I Dare You

Pairing: Sasuke -x- Sakura

Genre: Romance/General

Rating: M

Location: Japan

Type: High School Fic

Sasuke: 17

Sakura: 16

Naruto: 17

Ino: 16

Tenten: 16

Shikamaru: 16

Hinata: 16

Neji: 17

Gaara: 16

Temari: 17

Author's Note: Hey guys. Well its new years! YAY! But.. this will be posted late so yea.. :D

Typical High School Fic!

This fic is for: xteenuh102593

1st Chapter: Watashi Wa Sakura Desu

Gah! Why did her parents have to be relocated?! WHY? It wasn't fair! Sakura Haruno would not change her entire lifestyle just because her parents forced her to!

And the worst part about this whole situation was.. she was going to be relocated to.. Japan! As in.. Asia! As in everyone speaks fucking Japanese and hardly ANY English!

"Yuki.. Aspirin."

The blonde haired woman reached inside of her purse; hair tightly pulled back into a formal bun sitting at the back of her head.


Sakura drowned down the two small pills in less than twenty-seconds; she was going to give herself a damn panic-attack but.. she couldn't help it! She was going to be living in a totally new environment and have to make new friends once again!

She gasped.

'Maybe I won't be.. popular in my new school.'

She gripped the armrest of the vehicle and forced herself to calm down. This wouldn't be the cause of her lost-sanity; not yet at least.

"Sakura, if you're so restless then take a nap. It's still a long way to the airport."

The girl frowned at that and turned her head away; pink locks of hair swaying and cascading down her shoulder. Eyes trained on the outside streets of Los Angeles; city of the celebrities.

The woman -her new mother- frowned deeply, lightly touching a strand of her step-daughter's hair.

"I really wish you didn't dye your beautiful hair."

Sakura moved away from her.

"I like it and that's all that matters! So you can stop treating me like a damn child any time now."

The lady sat still. This happened on a regular basis and.. she wasn't even her real mother..

Sakura looked downcast for a moment, "Your not my real mom.."

The blonde haired woman -Yuki- blew out some air; "How many more times will I hear that sentence from you?"

Sakura snarled, "Until the day-"

"Sakura that's quite enough!"

The pink haired girl rolled her eyes; -Brent- her father was being controlling once again; protecting his new-wife from harm. Her.

"Yes dad."

Stretching her legs and pressing her back firmly against the seat, Sakura twirled a lock of her pink hair using her index finger.

"So.. how long will all this take?"

She saw her father's gaze in the drivers mirror.

"Let's see.." He mused out loud.

"Maybe another hour."

Sakura smiled.

"Really?! And I thought-"

"Plus the flying hours.. that will take us about.. 13 hours."

Sakura's head dropped, "That's like.. half a day."

She heard her father laugh and instead of joining in, all Sakura did was snort and turn her head away.


"All passengers please turn off your cellphones and buckle in for take-off."

Sakura fumed.

"That little shit broke up with me because he doesn't want a long distance relationship.."

Sakura snarled and quickly finished up with her last text message.

"Well fuck him then."

She literally chucked her brand-new cellular phone into her purse and sat back with her legs crossed and her fingers digging into the arm rest.

"This is going to be a bitch."

The plane jerked forwards and Sakura could feel everything starting to shake and roar.

"A bigbitch."

"Language Sakura." Her stepmother spoke sternly, eyeing her.

"A dirty mouth on a young lady is very unattractive."

Sakura nodded her head and turned away from the woman whom she despised since the moment she stepped into her perfect life.

"Andyour an even bigger bitch."

Fuck! She was going to go crazy! Sakura couldn't take anymore of this shit! First off, she had this woman who all of a sudden thought she could run her life -yeah right!- and her father was acting differently towards her. NOW! She was going to be moving to a whole other continent on the other side of the World!

"Life sucks."

The plane began to rumble and shake.

"Big fucking time."

Digging into the bottom of her black hand-bag; when Sakura finally located her ipod, she turned it on and nearly threw it across the inside of the plane.

"I forgot to charge the stupid thing!"

Deciding upon listening to it until the battery eventually died, Sakura got comfortable and just.. sat back; trying to forget about all of her problems but still.. when Yuki's voice could still be faintly heard, Sakura merely turned up the volume to drown her out.

"You'll ruin you're hearing if you listen to it that loudly."

Sakura grumbled something inaudible under her breath and continued to ignore Yuki the annoying.

"Nice. Isn't it?"

Sakura slowly ascended the stairs that led all the way to the 2nd floor of the house.

