moment to remember his family."

"B-but what about ticket- wait…did you say his Family?" Beast boy asked.

"Indeed I did. Come and let me tell you something about your fearless leader that you did not know. And do not worry about the tickets. For the whole two weeks we are in town, the Titans have a free viewing when ever they wish."

Beast Boy melted right there and seemed to have the glazed look of being in heaven. "Fallow me." Mr. Hayley said.

Robin fallowed Mr. Haley and the Titans fallowed Robin, the eager sickness of earlier was settling and an anticipation to see my old friends and family returned.


She watched from the shadows, her earpiece allowed her to pick up on the entire conversation. So, her little Robin had come back to the circus and apparently he was no longer the Bat's lap dog. She was highly pleased, and who would have thought a simple suggestion to Mr. Haley would have landed them all back together again.

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