Chapter 13


Slade walked along the beach at the bottom of the cliff. The tide had gone out and he maneuvered around the large and very sharp rocks that protruded from the sand. He looked out onto the darkening sky and listened to the sound of the ocean. He smelled the fresh air and tasted the salty water that hung in the mists. He found the exact spot Luna had jumped from only an hour before and noticed how far down the drop had been, if the fall didn't kill her the rock that was right below that spot would have.

Slade sighed, Luna had been perfect. Exactly like Robin, so exactly like Slade, with powers just as deadly and destructive as Terra's but she had control and more then one power. She was very smart and a quick learner too. Not to mention she had been very beautiful and she had known how to use that to her advantage.

But the thing Slade had liked the most about her was that she had been loyal, even when it had lead to her death. She had not given up any information on Slade and that made him value her all the more.

Slade calculated the fall, with the wind speed and the rate of speed she had fallen at Slade noticed she would have landed on the sharp rocks right below the area of the cliff she had jumped off of. Slade walked back to the rock right below the area Luna had jumped. He took a closer look and noticed there was a huge chunk missing. "You missed the rock." He said to Luna even though he knew she was not around to hear. He looked closer and thought to himself, you shot the rock so when you fell it would look like you hit it, but it was already falling away before you even got half way down.

Slade smiled and he felt pride for how smart Luna was, he looked around for the other chunk of rock and wondered how the tide had managed to move it so far. That is when something caught his eye. He walked over and knelt down next to a small pile of seaweed. He pulled out of it a black piece of metal. He stood quickly and looked up and down the beach. When he looked back down he noticed one more thing and he bent down and picked it up. A picture of Luna with young Robin, how truly sad this was getting, even the fates refused to let Slade see Robin's eyes. While in the water something, probably a fish, had eaten Robin's eyes out. Slade sighed and tucked the two pieces away in his belt and continued his walk.

Finally the sun started to rise and Slade had come to the end of the beach, as he turned to walk back he noticed something a few yards out. A flat slab of rock, which just barely made it out of the water; something was laying on it and Slade had a feeling it was important. He ignored the chill of the water and jumped in. He swam out and managed to pull himself up just as a wave crashed down upon his back. He silently cursed and wondered what had made him swim all the way out here. All of the sudden something tore into his mind, a weak voice which repeated his name over and over.

Slade crawled over and as he reached the figure he pulled it onto his lap, perhaps a piece of driftwood? But no, it was Luna, beaten and pale from the ocean, she looked dead. Slade looked around and removed his mask, he put his ear next to her mouth and watched her chest for any signs of breathing. And just as he was about to give up Luna's whole body twitched violently.

Slade laid her down and he began CPR, though he knew after an hour the chances of this working where slimmer then hell he kept going. What seemed minutes turned to hours. But a voice in his head, something that started to get louder and louder as he did the CPR made him keep going. And after what seemed years Luna threw up a large amount of ocean water and Slade rolled her over to make sure if she threw up anything solid she would not choke.

He rubbed her back and tried to comfort her, she took in a deep breath and the voice in his head disappeared. While Luna still coughed he slid his mask back on and when she finished he rolled her over back onto her back and took her up in his arms. She shivered and shook and with her eyes barely open she glanced up to Slade and spoke a whisper that Slade could just barely hear over the ocean's roar. "R-Richard?" Slade pulled her closer and cooed into her ear, "No Luna, it's me…Richard will never hurt you again…your safe now and your still alive…I am here." Luna managed to get her eyes open a little longer, "S-Slade…" She smiled a smile that filled her face, then she passed out and Slade carefully made his way back to the shore.

When he reached land he called for a pick up, "Wintergreen, I need a transport out on Beach Road, Now." Slade waited for response, "Yes sir, right away." Slade walked down the beach knowing he had at least a half hour to wait, which was ok for him but bad for Luna. When he reached the cliff's edge, gently as was possible, he put Luna over his shoulder and started to climb. It took nearly twenty minutes and he prayed Luna would make it. Of course she would, he scolded himself. She was just as strong as Robin and twice as determined.

When Slade reached the top he pulled Luna into his arms hoping to conserve what ever heat she may have had left and as he walked to where his transport would meet him he looked at her. The game was not yet over; he still had one chess piece left. The queen. And he is the king, and this queen will defend him till death. This could all be turned around, looking upon her still beautiful face he thought in his mind, an amazing treasure was in his hands right now. She was bruised and beaten, her outfit was in tatters and still she was perfect looking. She was his key to victory and Slade was sure she wanted to be with him for she had proven her determination to reach his place of power in the world. She was Robin, but she was better.

"S-Slade." Came Luna's weak voice, Slade looked down to her, her eyes where not open but he knew she was semi-conscious, "What is it child…you should be resting." Luna raised a shaky hand and gripped his uniform tightly, "P-please don't ever…. leave me alone…" her voice weak and scared, if only she knew what she was saying. "Do not have fear of that Child…with me…you are never alone."

Luna gave a weak smile and relaxed losing consciousness again, "This is the beginning of the end Luna, someone is going to die before this year is up…and I do not believe you will want to go through all of this again." Slade continued to walk down the sandy path and eventually came across Wintergreen, he climbed in the car and Wintergreen eyed the girl quizzically, "Company?" Wintergreen asked. Slade smiled under his mask, "Prepare Robin's old Room…we have a new member of the family." Wintergreen raised his eye brows and then catching on smiled and nodded. "Indeed." Slade looked back at the ocean, which splashed in protest. It had lost a soul today, and it would have to be compensated. Slade had the perfect souls in mind and he knew it was going to be a long year.

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