"It's smaller than our old house.."

Mr. Haruno looked at her, "Just put your things away and come down for dinner."

Sakura nodded her head and when she stepped into her room, everything had already been set. Her bed was right in the center and her armor as well. So, all she had to do was unpack her hundreds of belongings.


Tossing her large suitcase to the floor, Sakura glanced at the pile of school clothes placed on top of her bed. Great.. now she had to wear a dumb uniform to school..

That night her father and stepmother and herself had all gone out for dinner. The restaurant served Japanese cuisine like: Sushi, Sashimi and other such things.

Stuff Sakura would never dream of eating. Ever.

"Aren't you excited to start a fresh school year?"

Sakura looked up, "Not in the least."

"C'mon, it'll be fun."

Sakura flipped the page of her book.

"We'll see.."

"What the fuck?!"

She read over her first semester classes and the stupid bell had already rang twice meaning..

"I'm so fucking late.."

Finally, for what seemed to be the umpteenth time, Sakura re-read the paper and tried once again to locate her classroom.

"Science.." She drawled and looked from the piece of paper reading: 1st period-Science-Hatake Kakashi

Instead of having a regular door like back in America, there was now a sliding screen door; pulling it aside and alerting everyone inside of the classroom.

Sakura just stared.

'Shit. What if they don't understand English?'

She took a step forward, gripping the piece of paper.

'Act casual, Sakura. Casual.'

Her mind was working on over-drive right now.

'C'mon! I know basic Japanese! Now how the fuck do you say hello?!'

Wetting her dry lips with her tongue, Sakura walked to the front of the class and looked up at the silver haired male.

"Hi. uh- Watashi wa Sakura desu."

She sent him a peachy smile but could feel all of the students' eyes boring onto her back and it made her shudder just thinking about it.


The teacher turned to the class, "Everyone! This is Haruno Sakura."

The class said a curt hello and Kakashi told Sakura where exactly she'd be sitting for the remainder of the semester. Right in the middle with a red-haired boy on her left side and a girl with black hair on her right.

"I.. can't believe I survived two classes already."

Sakura sighed, "What a day.."

Looking around, Sakura wasn't able to really find any empty seats and she hadn't made any new friends as of yet.

"Oi! Sakura-chan!"

Her head turned in the direction of a boy with blonde hair who she recognized in her 2nd period class; math..

Languidly taking steps towards him, the male bellowed out, "Guys! This is Sakura-chan!"

She looked at everyone and smiled, "Where are you from?" Asked a blonde haired girl.

Sakura cleared her throat. "America."

Picking at her lunch but not being able to stomach anything right at the moment, Sakura decided to converse with the others.

"So, h.. how do you like Japan?"

Sakura turned her attention to the girl with black hair from her science class.

"Its.. different."

The girl laughed, "I'm Hinata."

Sakura smiled, "Its going to take me a while to get used to all of this.."

Hinata giggled, "I'll help you."

Naruto looked at the two, "Aw. How cute."

Sakura glared, "Don't ever say cute to anything I do."

The boy full out laughed.

"Alright. I'll says it's sexy."

That deserved him a punch over the head, "Feisty.. I like."

Sakura rubbed her temples.

"You'll get used to that moron soon enough. Hi, I'm Ino."

Sakura nodded her head and just then her cellular phone went off in her book bag, causing her to quickly find it and flip it open.

"That dick wants to get back together.. screw you."

Naruto nudged her in the ribcage, "What?"

He pointed and when Sakura looked in that direction a curious looking woman was walking towards her but Sakura stayed calm and collected.

"Is there a problem?" Sakura inquired.

The woman placed a hand on her hip, she knew that Sakura had stuffed the cell phone into her bag at the last moment.

"There is a strict rule against using cell phones inside the school building."

Sakura looked all pouty for a second and than she bowed her head.

"I am very sorry, my mom was just telling me how my dad was doing.." She reached for her cellphone. "He's in the hospital and- oh here. Just take it."

The woman looked at her and than at the cellphone outstretched towards her.

"As long as it doesn't happen again. Have a nice lunch."

Sakura grinned and stuffed the device into her purse, looking back at all the agape jaws and wide eyes.

"Sakura-chan.. you don't look as innocent as I had thought you to be."

She laughed at that, "A lot of people get the wrong impression about me."

Naruto smacked a boy who was sitting beside him on the back, causing him to glare and scoot away from him.

"Well, as long as you don't turn out to be a complete dick like the teme here."

That got Naruto another glare from the man, "This is Sasuke-teme."

