Hello everyone,

I said I would keep updated on anything Ghost Rider related so, here it is. My brother updated his fic, and someone mistook him for me and asked about GR, wondering if I was going to take the reboot from the audio to here and I thought 'hey...that's actually a good idea'. Especially, to be upfront, I am not inspired whatsoever to finish this version. I just can't sit down and write it where it is, sorry, this decision is final. But...as I am pumped and ready for this version I am working on, I figured why not take the scripts of GR and upload them? They're not 'scripts' per se as much as prose. I'm already working on Part II of the story so...why not? What does this change and what to expect?

1. The first three chapters may feel familiar, but once the fourth hits: everything changes. Nothing is much the same, and very little is similar. So you get the same story with a new twist and new content too.

2. A much quicker release date, now, you all have a bit of catch up to do but as there is ten days of recording time and such, each chapter will be released...every two weeks? Now not barring delays or anything, but the goal is you will be playing catch up while I am producing more chapters to be recorded and eventually uploaded.

3. I won't delete this one, I'll leave it up. Because I know how people get sentimental about old stories, myself included. I'll start it as a new fic and work my way from there.

How will this work? Well. Since Part 1 is recorded and done, I will be releasing those chapters every week. Just to spread things out and allow me to get stuff written and ready for Part II. I will release every Wednesday, 11 chapters for Part I, then I will start Part II and upload when each episode is produced and done. I'm excited about this version more the previous version and I hope once you read you will see why I am.

So the story will go up as "Ghost Rider: Redemption", keep an eye out for it.