Riches of Luthor

Chapter 1: Assigning Team Members

The scene sets in a few days prior to a major heist of Lex Luthor's old wealth, to Los Santos in an alleyway where Carl "CJ" Johnson, Sean "Sweet" Johnson, Cesar Vialpando, and Wu "Woozie" Zi Mu are meeting with a mysterious contact.

"So CJ, who do you think the clown that called us here really is?" asked Cesar.

"Don't really have a clue about it" replied CJ, "but I have heard from my other contacts that he's big in the underworld if you catch my drift."

"But when the heck is this contact going to show up?" asked Sweet.

"Actually, I'm right on time" replied an unfamiliar voice.

"Stop clowning around and show yourself to us" said Cesar.

"Very well then" said the mysterious man as he exposed himself, to be none other than Slade, "gentlemen, I have an offer that you can not refuse. You Mr. Carl Johnson, your casino is running low on cash, am I right?"

"Yea, what about it?" asked CJ.

"I was wondering if I could give you and your boys the coordinates of a government-protected train heading to San Andreas, say an old fashion train robbery?" asked Slade.

"Just what's so important about some train?" asked Woozie.

"Why the old riches of Lex Luthor who has since vanished from the face of the Earth" replied Slade, "I am willing to give you additional help in acquiring the loot."

"Keep on talking" added CJ.

"With also additional weaponry upgrades" said Slade as he along with his robotic ninjas brought over several highly advanced weaponry which gave a grin on CJ's face.

"So why the heck do we need these weapons for?" asked CJ as he was inspecting a blaster.

"My informants have told me that the Justice League are prepared to send a few of their representatives to guard the train" replied Slade, "your old weapons would be worthless against them. So do we have a deal?"

CJ then began to give an evil smile toward Slade and then shook his hand quite happily. A few days later to the present on the watch tower, Nightwing was just visiting for the day to see his old mentor Batman.

"So, I come to see that things are a little slow where you're working?" asked Batman as he was just sipping some coffee while he was at the table as Nightwing came in.

"I just wanted to come see how you are doing, that's all" replied Nightwing.

"Look Dick, I know things are running quite slow" said Batman, "but I think you can manage your place on your own."

"Up and adams" said the Green Arrow who just entered the scene, "we got a situation on our hand."

As the three made their way to the control room, Mr. Terrific was at the computer console.

"So you mind as well explain what's going on here?" asked the Green Arrow.

"Well, we got word from Project Cadmus that they're prepared to send Lex Luthor's old wealth to a secured area in San Andreas" replied Mr. Terrific.

"What's the catch?" asked Batman.

"There's some rumors that a big time member of the Grove Street Families is prepared to launch an old fashion train robbery to take Lex's old wealth" replied Mr. Terrific.

"Cadmus is having problems with street gangs?" laughed Batman.

"It's no ordinary gang" replied Mr. Terrific, "I looked up their database, and the Grove Street Gang is aligned with other major gangs in San Andreas such as the Varrios Los Aztecas, and the Mountain Cloud Boy Triads."

"Cadmus can take care of itself with these small time thugs" replied Batman as he left the scene, "by the way, I did this back during my day job back in Gotham. I don't need this now."

"Suit yourself" replied Mr. Terrific, "I don't think two heroes can make a team."

"So what are your suggestions then?" asked the Green Arrow.

"Recruit members to be involved in your team" replied Mr. Terrific, "I think Dick's old teammate Raven is currently in the Watch Tower, I am probably sure you can recruit her."

As the two began to search the Watch Tower for Raven, they finally came across Raven who was now wearing white as her new favorite color meditating in a private chamber.

"Well, if it isn't the old boy wonder" said Raven as her meditation was interrupted, "what brings you here to the Watch Tower?"

"Let's just say it's about recruiting you for a mission" replied the Green Arrow as he was filling in for Nightwing who was a bit nervous to see Raven again.

"Long time no see, since we were members of the Teen Titans, aye Dick?" asked Raven as she got up and began to follow them.

"Uh, yea" replied Nightwing.

As the three finally got back to where Mr. Terrific was, he was pleased that they have recruited Raven as part of their team.

"Excellent" said Mr. Terrific to which he began to press the buttons on the computer console and a picture of Amanda Waller head of Cadmus appeared on the screen.

"So I take it that your old mentor Batman never bothered to join along?" asked Amanda.

"Apparently not" replied Nightwing.

"Anyway, the reason I called for Justice League assistance isn't so much about a major gang member known as Carl "CJ" Johnson targeting the train with Lex Luthor's wealth onboard" said Amanda as a picture of CJ was shown on the computer screen, "but more importantly, we have heard word of your old nemesis Slade is in the San Andreas area."

"Slade, all these years, he's still out there causing trouble" said Nightwing.

"Yes, and we fear that he may have given a high-ranking members of every aligned street gang in San Andreas our coordinates" said Amanda, "that's why we need your help."

"Don't worry, you can count on us" said the Green Arrow.

As the three left the scene, they began to head toward the hangar bay of a shuttle all prepared just for them.

"Come on you two" said the Green Arrow as he got into the pilot's seat and began to be prepared to take off, "we got ourselves an old fashion train robbery to derail."

The shuttle took off into its destination, but while the three super heroes were prepared to face what seemed to be a bunch of normal gang members, Nightwing was quite unsure of what they may have up their sleeves knowing his old history with Slade.