Spring Green Comics

Chapter 1: Billy's Jealousy

Billy had always loved reading comics, even if he read them upside down and other assorted stupid ways. But one day at a comic shop with Grim and Mandy, Billy had discovered something that had shocked and appalled him to the very point where he couldn't just take it anymore.

"Yea, comics, comics!" cried Billy as he began to race down the rows of comic books being stored on the selves.

"Come on Billy, just grab a stupid comic that you like and let's get the heck out of here" said Mandy.

"Oh come on Mandy, comic book store for me is like what a nerd feels about a library" replied Billy.

"That's insulting Billy" said Irwin who was right next to him reading a comic book he was browsing through.

"Look mon, just choose a comic, any comic book and get the heck out of here" said Grim.

"But I can't choose which comic book to buy" sighed Billy, "I know each one of them has great super heroes and super villains but I can't figure out which one is the best."

"Say yo, this comic book is quite new, the Justice Force" said Irwin as he handed it over to Billy which began to have Billy have drool fuming at the mouth as he then noticed some familiar people he had met were inside the comic book itself.

"Billy, what's the matter?" asked Grim.

"I can';t believe that beaver boy and that big head kid with that strange hair do managed to have their own comic book!" cried Billy as he showed them what looked like to be a spoofed version of the Justice League but instead with Timmy Turner as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, Jimmy Neutron as Brain Boy, Cindy and the rest of the N-Men along with Danielle Phantom, and Ben Tennyson, "This is insulting!"

"Why?" asked Mandy.

"Because I deserve to have my own comic book as Captain Spring Green, and not these losers!" cried Billy, "It makes me so mad, that I feel like turning into a wild animal and tearing up all of these comic books!"

"Whoa, relax Billy" said Grim, "I can use the powers of me scythe to have you become Captain Spring Green and then you can have a competition with these people inside the comic to see who is the great super hero of them all."

"Wow, that sounds great!" cried Billy with such joy, "Bring on with the scythe!"

"Stand back then" said Grim as he began to spin his scythe around and then zapped Billy with a red beam from the scythe turning Billy back into Captain Spring Green.

"Captain Spring Green has return!" cried Billy.

"Not really" replied Grim, "I still need to teleport you into the comic book."

"Oh boy!" cried Billy, "Let's do this thing!"

"Stand back mon" said Grim as he then used his scythe and teleported Billy right into the comic book itself.

"Well, now that's over" said Mandy as she turned to Grim, "do you think we should take this time to head back to the house and have a small vacation away from Billy?"

"It does sound tempting" replied Grim, "but I think I have a better solution."

"And what might that be?" asked Mandy.

"I say we go in there and cause trouble, so much trouble that poor Billy won't know how to solve it and his stupid yogurt powers won't do a thing" replied Grim.

"That does sound like a plan" said Mandy to which Grim with one tap of the scythe on the ground had teleported both of them right into the comic book.

Meanwhile, inside the comic book, Billy who was now known as Captain Spring Green was having the time of his life flying all over the place and laughing it up. But of course, Billy's true goal was to join and challenge the Justice Force but he needed to try to find their headquarters. So he leaped from comic panel to comic panel to try to find it with no luck.

"This is no fun at all" sighed Billy, "how can I be Captain Spring Green if I don't have any super hero team to join and also challenge its members?"

"Are you lost fellow super hero?" asked an unfamiliar voice in a heroic tone.

As Billy turned around, he noticed it was the Crimson Chin.

"Who the heck are you?" asked Billy.

"They call me the Crimson Chin" replied the Crimson Chin, "and who might you be?"

"I am Captain Spring Green!" replied Billy as he tried to announce it in a heroic tone, "And I have come to join the Justice Force!"

"Sorry Captain Spring Green, but I don't think you would find them in his panel" replied the Crimson Chin, "but if you follow me, I am probably sure I can help you find them."

"Oh boy!" cried Billy as he along with the Crimson Chin leaped from panel to panel and finally landed in a panel of where the headquarters of the Justice Force was located.

"Wow, Crimson Chin, what are you doing here?" asked Timmy who was in his Cleft uniform.

"I have come to give you another recruit for your Justice Force, it's good to see there's more than just one super hero to do the job around here" replied the Crimson Chin as he then flew off.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" asked Timmy.

"Say, you just have a beaver-like teeth like this pink hat kid I knows" replied Billy who was too stupid to see through Timmy's disguise.

"Come on, I'll have you meet the rest of your teammates" said Timmy as he began to give Billy a tour of the place.

"Oh boy, I can't wait to join your team" said Billy.

"Uh, I think you may have to go through some pointers before you can do that" replied Timmy, "what's your main power?"

"I, uh, shoot yogurt from my arm pits!" cried Billy, "Here's some yogurt."

Billy then literally did what he said he would do and squirted some yogurt through his arm pit into a cup and handed it over to Timmy to which produced a green face with Timmy as he couldn't believe what he just saw.

"Wow, you must really like my powers!" cried Billy to which Timmy then rushed right toward the restroom.