by Warringer



Marcus John Ryan closed his eyes as he stared out of the window of The Office and into the deep darkness of the Atlantic Ocean.

How had it all come to this, he wondered for the n-th time over the last few days. Just fifty years ago something similar had been prevented with the intense diplomatic work of than President Hikaru von Bismark.

But now even the diplomatic heavy weight of von Bismark hadn't been able to get the Jurians and the Minbari back to the table and every last hope for an, even uneasy peace like in the last fifty years, had been abandoned when Galactic Federation and Galactic Union fleets began to invade each other as well as the space of the Interstellar Commonwealth that had grown to cover a good fifty percent of the Galaxy.

But even with this size in planets, the fleets of the Commonwealth had only been able to barley keep the attackers in bay.

Of course both the Shadows and the Vorlons had used the opportunity.

The existence of both the Shadows and the Vorlons had been announced to the Government fifty years ago during the Valtarai crisis that nearly had ignited the Galactic War by both Admiral Masaki and Nathan.

He turned back around and looked at the redheaded bombshell of a woman standing in his office. She was the self proclaimed greatest scientific genius of the universe and there were not many people in the Commonwealth who didn't think that she was.

And she was the head behind the project that wouldn't let the Commonwealth win the war, but just plain survive. Nothing else was possible any more, not with Shadow and Vorlon fleets closing in on the Sol system after the destruction of just about any Commonwealth planet they had attacked.

It was grotesque and sadistic that both of the so called First Ones had reduced their slipstream speed so much that they would need a day to get to Sol from Vega, the last major system of the Commonwealth, now just another uninhabitable system among many others.

"Are you really sure, Professor?" he asked after a while." We need you here."

"I am sure, Mr. President," Professor Washuu Habuki answered and walked up to the large windowpane of The Office. "My sister needs my help to beat some sense into our other sister."

She sighed.

"And after that, we need to take care of their wayward children."

Ryan snorted and shook his head, sitting heavily in his seat.

"If there is much left of them after we left."

Washuu smiled sadly.

"I am pretty sure that you can only hit just about half of their worlds."

"I think that is more than enough to show them that we are not going down with a whimper."

They were silent for a few moments until a holographic projection of Merlin, an old man in the robe of a British druid, appeared in The Office.

"Mare Serenitatis and Elysian Fields have reached their positions on the solar poles, Mr. President."

Ryan nodded and for a moment he wondered if his grandfather had felt like this when he had been the President of the United States of America and had ordered to close of the US after the biological attacks more than a hundred years ago.

"Good," he said and leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes and than began to slowly massage his eyes.

"Send the Doomsday Signal," he finally said.

Washuu shook her head tiredly and closed her eyes as she faded away in a teleportation to her private ship. Merlin on the other hand nodded and likewise faded away.

"So this is how it all ends," he said tiredly and for a moment his eyes locked themselves at the upper drawer of his desk, where he knew his PPC. It would make things easy for him. Too easy.


As millions upon millions of slipstream paths were moving towards Sol, the blue-white sphere surrounding the entire system was glowing lightly. The massive Terra-Nova shield, designed to shield the entire system from attacks currently held strong where the solar wind was coming in contact with the interstellar medium, creating a chaotic area of nearly five AU thickness.

With that the Terra-Nova shield was a blue-white wall of nearly five AU thickness. But even it was not perfect. Vega had shown as much. The Terra-Nova shield of Vega had only held barely twenty four hours against the massive firepower of the Shadow and Drakh fleets attacking the system, enough to evacuate nearly two billion Ferrons to Sol.

Now Sol was the sole hope of more than seventy billion people of more than two hundred races with nearly five million civilian and two hundred thousand military ships of the Interstellar Commonwealth. But not only them. About another one hundred million people of even more races had fled from the Union and the Federation, seeking refuge at Sol.

Now the system covering shield's glow intensified and slowly the surface began to buckle and weaver, chaotic swirls twice the size of Jupiter. The color slowly changed to blue and than circled slowly through the entire spectrum of the visible colors before drifting into Infrared and intensifying. But even as the color drifted away from the visible light, the shield remained opaque.

Than like a thunderclap, the shield returned into the visible spectrum, drifting back to the normal blue-white and going back to its beginning intensity. And the intensity dropped. As the blue-white glow faded away completely, it left behind empty space and a single Space Jet moving away from the perimeter of the Shield.

Aboard the Space Jet, Washuu looked at the piece of space that had once held the Sol System.

"Take care," she said, a tear falling from her cheek." I'm going to come after you in a few years. And woe is you if you don't look after my daughter, Tenchi."

As she manipulated the controls of the red Space Jet, several hundred thousand Jump Bombs detomated all over the galaxy, destroying Vorlon and Shadow planets and whole systems, as well as the Minbari and Juraian homeworlds.