Chapter 4: Confronting An Old Foe

Cesar, the leader of Varrios Los Aztecas was lying on the floor cowering in fear of the three Justice League members who had just apprehended him. Nightwing was quite cautious if he was to believe Cesar's words.

"Tell me the truth about where Slade is!" cried Nightwing as he picked up Cesar and pinned him to one of the lottery machines.

"Alright, Slade's right in this casino, he sent his robotic armies as another diversion away!" cried Cesar.

"That's all the information I need to hear" replied Nightwing as he then allowed Cesar slump right down to the floor, "Raven, Green Arrow, see if you can help Amanda Waller take out Slade's robots, I'll track him down here in the casino myself."

"You sure about that kid?" asked the Green Arrow.

"I know what I'm doing" replied Nightwing as he left the scene.

Meanwhile, at top of the casino, Slade was watching the entire scene unfold from CJ's office, with CJ and his two remaining henchmen remaining.

"They're not leaving the casino" said CJ to Slade.

"Apparently Raven and this Green Arrow are" said Slade as he noticed Raven using her powers to go and help Cadmus fight off his robots, "which just leaves us one to four."

"So what do you want my boys to do about it?" asked CJ.

"Take care of Nightwing" replied Slade as he began to head toward the roof, "if things don't go as plan, I'll deal with him myself."

As Nightwing began to travel throughout the casino, he began to fight off members of the Grove Street Families gang who were preventing him from reaching his goal. One incident included Nightwing being pinned behind a table he was using as a shield to which Grove Street Families gang members were approaching him. Nightwing made quick work against them by knocking each one of them out with his fighting rod.

"Alright, here he comes" said CJ as he noticed Nightwing just about to break down the door to his main office.

But before CJ along with Woozie and Sweet could fire upon Nightwing with their advance weapons, Nightwing then threw in a flash grenade at the door to his office, bursting right into it and temporary blinding all three. As the dust cleared, Nightwing stood quite ready to face CJ, Woozie and Sweet as to which they quickly began to fire at Nightwing. But Nightwing had the upper hand as he managed to knock out the weapons from the hands of both CJ and Sweet but Woozie had managed to still be able to fire at Nightwing with quite a bit of accuracy.

"Take this fool down already!" cried CJ to Woozie as Nightwing was easily dodging the lasers from the advance weapon Woozie was carrying.

"I'm trying, I'm trying" replied Woozie as he continued to fire.

Finally Nightwing had enough of Woozie's antiques and threw and explosive disc right at the advance weapon he was carrying which exploded right in front of him. All three then began to try to run away from Nightwing to which he then sent another small explosive disc against all three sending them collapsing right down to the ground. As CJ woke up from the ordeal, he noticed it was Nightwing standing right above him.

"I'm going to ask you just once, where's Slade?" asked Nightwing as he used his fighting rod to pin CJ down.

"The last time I saw him was that he was heading toward the roof of the casino" said CJ.

"That's all I need to know" replied Nightwing as he left the scene with a shaken CJ.

Meanwhile, as Nightwing continued to fight his way throughout the casino, Raven and the Green Arrow had just arrived on the scene thanks to Raven's powers. Amanda Waller along with other Cadmus members were pinned down in one area by Slade's robotic army to which large mechs were prepared to take Lex Luthor's wealth which were in the crates and loading them up on a large truck.

"Looks like this Slade character is taking all of Lex's wealth for his own" remarked the Green Arrow as he noticed some of the large meches along with also the robotic ninjas putting the crates into a large semi-truck.

"Then let's just ruin their fun shall we?" asked Raven as to which she promptly used her powers to destroy one of the large mechs which the robotic ninjas then began to notice the two Leaguers' presence.

The Green Arrow then promptly followed by firing his arrows at some of Slade's robotic ninjas damaging each one of them along with also doing the same with the large mechs that were loading the creates of Lex's wealth into the semi-truck. While that was going on, Nightwing had finally fought his way to the roof of the Four Dragons casino where a familiar old foe was waiting for him.

"Robin, or should I say Nightwing, I never expected you to come onto this mission for the Justice League" said Slade as he was found standing on the roof and turned toward Nightwing who was just coming right onto the roof.

"I won't let you get away with this" said Nightwing.

"Don't make me laugh" said Slade, "my robotic armies are currently pinning down this Cadmus along with also loading up Lex Luthor's wealth to which my new client Carl CJ Johnson had failed to acquire in the botched train robbery that you along with Raven and this Green Arrow foiled."

"Well this time I'm bringing you in along with your new client" said Nightwing as he got his fighting rod ready.

"Just like old times" laughed Slade as he took out his fighting rod.

The two then began to clash with each other. Slade couldn't believe that Nightwing who was formerly the Robin he had fought while he was the leader of the Teen Titans was stronger than the last time he had dealt with him. Nightwing had managed to use his fighting rod to damage part of Slade's electronic armor along with kicking him very close to the edge of the roof of the casino.

"I must say" said Slade as he slowly recovered from the attack by Nightwing, "you have improved quite a lot since the last time we fought."

"Looks like I'm going to put you behind bars for good" said Nightwing as he took out some handcuffs.

"I don't think it'll be that easy to apprehend someone as skilled like myself" replied Slade who then threw a smoke grenade.

Slade knew that he wasn't strong enough to fight off Nightwing and promptly gave him a chance to leave the scene in quite a hurry. As the smoke cleared, Nightwing noticed that Slade had once again eluded him but as he turned around, he noticed he was being surrounded by members of the Grove Street Families, Mountain Boy Cloud Triad and the Varrios Los Aztecas with their leaders Sweet, Cesar, CJ and Woozie preparing for a full frontal attack.

"You're going to pay for making us all look like fools!" cried CJ as he was just about to give the signal for his men to take on Nightwing.

But before anyone of them could attack Nightwing, some sort of power grasped each one of the gang members and sent them flying all over the place with Raven, the Green Arrow and members of Cadmus teleporting right into the scene.

"I think it's you who's the one that's surrounded" said Raven as she appeared right in front of CJ and his associates with Cadmus members aiming their weapons at him which CJ and his associates promptly then surrendered.

After CJ along with his associates after the battle were being arrested by Cadmus and placed into heavily secured vehicles, Amanda Waller was there to congratulate Nightwing, Raven and the Green Arrow for a job well done.

"So I can take it that we won't have to worry about these average street thugs trying to get Lex's wealth?" asked the Green Arrow.

"You can be assured that Lex's wealth will no longer be used for unworthy causes" replied Amanda.

"But we still failed to get Slade" said Nightwing, "he always seems to be one step ahead of us for some sort of reason."

"I think we can call this a day" said Raven.

The scene then switches to where the heavily secured vehicles were taking CJ and his associates away where the scene promptly fades from there.