My eyes told him I wanted him. His eyes said the same back to me. All the things that still needed to be said seemed unnecessary in the rapidly shrinking space between us. Our identical noses practically touching, breath caught in our throats. Breath was not needed now. Nothing else mattered. Bodies never lie, and ours certainly weren't being shy about what they needed.

And then there was a knock on the door. We jumped apart, the moment shattered. Ron came in.

"Fred, George Mum says the gnomes are getting a bit frisky. She wants you to come and take care of them for her."

"Tell her we're coming." I replied.

Ron continued to stand there for a moment.

"GET OUT!" we shouted in synchronicity.

He ran for it.

"Come on, we'd better go" said Fred.

"Okay" I said "But it isn't just the gnomes who are getting frisky, you know."

He slapped my ass as I went past and chased me all the way down to the garden.