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There's Never a Right Time to Say Goodbye

(Chris Brown)

The moment to boys got home, Inutaisho yelled from his study that he needed to see them. Sesshomaru cast an alerted glance at his brother, who failed to see it due to being seated on the floor and scratching behind his ears like a dog.

"And you wonder why I disown you," Sesshomaru muttered, going up the stairs alone. In the office, he saw his father standing in front of a large white sheet that was strung from one side of the room to the other, blocking something from view.

"Where's your brother?" he asked Sesshomaru when he came in.

"Taking care of this weird itch he's been having for a while," Sesshomaru shrugged. Inutaisho's eyes popped open.

"Oh no, you don't think it's…no, never that…but maybe…" He peered curiously at his son. "You're not lying about this, are you?"

Sesshomaru shrugged again. "What's to lie about? The kid has an itch, that's all I know." Inutaisho thought about this, then said something so low that even Sesshomaru didn't catch it.

"You wanna speak to someone rather than yourself?" Sesshomaru sneered, but on a slick level so as to not anger his father. Truth be told, deep down inside, he was terrified of him. It's what making B's or lower in home school, which your father taught, did to you.

"Sounga-tetsu-tensu-itis," Inutaisho said louder. "It's our family's curse. A male from every generation has caught it, and it looks like Inuyasha was the one it befell on for his. It's a horrible curse, changing its appearance from person to person…like schizophrenia…or anorexia."

Sesshomaru made a classic O.o expression, meaning he was thoroughly confused. "Um…I don't see how some interchanging curse relates to having multiple personalities or starving yourself…unless you're referring to Uncle Taioga and our fasting-starving holiday."

Uncle Taioga was a no-mentioner in the family. Every family has its one person that you don't talk about, or is considered crazy, or has some major defect or flaw. Uncle Taioga was the Taisho's. He spent his days speaking to balloons, and according to its color, his personality changed…Like red one's brought out Theodore, the angry drunkard…yellow one's brought out sweet and gentle Sam…white one's…white one's were a wild card, therefore it was best to stay clear of Uncle Taioga when he saw one…or simply keep him away from balloons. Whichever was more convenient.

Inutaisho scratched his head. "Well, despite Uncle Taioga's eccentricities, we still love him, even during his senior moments. No, what Inuyasha has is much deeper than that, deeper than an Indian grave, deeper than the Mariana Trench, deeper than hell, deeper than…deep space nine!"

Now Sesshomaru was completely lost for words and decided to just let his father speak.

"I don't have the proper tools necessary to cure your brother. Neither do Kaede or Tsubaki or the ghost of Kikyou, none of them…even the few things that the demon slayer Sango knows isn't enough to help him. But alas, I believe the gods have smiled on us! Which one, I can't remember since there's so many we worship. Perhaps it was the Sprite God, who's subliminal imaging has filled our minds with weird and wondrous thoughts and has also sent us a savior in the form of woman. Your mother."

Any pretenses of interest that Sesshomaru had shown at his story were gone as his face filled with real interest. "My mother? How can she help?"

Inutaisho gave his son a benevolent smile. "Dear son, your mother is a demon priestess…sort of…minus the protecting others thing…but she still holds the knowledge, if not the powers, of healing. Have you ever had any of her Super Remedy Soup? She even taught Izayoi it."

Sesshomaru remembered one occasion (and one occasion only) that he had gotten sick. Inuyasha had come into his room with a bowl of something dark and murky on a tray. It smelled like something ancient had finally died, then had been wrapped in king Tut's burial shrouds and rubbed across a monkey's ass. He was too weak to fight his brother off as he poured it down his throat. The taste was even worse than its smell. He coughed, he gagged, and then…then he was fine. Perfectly fine. All the symptoms of his sickness disappeared.

So, the moral of that lesson was looks (and smells!) can be deceiving. Inuyasha told him that his mother had taught him how to make it…and that his mother had learned it from a special friend. A piece of him felt sorry for Inuyasha that perhaps this awkward and disgusting concoction awaited him. Then again, let him have a taste of his own medicine, rather than forcing it upon others…even if the sick shit did work…

Inutaisho left the room to descend the stairs. Inuyasha was still at the bottom of them, scratching his head like there was something embedded in his hair. "Flea problem?" Sesshomaru asked with mock kindness. His only response was his brother's scratches.

Inutaisho didn't wait for a response of any kind. He grabbed his son by the collar and dragged him to the doorway of the kitchen. Rummaging through some cabinets, he produced a large, clear plastic bag. Looking directly at Inuyasha, he said, "Now be a good boy and get in here." Inuyasha stopped scratching for a second and cocked his head to the side.

