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Pairing: YukiXShu

Warnings: contains yaoi. Don't like, don't read.

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Morning Conversation, Part 2

by: DarkInuyashaangel


"What, brat?"

"-pout- Do you have to call me a brat?!"



"Fine, I won't call you a brat…happy?"




"Gah, shut up! What do you want? There has to be some reason you came barging into my office…again."

"Oh, yeah! Yuki, can I have one of your diet waters?"


"Your diet water!"


"Yes, yes, are you going deaf, Yuki?!"

"No, but I think my brain might be shrinking because of you."

"Yukiiiiii!! Why do you have to be so mean?!! I didn't do anything wrong!!"

"Shuichi, there is no such thing as diet water! Water can't be diet, you moron!"

"What?! Of course there's diet water!"

"No, there isn't!"

"Is to!!"




"Fine, I'll show you then!"




"I got it!"

"…Shuichi, this isn't diet water."

"It is to! Is says right here, "Now enhanced with vitamins and minerals""


"Yuki, why did you put your head in your hands?"


"Yukiii, answer me!!"

"Shuichi! Water can't be diet! Look, answer me this. Is there such thing as a bad water?"

"Well, yeah, like dirty water!"

"Not like that, moron. I meant water with calories, sugar, and caffeine?"


"Then how the hell could there be such thing as a diet water?"

"The one with vitamins and minerals!"

"Gah! That's it, out!"

"But Yukiiii! Noooo!! Okay, okay, there's no such thing as diet water!!"


"Yukiii!! Put me down!! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I believe you, no diet water, no diet water!"

"Shut up!"

"I will, I will, just put me dow-oomph!"

"Don't you dare bother me in the office again today, or so help me, you're out of the apartment!"

"Yuki…-sniffle- I'm sorry…I believe you, I promise. No diet water. Please don't kick me out!"

"Gah, don't cry, stop it! You know I hate it when you cry!"

"I'm s-sorry, I c-can't help it. Please, please, don't kick me out, Yuki. I love you!"



"Yeah, okay. -sigh- Sorry."


"I overreacted. I won't kick you out. -softly- I wouldn't be able to anyway…"

"Oh, Yuki! I love you!!!"

"Ah! Stop it! Just because you can stay doesn't mean you have permission to attack me!"

"Love you, love you, love you, Yuki!"

"All right, all right, get off me now, you damn brat!"

"Sorry, sorry. I love you!"

"Geez. Can I go back to work now?"

"Yeah. Just gimme a kiss first!"



"-sigh- Fine, come here."



"You...you don't have to get back to work now, do you?"


"Yu-?! Ah! Ohhhh. Yukiiii."


"D-do you forgive me for the water t-thing-nggh! I'm s-sorry I'm such a squirrel-ah!"

"Stop, ngh, talking!"

"O-okay. Yuki?"


"You never told me if I could have that water."


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