20 real ways to annoy Harry Potter

(I got this idea from other people so thx for the idea!)

Tell him he needs to get a new pair of glasses

When he disagrees break his old ones and run away

Complain that he needs to drop the kill Voldemort act and move on with his life

Tell him that he need to drop defense against the dark arts and go with a more calming class such as knitting

Let him know that Ginny gut made out with Neville and she is cheating on him

Tell him that the D.A was just blown up by death eaters

Then throw a celebration party

Insist he sends a long thank-you and I am sorry note to Voldemort and to use the name Mr. Riddle

Tell him that Hermione is planning on committing suicide

When he runs to go save her throw exploding stink bombs in his face and run

When he goes to take his N.E.W.T.S tell him that they have been canceled

When he skips classes thinking that they are he will get expelled

Persuade him that the butter bear is free at madam pumfrys and when he goes to ask for some she yells at him for drinking to much.

Simply tell him that the Gryffindor common room has been flooded and that they have to spend the night with the slitherins

Then tell him that they don't have enough beds and he has to sleep in Malfoy's bed

Complain that he is to into Ginny and that she is to young for him

Send him a letter that says you want to be his best friend and never let him go

Sign it by Snape

When Hermione is gone and he has to do his own homework keep asking him Questions about his name

then spill pumpkin juice on it