Chapter 13

Sakura woke up looking into the darkness. She felt a warm firm surface underneath her head. She rolled over resting her cheek on the surface that she now had discovered was Sasuke's chest.

Her head moved up and down slightly, realizing he was fast asleep. Sakura sat up leaning back onto her hand smiling down at him. She shifted her eyes to the sky that was now speckled in stars. But they were quickly disappearing as the sun began to break through the sky coloring it the same shade as her hair.

Sakura realized they had slept together through the night instead of going straight back to Konoha; Naruto and the others were bound to be looking for them by now. Sakura leaned over him laying out over his chest again her face nuzzled into his neck. She smiled kissing his neck gently.

She continued to lay soft kisses on his neck until she felt him stir. She moved up leaving a trail of kisses until she was at his lips and their eyes were at the same level. Sakura kissed him one more time on the lips waiting for his eyes to open. Before he opened his eyes Sakura saw a small smirk grow over lips.

"What do you want?" Sasuke groaned out gruffly in a teasing tone.

"You…" Sakura joked back lightly bringing her hand to his face brushing his bangs away from his eyes so she could look into them more easily. As soon as she looked into his eyes she was captivated by the new warmth that took place of the usual dark cold look that dominated them. But today they were slightly warmer; the cold onyx had finally melted. Maybe not a lot but they were warmer, Sakura was sure of that.

Sasuke grunted out a sarcastic chuckle to her answer before standing up and stretching out his limbs. Sakura stood up stretching as well ready to head back to the Leaf Village.

"Are you ok? Nothing hurts from before?" Sasuke asked casually his eyes going down her body inspecting it carefully for any cuts or bruises that were evident. Sakura blushed a crimson color from the unusual attention but silently shook her head. Sasuke didn't say anything more but walked away in the direction towards Konoha. Sakura sped up so she could walk next to him, once she caught up she felt an uncomfortable atmosphere suddenly now unable to speak.

She wasn't quite were she stood with Sasuke. They had kissed, he had come to rescue her, she had confessed her love, but all that might not mean as much to Sasuke as it did to her. Besides she had confessed her love to him before but he had rejected her and that was what Sakura feared the most. Rejection.

"Sa-Sasuke? Can I ask you something?"

Sasuke stared straight ahead continuing to walk in silence. Sakura's stomach took a nosedive feeling ignored and confused. What if he really didn't think anything of the night before? What if he hadn't wanted her to kiss him and he only kissed her back to make her feel good after what had happened with Kazama?


Sakura felt a leap of hope well from inside of her.

"Well…Um this is kind of awkward," Sakura admitted laughing unsurely side glancing at him but getting no clue as to what was going on in his head. Sakura sighed before continuing, "What are we now? Do we stay the same, are we still just teammates that shared a moment? Was that all it was, just a moment?"

Sakura looked at him but as usual his face was unreadable and it looked as if he had no intention of answering the stream of questions Sakura had just laid out. They walked with no more sound than the breeze between them for what felt like forever. Sakura felt the tears pinch behind her eyes, she just didn't understand up until they began walking back towards home they had been fine with each other.

Sakura stopped tears blurring her vision. She felt them falling down her cheeks cursing at herself for letting her seem vulnerable but she couldn't help it. It was all so stressful!

Sasuke stopped turning around a look of surprise coming onto his handsome face. He walked over to her standing in front of her looking down at her only making her cry more out of embarrassment.

"Why are you crying?" Sasuke demanded his voice rough again.

"Be-Because y-you don't c-care a-a-about anything that h-happened between us! What i-is with you!? I l-l-love you so-so much a-and you d-d-don't care about m-me at all!" Sakura yelled at him through her tears. She couldn't stand this, she couldn't stand the rejection, she couldn't! Sakura pushed past him and darted into the woods towards Konoha. She leapt into a low tree kicking the branch jumping quickly onto the next running as fast as she could trying to stay ahead of him knowing that sooner or later he would catch her. But not if she could help it!

She pushed more chakra into her legs running faster.

Sakura glanced back once and he was suddenly behind her. She gasped running faster colliding into something in front of her. She fell back onto the tree branch lightly.

"Ouch…" she moaned looking up emerald meeting onyx. Dark onyx.

'How the hell did he get ahead of me so quickly?'

Sasuke stepped forward. Sakura scooted back nervously.

Sasuke moved quickly know kneeling in front of her. Sakura was about to tell him to go away and leave her alone but her request was cut off by his mouth. Sakura's viridian eyes widened in surprise, but she quickly closed them surrendering herself to him.

Sasuke finally broke the kiss staring into her eyes.

