by Warringer

Chapter 7


"How are they," he asked as he looked down to the forms of several people laying on the beds in the Medical Bay of Dark Knight.

"Hard to tell, Admiral," was the answer as Commander Dr. Mathew Wills looked down at the small holographic display only he was able to see." If it gives you any relief, a good number of Technomages and others with psychical abilities are pretty much in the same condition."

Admiral Tenchi Masaki frowned.

"It doesn't," he noted sowhat dryly as he reached out towards the cabbit that was laying on the chest of Ryoko.

Of all the members of his family, pretty much everyone in this room save for Dr. Wills, Ryo-Ohki was besides him the only one not in this coma like state.

"Meow," the cabbit said as she looked at him and he scratched her neck.

"I'm sure she comes bouncing back in the next few hours," he said with a sigh.

"I sure hope that she does," Dr. Wills noted." Otherwise I fear for the kid."

Tenchi let his eyes drop to the very visible bulge of Ryoko's stomach area and than looked over to Miko, who was laying in the bed next to get mother.

"Are you sure about that?" he wondered and absentmindedly scratched Ryo-Ohki as he sat down on the bec next to Ryoko.

Dr. Wills looked back at his display and shook his head.

"No," he admited." The only person who would be able to tell anything about her for sure is currently busy to smack some sense into her sister."

Tenchi snorted. Wills was right, Washuu was the one who had all but created Ryoko. She would know what was wrong, but, as just about anyone knew, she was still back in their old universe and wouldn't come after them for some time, especially since no one knew how different the time dilatation between the two universes were.

Washuu herself had said so when she had developed the plan to transport the whole solar system into another universe, with the help of the TIT and the Woven Fate Guild. It could be days for them befor she would follow, but also centuries and millenia.

He once again looked around in the room and at the others.

"How about Setsuna and the twins?"

"Stable as far as I can tell. Some sort of shock for their telepathic centers."

Tenchi nodded and for the n-th time in the last century he wondered why a definitive lesbian like Setsuna 'insisted' in having her fun with him, a male. One of those times had let her end up with the twins, who were coming after their mother, through Tenchi was glad that at least Shinji was more coming after his father. Both were P14 rated, Shinji had an additional telekinetic ability, where Ryoga could teleportation, sometimes rather randomly at that. Had been quite the surprise when he had ended up in Nathan without knowing what had happened.

Tenchi snorted, causing Dr. Wills to look at him with a raised eyebrow. He shook his head in return to the raised eyebrow.

"Nothing, Commander," he said and sighed again.

By now two of his kids had their own kids and they were also aboard, with their partners. With now seven kids of his own and two, okay five woman if you counted his ship, one avatar and Setsuna, who were his lovers, through not wives, he should have settled down sowhat. It was quite the opposite actually.

The fact that his family was expanding quite nicely, he wanted to do more to protect them. He was just glad that he had managed to get them on Dark Knight before the transfer. Through even the Washuu-enhanced bio-Warlock had problems with the new environment of this reality.

DK was barely able to control herself at the moment and had to heavily relay on her crew, while her avatars had gone into a coma.

Again he breathed through and slowly stood up from his place next to Ryoko and stroked her chin for a moment.

"Please notify me as soon as their situation changes."

Dr. Wills nodded and Tenchi slowly left the Medical Bay. For a moment he wondered if Seina had the same problems with his wives and extended family. On the other hand, he was pretty sure that they were doing something else, most likely in that really really really large bed of theirs.


The next Tenchi knew was him standing in a large field of white. Rather chaotic white, and for a moment he wondered how pure white could be chaotic. It wasn't as if he could see any differences in the white itself, just that it was chaotic, somehow.

He frowned as he looked around. Yes, something was not quite right here. One moment he was leaving the Med Bay and the next moment he was standing here.

After a moment his eyes fell on a dark spot that slowly came closer and turned into the shape of a man. Said man slowly, well, became more solid as he came closer and after a few moments Tenchi noted that what he had thought to be clothing became a suit of rather bulky golden armor that reminded him of European medieval armor. Only the head of the man was uncovered by the armor and he appeared to be rather classical greek.

From the size of the head compared to the suit of armor, Tenchi noted that he was of more average height. Compared to Tenchi himself the man would still be a head taller than him without the armor.

