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Michael Fri here, yeah this idea has been burning in my head for awhile ever since I watched Ghost Rider, and a good way to start the New Year. The main pairings in this are:

SoraxKairi (won't happen at first)

CloudxAerith, but this will turn into CloudxTifa later.

The rest you'll find out as we go along, there is no Yaoi or Yuri in this so scratch that off the list.

This chapter is dedicated to a friend; you are not alone, don't drown in sorrow alone.

Episode 1: Spirit of Redemption.

Chapter 1: Path to Darkness.

"No please!"

The young boy pleaded as tentacles reached out at him, he fell to the ground and desperately clawed at the wet mud the rain produced to prevent him from being carried away. A man laughed at the six year olds futile attempt of escape as the tentacles dragged him towards the blood red portal.

"I'm sorry, but if I can't have HIM. Then I'll take you," The man answered coolly.

"Please! I'll do anything! Anything!" The boy sobbed, but then the man held his hand out and the boy stopped moving.

"Anything you say?" The man asked in a quiet voice.

The boy continued to sob, "Yes anything! Please let me go!"

"Will you… work for me?" The man asked, and the boy was so afraid that he nodded quickly.

"Yes, yes I will. Please let me go…"

The man smiled evilly and snapped his fingers, the tentacles pulled away from the boy and the man walked towards the portal.

"Remember; one day I will come for you, and you will work for me. Understand?"

The young boy nodded and the man laughed, "Then I'll see you soon, Sora Shimomura."

The man disappeared, leaving Sora in the rain. Being a boy of young age all he could do was curl up and cry; he cried with fear and sadness.

Six Years Later

"Sora! You need to wake up; you can't be late on the first day of school!"

Sora woke from his fearful nightmare, memories of that dark rainy night plagued him, and even after six years he woke in a fearful cold sweat. He sat up and rubbed his eyes wearily, he hated the first day of a new school His mom, being a single parent, worked throughout most of the day so the first day of a new school was always terror. Especially since this day was the first day of High School, a different High School than the one his other friends are going to. Which meant Sora would be an outcast for the first day, and he hated more than anything. He ran downstairs, grabbed a poptart and was about to leave before his mother called out to him. She walked over to the front door, pushed her blonde hair out of her face, and gave her son a kiss.

"Your father would be proud," She smiled, and Sora flinched.

If his father was so great, then where the hell is he? Sora only knew his father for 5 years and then, bam, he was out of his life. Sora didn't know nor care where he went, he just wanted to forget about him. But it was hard when his mom kept making comments like, 'your father would be proud', or, 'like father like son', or the ever popular, 'you like just like him when (insert moment here).' Either way Sora was tired of it, but he let her get away with it because he knew she cared about him.

"Right mom, well goodbye," Sora nodded and he ran for the school bus.

Sora's house was set upon a hill and due to the old dark wood that the house was made of; it had seen better days, his mom would love to fix it, but being a single parent the money she earned went to getting food for her and her son.

The school bus refused to drive up the hill so Sora had to run down the road to get to the bus before it took off, by the time he finally made it he was already tired and he was met with a nightmare as he got on the bus; he had to sit near the back row with the senior students.

"Something tells me this will be the death of me," Sora sighed as he sat down.

Sora sat down as homeroom was beginning, the teacher introduced himself and they were about to begin their first lesson when the door opened and two girls walked inside; one had long blonde hair while the other was bright red, they were both very much alike so they must have been sisters.

"Ah, Kairi and Namine Nomura please make an effort to be on time in the future," The teacher said sternly, "Mayor's daughters or not, I don't want to have to put you two in detention over something like this."

Upon hearing something about those two being the daughters of the mayor Sora craned his neck to get a better view of them. His jaw dropped when he caught sight of the red head; she was gorgeous, the way her hair cascaded over her shoulders and covered one of her lovely eyes made Sora's heart skip two beats. But then Sora remembered what he was in this school, a newbie, of course everybody here was a newbie in this school, but Sora was the only one who came from another part of town. And judging by the way Kairi spoke to everyone it was obvious she knew everyone in the classroom, except for Sora.

He placed his head on the desk and he sighed sadly, he was only here for five minutes and already he felt more alone than ever. He already hated this school, and (for some reason) he began to hate the people here.

Lunch was hell. As bluntly put as it sounds lunch was hell on earth, for Sora at least. He sat at a table alone, which was odd for a freshman not trying to converse with other freshman, try to make friends and all that. Sora was not anti social, he was just shy, and unfortunately that shyness deprives him from a lot of things in life.