"I…I don't know how to love anymore Sakura," he said quietly as well as seriously, "I'm not meant to be with someone fate wouldn't allow it. I would only hurt you."

Sakura looked down her eyes feeling the familiar pain of tears returning.

"But I'm willing to tempt fate if you will help me."

Sakura looked up beaming at him warmly.

"I'm warning you though," Sasuke finished darkly, "if you're with me there's a strong chance that I will hurt you."

"I don't care, I love you Sasuke!" Sakura declared throwing her arms around him hugging him closely. She felt his arms wrap around her waist holding her securely into his body. Sasuke suddenly stiffened and gently but urgently pushed her away. Sakura looked at him with confused and cocked her head to the side in a silent question.

"Sakura! Sasuke-teme your alive!" Sakura rolled her eyes knowing now the answer to the question. The fox boy hurried over to the pair on the tree branch a big eager grin on his face. Naruto rushed over scooping Sakura up in a massive hug. Sakura choked on the air unable to breath in another one of Naruto's bone crushing hugs.


"Dobe! Let go of her!" Sasuke said in an urgent tone yanking Naruto's arms from around Sakura. Sakura landed on her feet gasping in air a smile playing on her lips. He did care.

"Come on you guys everyone's been looking for you. I mean Kakashi's been on my ass about finding you, even though I knew all along that you were ok and-" Naruto stopped talking and suddenly shivered like a chill went down his spine.

"I have a weird feeling…Is something going on that I don't know about?" Naruto asked suspiciously his navy eyes narrowing into slits looking at his teammates closely.

Sasuke rolled his eyes turning in the direction towards Konoha. Sakura blushed than giggled hurrying to catch up to Sasuke. Naruto trailed behind the pair bugging them with constant questions and accusations.

They finally reached Konoha and Naruto had given up on his endless whining about how unfair it was to be left in the dark about what was going on. But he didn't let it go he still glared at them eyeing them skeptically.

Sakura stood next to Sasuke in front of the gate their arms pressed together closely. Sakura took in a deep unsure breath and touched her hand with his. Sasuke flinched away embarrassed by Sakura's openness about their new relationship as more than teammates and friends.

Sakura looked up at him with her emerald eyes from underneath her silky strawberry colored hair. Sasuke's charcoal orbs flashed down to hers and they stared at each other deeply.

Sakura stood on her tiptoes bringing her mouth to his ear.

"You're willing to learn, right?" Sakura whispered her soft lips brushing his earlobe.

Sasuke sighed defeated. He reluctantly held out his hand her just slightly letting her know that it was ok to hold on to it. Sakura smiled triumphantly and took his hand in hers squeezing it reassuringly.

Sakura turned around; when she caught sight of Naruto's face she burst out laughing. Naruto stood there gaping at their interlaced hands his mouth open and his eyes big with amazement and disbelief.

"I-I knew they was something," Naruto sputtered gesturing to their hands. He ran his hands through his hair circling them till he was ahead of them staring at their faces. Sasuke had composed his face to look serene like there was nothing out of the ordinary and Sakura was blushing slightly but she smiled and winked at him confirming Naruto's new discovery.

Naruto whistled out a sigh and ran his fingers through his gold spikes. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh well, at least you guys are finally together. I mean you guys were killing us with all your sexual tension you could cut it with a kunai," Naruto laughed. Sasuke's eyes snapped up at Naruto's face his jaw muscle tensed and his eyes now murderous.

"I wasn't sure who was going to crack under the tension first, me or Kakashi." Naruto continued up until Sakura knocked him over the head with her free hand.

"Knock it off Naruto you're such a perv!" Sakura yelled her face twisted into an expression of disgust. While Naruto and Sakura argued with each other Sasuke was deep in thought.

He hadn't even known his feeling for Sakura until Kazama had gotten involved in their lives. Was he that transparent?

No of course not, he couldn't be. He had always contained and hidden his feeling for anyone especially Sakura very well. Hadn't he?

"Naruto I'm gonna-"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I won't tease you guys anymore," Naruto whimpered putting his hands in front of his face trying to shield it from Sakura's threatening fist.

"But tomorrow is a different story!" Naruto shouted over his shoulder bolting full speed into the gates away from Sakura laughing his head off.

Sakura growled vowing under her breath to make him pay.

She looked up at Sasuke.

"You ready to go in?"

Sasuke paused glancing down at her. He sighed rolling his eyes.


Sakura held Sasuke's warm hand and they both entered through the gates of Konoha. As new people, as new teachers, as new students, as a new couple, and new lovers.

They had conquered the deceit and lies that had circulated around them and were now finally ready to tempt fate to achieve love.


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