Tenchi crossed his arms as he looked at the man. There was an aura of power coming from the man, something that would have caused many other people to stare in awe at the man, but Tenchi was used to be surrounded by people who were powerful, his family. Washuu had also told him that he was some sort of higher being himself, not 'just the avatar of Tsunami', but he frankly didn't care much about that fact. He just wanted to live a sowhat normal life.

The aura of the man, combined with the golden armor caused Tenchi to chuckle a little. He had been one of the first people to get the briefing material about the new universe they were in and had used the time to download a little more information about it. Somewhere in the back of his mind he noted that he would have to thank Washuu for that specially modified com-implant.

The man stopped in front of Tenchi and he was forced to look up to the currently several heads taller man, noting that the armor was very detailed and looked very sturdy. But it still didn't look like something you would wear in a fight. The massive sword was also noted and Tenchi wondered how it would do against the Tenchi-ken that was hanging on his own belt.

"The God-Emperor of Mankind, I presume," Tenchi said after a few moments of mutual measuring between him and the armored man. "As far as I know you should be sitting in that Golden Throne of yours on 'Holy Terra'."

The man raised an eyebrow.

"And this should be the mental side of the Warp than."

"You are well informed," the man said.

"You tend to live longer if you are well informed. Especially with a Tyranid Hive Fleet in your system."

The presumed GEoM raised the other eyebrow.

"I did wonder what that Warp Shadow was."

"About half a million, give or take a few thousand, Tyranid Hive Ships, going after an Eldar Craftworld."

The golden armored man blinked. Than he blinked again.

"Okay, that is bad."

Tenchi narrowed his eyes.

"It seems that you seem to be a Master of Understatement additionally to being a God."

Tenchi looked at the man in front of him. If the informations from Games Workshop were correct...

Okay, the situations just became more surreal than before. The Pentagon was relaying on informations from a company that produced Board and Role Playing Games. Than Tenchi remembered that he had a whole collection of novels by Tom Clancy, with Jack Ryan and John Clarke as main characters. And in his home universe they had turned out to be very real.

Anyway, if the informations from Games Workshop were correct, the real GEoM would deny to be a god.

The reaction of the man was interesting. The armor all but disappeared, replaced by not much else than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, while the mans shoulder slumped a little and he rolled his eyes.

"I'm not a god," the man said and moved a hand to massage his temples and than muttered something under his breath. "Damned Word Bearers."

Tenchi chuckled.

"So you are the God Emperor of Mankind," he noted with a wry smirk.

"Not that I ever really wanted to be," the GEoM noted. "Would you believe if I told you that I just wanted to life a normal life with a wife, many kids and a small farm?"

Tenchi laughed.

"Without a doubt," he said. "I wanted pretty much the same. Get a nice wife, work for a nice life and the like. Than I just had to get curious..."

The GEoM laughed.

"Speaking of being curious," he said and looked at Tenchi. "I'm curious about you too. It doesn't happen every day that a whole solar system with about seventy billion souls just appears out of nowhere. It send a rather heavy quake through the..."

"Force?" Tenchi asked with a raised eyebrow and the GEoM blinked again.

Than he laughed out loud.

"Been millennia since I last heard that one," he said and shook his head. "But pretty much."

Than his face sobered.

"And I'm not the only one who has noticed it."

"I'm sure," Tenchi said and sighed. "The other bad guys besides the Tyranids."

The GEoM raised an eyebrow and sighed.

"Well, not all are the bad ones."

Tenchi snorted.

"You might be a good guy, but this universe is pretty much locked in an eternal war. And I know what war does to people."


They looked at each other for a longer time.

"I should go back into the land of the living," Tenchi noted. "I have a ship to command and a family to worry about."

The GEoM nodded.

"I hope we can talk again sooner or later. Its refreshing to have someone to talk to without getting worshiped by yes-sayers any possible moment."

Tenchi chuckled.



Tenchi blinked as he was back in his body.

"Are you okay, Admiral?" he heard the voice of Dr. Wills behind him.

Tenchi shook his head clear. The chronometer of his implant wasn't showing more than two seconds difference between the moment the GEoM pulled him into the Warp and now.

He looked at Wills for a moment and wanted to say something, but than he shook his head again.

"Nothing," he said after a moment. "Through you could get me some Aspirin."

Somewhere in the back of his mind he could hear the GEoM chuckle.

"We got a hard time before us. And I guess I'll get quite a few headaches."