So when Sora saw Kairi enter the lunchroom with a few friends of hers he mentally pleaded that he didn't have to sit here alone, as odd as it sounds he wanted company, but he didn't want to be the one to make the first move. Most of Sora's life he relied on people to make the first move, he was always the one who made the second (maybe third) move because he felt more comfortable making the second move (or third).

Sora heard Kairi and her friends talking and he was able to pick up a few of the words they said.

"I don't know about you guys, but I already hate High School," a boy proclaimed, his dirty blonde hair fell in his face.

"Hahah, come on Tidus you only hate High School because you actually have to put down 100 percent of your attention on work," a silver haired boy laughed, his long silver hair over his shoulders and obscured his vision slightly.

"Now, now, Riku," a boy with bright orange hair grinned, a hint of a Jamaican accent in his voice, "I seem to remember someone who kept passing notes to a certain blonde with the same name of yours."

"Hey no need for the personal attacks Wakka," Riku warned, "What about you and that Goth chick I saw you talking to?"

"We're only friends," Wakka frowned.

Tidus smirked, "Friendly terms with a girl who is anti social with everybody but you? Sure…"

"No fighting please," Namine mumbled, Sora didn't even notice her there, "I don't want any yelling."

"Ok boys settle down," Kairi laughed, "Let's find a table."

Soras made sure not to make eye contact, for he feared they would see in his eyes the silent plea for them to sit next to him. They were coming closer, his heart began to flutter, and maybe he wouldn't have to sit alone during lunch.

"Hey Kairi, over here!"

Sora lifted his head and looked across the room, there he saw a girl with short dark hair with another girl with short blonde hair held over her face with a hair clip.

"Yuffie, Rikku! Come on guys we can sit there," Kairi pointed over to the other girls, and Sora felt his heart fall just as it rose earlier.

He watched sadly as the group moved away from his table and over to the other one, he moodily stabbed his potato and cursed his hopefulness.

"Sora?! Sora Shimomura I can't believe it!"

Sora's head jerked up and he looked behind him and he couldn't believe who it was either.

"T-Tifa Lockhart?" Sora gasped as a sixteen year old ran up to his table.

Tifa Lockhart was neighbors with Sora when they were younger, but one day she transferred to another school and she and Sora hadn't seen each other since. However seeing her now made Sora feel a little better, she always looked after him and helped him make him feel better when he was sad. She sat down at the table and she gave Sora a massive hug, then she pulled away from him and Sora just realized how much she changed over the years. She had much longer hair, she was defiantly more taller and a little more… feminine was the word Sora found, all Sora could think was that this girl could defiantly capture the eyes of the men in this room.

"Oh my god how long has it been, a few years?" Tifa laughed as she sat down next to Sora.

"Yeah that sounds right," Sora nodded, "You look different than what I remember."

"What did you expect?" Tifa playfully socked his arm, "You look different than I remember as well."

"Well what did you expect?" Sora chuckled while rubbing the arm Tifa socked.

Tifa giggled at Sora rubbing his arm and she tilted her head a little, "So what are you doing here all alone?"

Sora's smile dropped into a frown and he went back to stabbing his potato, "I don't feel like I belong here, that's all."

"Oh come on," Tifa smiled, "A guy like you could easily fit here, why don't you go talk to people?"

Sora went red in the face and he mumbled, "I… I don't know."

Tifa sighed, she took Sora's arm, and led him out of the chair, "I refuse to have you sit here alone, now go and make friends."

Sora picked up his tray, Tifa sat back down and she watched him slowly walk over to the table across from him. Sora felt his heart begin to race as he edged closer to the table with Kairi and all of her friends, as he was walking he was planning his greeting. He felt his heart beat so powerfully he was half afraid that someone might actually hear his racing heart, he was so close to the table and he had his greeting all planed out. But then by some misfortune Sora slipped, he fell forward and lost grip of his food tray and it flew in front of him and landed… on a certain red head girl's clothes.

Sora moaned in pain and he heard some distinct yelling, then when he looked up he realized the yelling was directed at him.

"You klutz!" Tidus shouted as he grabbed a few napkins from the dispenser there.

"What's wrong with you man!" Wakka growled.

"No it's ok," Kairi mumbled, "It was probably an accident."

"An accident?" Riku laughed, "That guy practically threw it on you."

"Aren't you going to apologize?!" The blonde girl named Rikku asked.

