Everyone's favorite biology activity as brought to you by Nick and Greg.

Nick Stokes walked down the section of the hallway that led to the lab. He left some results there and was headed to pick them up. As he entered the room he noticed his favorite lab rat was distracted by something. He was bending a paperclip so that it was a horseshoe shape and both ends were even.

"Ah, Nicky, come here! I want to show you something!"

"Does this something have anything to do with my case?"

"No," The Texan rolled his eyes "but it will only take a second and it's cool I promise."

"Alright, but make it quick!"

"Don't worry Nicky it's simpler that name that chemical compound so you'll stand a chance!" Greg teased.

"Hey! I'm not that bad! Alright bring it on Greggo, let's play."

"Okay, close your eyes, and I'm gonna poke you with this paper clip, and you're gonna tell me if it's one point or two."

"Sounds simple enough." Nick said closing his eyes. Greg stepped behind Nick and poked him gently in the back with both prongs.

"Uh, one point." Greg poked him twice more in the back, both of those times he got it wrong. Then Greg moved to his arm. There Nick began to get them right.

"You can open your eyes now Nicky. See the there are fewer nerves with more endings in your back so even though you may be poking two spots only one nerve is getting stimulated so you can't tell if you are being poked by one thing or two."

"Dang and I thought I was getting them right!"

"But in sensitive areas like your arm and especially your hand, all the individual nerve endings reach your skin." Greg explained as he gently ran the back of his finger down Nick's arm causing the other man to squirm. "Wait a second, you're not ticklish are you?"

"No," said Nick trying to hide the fact that he was, he wasn't sure he liked the glint in Greg's eyes when he looked at him.

"Oh, I think you are Nicky." The man on the spot started to back away as his friend's grin turned predatory. In a flash Greg lunged. If anyone had passed the lab at that moment they would have been greeted by a strange sight. Greg had Nick nearly bent backwards over his desk and was tickling him mercilessly. Nick was struggling to get away (which under normal circumstances would not have been difficult) and gasping for breath between giggles. Suddenly a machine in the lab beeped, that was enough of a distraction for Greg to let Nick get the upper-hand. The positions became reversed and Nick was now pressing Greg against his own desk.

"Hahaha! Gotcha now G, see how you like it!" Despite all his attempts Nick was not getting the results he wanted.

"Oh, c'mon man, don't tell me!"

"Sorry Nick, I'm just not ticklish."

"No way, I find that hard to believe. You of all people aren't ticklish."

"What do you mean, me of all people?"

"Well you know your so goofy all the time, it just seemed obvious that you would be ticklish."

"Well when have I ever been what's obvious? You on the other hand..." Nick still had Greg pinned and both men were still pressed very close together. Greg rolled his hips Nick's eyes widened and he turned three different shades of pink.

"I well...you know...it, ah...well" Nick stammered for an answer. Greg stood up putting himself even closer to Nick.

"Do you know what the most sensitive part of the body is?" Greg breathed just inches away from Nick's mouth.

"What" the older man asked in a barely audible whisper.

"The lips," sighed Greg, "they have more nerve endings than any-other part of your body. And thanks to the miracle of evolution they are equipped with sensors to find other sets of lips in the dark." Greg swallowed, mentally cursing himself for being unable to stop talking. Both men had their eyes closed and they were breathing pretty shallow, neither man moved.

What neither of them knew was that two women were standing silently in the doorway. Catherine and Sara had been walking past the lab when the brunette noticed the men.

"Catherine" she said grabbing her arm, "What do you thing their doing?"

"I don't know" said the other woman stopping to watch "maybe they are playing one of Greg's games."

"I think maybe they are gonna kiss or something."

"It's about damn time," Catherine said.

For a moment nothing happened, the only sounds were that of the clock on the wall, the soft whirr of a lab machine, and the ragged breaths of the two men in the compromising position. All of a sudden something snapped, Nick and Greg went at each-other so suddenly it made the women jump. Years of sexual tension were now being unleashed, the men were on one another like horny teenagers. It was enough to make Catherine's jaw drop, and Sara tilt her head. The two women gaped as the petting got heavier. They were both wondering the same thing, how come no one else had noticed their co-workers groping each-other in the middle of the lab? It was when Nick began to try and remove Greg's shirt while he was still wearing his lab-coat that Catherine decided it was enough. She cleared her throat.

The startled lovers nearly tripped over one another in their embarrassment.

"Save it for the bedroom okay guys?" she added, Sara was still speechless.

"Uh, how long were you guys standing there?" It was Greg who was the quickest to regain his mental processing.

"Long enough" Sara said, her eyes wide.

"But don't worry we won't tell anyone" Catherine added as she ushered Sara away from her flushed friends. She deiced that she could wait another few minutes for her results, if it meant the boys had time to get their act together. Back in the lab things were decidedly more awkward.

"So well...um. I think..." Nick was still unable to form totally coherent thoughts. Luckily for him Greg was a few steps ahead of him.

"So" he began "I take it you learned something from my demonstration, and since you passed with...flying colors...you can have your results. Oh and one more thing I know you get off before me" He said dropping his voice as he handed Nick the long-awaited sheets of paper, "and I keep a spare key in the plant next to the door. You can make yourself comfortable until I get home." He whispered the last bit causing a shiver to descend Nick's spine. As the older man left the lab Greg grinned with satisfaction. Yep, he passed this one with flying colors.