Sakura smiled and looked over at him, totally blown away by what she was seeing; he was on a whole other level of hot!

"What's the teme for? Does it mean anything?"

Naruto scratched his chin thoughtfully.

"You could say that. Yes."

She laughed and Naruto moved closer to her, eyes trained on her face.

"Now that I look at you more closely.."

Sakura frowned, "What?"

"You do look somewhat.. Asian."

Sakura giggled, "I get that from my mom."

Naruto quirked a brow.

"She Asian?"

Sakura nodded, "My dad is American though. He's told me a few times that I look a lot like my mom."

Naruto smiled, "You'll do fine in Japan, Sakura-chan."

She nodded her head and looked around the table; each person sure had character..

Although, she couldn't seem to keep her eyes off of Sasuke; he wasn't really talking just picking at his food and occasionally looking up to see what was going on in the conversation.


The blonde haired girl looked over at Sakura; her new friend.

"Is there by any chance a cheerleading squad?"

The girl laughed, "You're the cheerleading type?"

Sakura nodded her head.

"At my old school I was captain."

Ino awed dramatically which Sakura responded to by sticking out her tongue.

"Impressive, Sakura-chan."

Ino cleared her throat, "As a matter of fact.."

"There is a cheerleading squad."

Ino bowed her head, "Thank you, Tenten." The brown haired girl smacked Ino's back and laughed, "No problem."

"Hey. What classes you got next?"

Sakura searched for the piece of paper and read over the last classes that were to take place after lunch.

"It says, art and English."

Ino took out her own piece of paper, her face glowing.

"What room number is English?"

Sakura checked, "130."

Ino screeched, "That's my class too!"

Sakura laughed nervously, "You get excited a lot, don't you?"

Ino shrugged and Naruto decided to interrupt.

"Yes! Oh my God! One time she dragged me and the teme into a shoe-store and practically had a panic attack once she got inside!"

Sakura couldn't help but laugh her ass off. This Ino girl sure was an.. interesting one, ne?

"We should go."

Sakura looked up at the raven haired male, he and Naruto had already walked away from the lunch-table and left the cafeteria; leaving Sakura with the rest of the group.

"Who else here has art?!"

A few people ignored her while Tenten, Hinata and Ino shrugged their shoulders.

"Actually.." Hinata mused.

"I think Naruto has that class."

Sakura looked over at Ino.

"I'm going to need a shit-load of Aspirin, aren't I?"

Ino nodded her head, "Yes. Yes you will."

Better adjusting her school uniform, Sakura languidly separated herself from the group and literally ran to 3rd period art class with.. Naruto.

"Yes! I'm not late!"

Sighing and taking a seat, once Sakura's ears picked up a voice belonging to Naruto, she rubbed her temples and placed her head on the desk.


She gasped when he grabbed her and literally strangled her to death.

"Naruto.." Sasuke started in boredom.

"You're going to kill her."

He laughed oddly and released the girl; Sakura sat back and stared up at the two.

"You guys take art-class?"

Naruto closed both his eyes.

"It was a double dare and both Sasuke and I got stuck taking art-class."

Sakura sighed, "Nice."

Taking seats behind the pink haired girl, Naruto nudged Sasuke in the gut which got him a glare from the male.

"Now that I think about it.. We haven't dared each other in a while."

Sasuke looked away, "So?"

Naruto rubbed his hands together while eyeing the back of Sakura's head and slightly laughing.

"Whatever you're going to do, don't do it."

Naruto shut the man up and tapped his fingers against the surface of the desk in a casual way.

"Ok, Mr. Teme.. I've got a dare for you."

Sasuke glared at the loud-mouthed blonde and sighed, "Fine.."

"I dare you, Teme.. Sleep with Sakura-chan."

Sasuke stopped breathing for a couple of seconds and before Naruto knew it he had his face shoved harshly against the desk.


Naruto pushed him away and straightened out his clothes, "You're sick." he heard the Uchiha mumble under his breath. "I know."

Sasuke looked from Sakura and then back to Naruto who was smiling at him in a strange and disturbing kind of way.

"Are you scared? And here I thought you weren't afraid of anything." Naruto shrugged and then gasped over-dramatically.

"Or.. are you... gay?"

Sasuke punched him over the head.

"And the dare must be completed in a week's time."

Sasuke gulped before saying something he wished he could take back.. but once a dare was in play, you were screwed.

"Alright. One week; that's all I need."

Naruto snickered and set his eyes on Sakura who was totally oblivious to what had just taken place a few feet away from her.

"Let the dare begin."

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