Sora felt tears of embarrassment burn in his eyes, he quickly got up and he walked shamefully back towards his table. Tifa had her hand over her mouth in shock, and when she saw Sora silently pour tears of embarrassment she felt tears of her own well up. It was then and there Tifa was having an idea; she turned to Sora and whispered in his ear.

"Meet me at the front of the school after class; I have something to show you."

Classes went by like lightning that day, Sora walked out of the front doors and saw Tifa leaning against her car. When she saw Sora approaching she waved at him and he ran over to her.

"Ok I'm here what do you want to show me?" Sora asked, however Tifa seemed to kind of zone out for a moment.

Then she turned to the crowd and waved at a boy with bright blonde spiky hair.

"Hi Cloud!"

The boy named Cloud looked back at her and waved, but then his attention turned to another girl who came out of the school. She had light brown hair, green eyes, her hair was in a long ponytail, and she wore a bright pink dress and brown shoes. She and Cloud talked for a bit and then they both walked off to join another boy with dark brown hair, Tifa's face fell and she kind of leaned sadly against her car.

"Do you like that boy or something?" Sora asked, looking at the blonde boy who had just walked off.

Tifa didn't respond at first, then she opened her car door and motioned for Sora to get in, "I want you to meet some people, people who know what it feels like to be alone."

After about a half an hour of driving Tifa parked the car in a parking lot, and then she led Sora to an alley way across the road. They walked for a bit down the alley until they approached a secluded spot where a tarp covered a door sized hole, Tifa pulled the tarp open and she disappeared for a bit, then she came out and motioned for Sora to walk in.

Sora walked inside and he nearly gasped in awe, the area seemed to be an empty space in the alley maybe once used for storage, it was filled with furniture, an arcade, a table or two, a few lamps, and a cooler out in the corner. There was a bunch of people here two, they each turned to Sora and they smiled warmly.

"A newcomer?" asked a girl with silver hair with a black top with and shorts.

"Welcome," a monotonous voice greeted, it came from a girl with short silver hair that obscured one of her eyes.

"Yo Tifa who's this?" asked a man who wore an orange shirt and dark skin.

Tifa smiled back at them, "Paine, Fuu, Rai, this is Sora. He's one of my friends."

The boy known as Rai smiled at Sora, "Any friend of Tifa's is a friend of mine, how you doing?"

Sora smiled back, for some reason he felt welcome here. He spent the next few minutes talking with these people, he felt a sense of belonging here, and then he heard a noise and he saw someone come into the room. He was tall with blonde hair tucked into a snowcap, he wore a white sleeveless jacket and he had a scar between his eyes.

"Tifa, who's this?" The boy asked, jutting his head towards Sora.

"Seifer, this is Sora. He's one of my friends and I thought he could fit here," Then Tifa added in a whisper, "He's just like us; he doesn't seem to fit in with everyone."

The boy named Seifer looked back and forth between Sora and Tifa, then he sighed and he said, "Well then Sora, I guess you're welcome here."

Seifer turned to another tarp that led into a room, he motioned for Sora to follow him and he waited inside. Sora hesitated and then he walked inside, Seifer beckoned him to sit down.

"Tifa told me you don't fit in with the people at the school, maybe you can explain to me better on why?" Seifer asked, and Sora recapped his entire story about what happened in the lunchroom and how he couldn't seem to fit in everywhere he went.

Seifer nodded, "That does seem bad, tell you what; how would you like to show them your pain?"

Sora jumped a bit, "You mean… kill them?"

"No, no," Seifer assured, "Not kill, just… show them what it's like to feel alone, to have them feel your sadness. Then maybe they can understand how you feel."

Sora paused at this, Seifer could see his hesitation and he added, "I'm not forcing you, Tifa doesn't feel comfortable about it either. Rai, Fuu, Paine, and I do it, because like you we feel forgotten and alone."

Sora saw it in Seifer's eyes, it echoed in pain and loneliness.

Seifer stood up and he walked over to Sora, "If you don't feel comfortable you can always-,"

"No," Sora cut him off, "I… I'm tired of feeling alone, I'm tired of crying, and I hate it more than anything."

Sora looked at Seifer, grinning of the thought in the people who yelled at him feeling his pain, his embarrassment and loneliest.

"I'm in."

That's it.

I know that Ghost Rider is called 'The Sprit of Vengeance', but there is a reason why Sora will be known as the 'Spirit of Redemption'. I'm pretty sure it will be clear to everybody later.