The bag was placed over his head and ungracefully, the taiyoukai tied it. "There. There should be enough air in the bag to last him about—oh, thirty minutes." He slung the bag over his shoulder and headed out the still broken front door.

On the walkway, he transformed into his larger form and began running. Oh no, this jackass here, Sesshomaru thought in his own transformed state. He knew his father could be careless about things when he was in a rush…like the van that belonged to a mother and her three children…good thing they bailed out just in time.

His father was going so fast, leaping over this and that, that he didn't noticed that he had traversed countries until he had landed on the Vatican…oops…major oops. The Pope ran out and, forgetting his religion, started up a cussing storm.

Sesshomaru skidded to a halting stop before he crashed into his father. "How could you?!" He yelled at him. "How do you destroy the Vatican!! Oh, I'm never going to be reincarnated into some Air Jordan's now! More like a clear, plastic heel at Payless!"

Inutaisho looked around with a confused expression on his face. What's the Vatican? He asked, using his mind.

Oh, nothing but the world headquarters for the world's greatest present-day religious leader. Sesshomaru answered in a tight mind-voice. The Pope is never going to forgive you for this…not that it really matters, we're demons.

Inutaisho shrugged, then turned around and surveyed the area. We're not in Japan anymore, are we?

Gee, you're just now realizing that? I figured a clue would be when we jumped over the Great Wall of China! Sesshomaru shook his head in disgust.

His father paid him no mind. He pointed himself back in the proper direction and started his running again, Sesshomaru just keeping up.

An hour later, they had reached their proper destination, Briar Ridge. Before he could crash through the side of the building, Inutaisho switched gears and slowed down, then transformed back, running still so he didn't trip over his feet.

They walked up the steps again, the elevator still being down. Room 504 was open a crack now, and they pushed it open and entered.

"Naomi!" Inutaisho said in a high-pitched voice of faked gladness. "How are you? Hey, I'm missing those dumplings you used to make! No one could make 'em like you!" He gave her a wink. She gave him a middle finger.

"What do you want Taisho? I've moved on past you." Ouch. Inutaisho mentally said; Sesshomaru didn't pick up on it. He deposited the plastic bag with Inuyasha in it on the floor. The boy inside was pale and lifeless.

Izayoi turned her head toward the sound of the bag, blinked, then sat up quickly. "My baby! What have you done!" She got out of the bed and ripped the bag open. She kneeled on the floor, cradling Inuyasha's head, weeping.

It took a death to bring her back to normal. Sesshomaru mused. Maybe if I fake my own death, my mom will stop being so…weird! But he knew what was probably expected of him. He whipped out Tensusaiga, swiped it over his brother, and waited for the effects to take place.

Presently, his brother woke up, gasping for air. "Oh my god, death is a bitch!" He yelled, when he'd gotten a good breath. He looked around at the others. "There's these sadistic Children of the Korn type little kids who sing the most chilling songs about Michael Myers and Jason and Freddy Kruger coming to kill you…and there was nothing else around me, just vast white space…it's like a hellish purgatory! And then you had to stand in lines waiting for applesauce and pills in the middle of nowhere! There was a desk set up and at that desk is where you received your stuff. And they also had a mirror on that desk and when you looked in it, you were all old and decrepit, but when you felt your skin, it was still smooth from youth…dude, I never want to go back there!"

Inutaisho listened with interest, but finally said, "So I guess your itch is gone."

"Hell yeah it's gone! Compared to what I'd just been through, that itch was nothing!" Inuyasha screamed.

The adults exchanged looks. "So that's that." Naomi said matter-of-factly. Inutaisho shrugged. "I suppose. But…you wouldn't mind sharing the secret to that soup of yours, would you?"

She smiled evily at him. "You don't wanna know. Trust me." Izayoi turned to give her a look, but focused her eyes on her son again.

"Are you still staying with us for the summer?" she asked him. He looked over at Sesshomaru. His brother flicked his eyes at him, then shook his head almost imperceptibly. "No, we gonna pass on this one."

She gave a resigned sigh. "Fine. I see. You boys are attached to your father. I understand."

"Actually, it's more of that you're kind of—" Sesshomaru elbowed Inuyasha in the side to shut him up. His brother launched himself at him and they began fighting.

Inutaisho went and got snacks to watch them. Naomi turned to Izayoi and said in an authoritive voice, "I think you're good enough to go. We're checking out."

They were almost out the door, when Izayoi stopped to stare at the boys. "Maybe next summer," she whispered. "Once momma's boy always momma's boy." Naomi heard her and gave a small nod. "I know sweetie."

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