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Enter The Rift

Ch. 1 Bogon Trek

Two months after the defeat of Vox Empire.

"Umm, Ratchet, incoming asteroid! RATCHET!"Clank shrieked uncomfortably. Smash! "Good work Ratchet..." Clank said with his usual "you're an idiot" look "And you couldn't put it in Auto-pilot?" his metallic body shook from the collision.

"Who needs auto-pilot?" Ratchet sarcastically replied in a daze.

"Just put the shields up. So what were you dreaming about?"

Clank asked. The robotic voice came on in the bridge announcing to the crew that the shields were put up. Ratchet told Clank he was thinking about their previous adventures. But he was thinking about Angela, the last time they saw her was on Endako in Clank's suite. She was talking about going back to work for Megacorp again. They haven't had any communication with her since then. What happened to her? It's like she disappeared. Ever since they split Ratchet was always thinking about her. He thought about the way her hips swayed as she walked and how her determination ruled over all during combat, and she was the only other Lombax he knew.

"So why are we going back to the Bogon Galaxy?" Clank quizzed.

"I was thinking we could go see Angela." He quickly answered after a great pause. "You know, give her a tour of the Phoenix, see how she's been, watch her, love her for all that she is." Ratchet's voice trailed off into the distance.

"Ratchet, you do realize I'm still here right?" Clank pondered. Out of embarrassment he screamed like a doom puppy on Barlow.

"Umm, Ratchet? Are you busy?" Al mumbled "It's the Rangers; they've contracted some sort of virus."

"Well can't you just wipe their systems?" He pointed out.

"They're immune unfortunately." Al declared in a panic.

"Then how do we get rid of it?"

"Well I heard about this Criy named Verv, he lives on the planet Grelbin, so we have to get there before the virus gets to our life supports in the ship. It's said that he can heal any health problem, biological or technological." Al declared.

"Well that's strange; we were already going to Grelbin. Okay, firewalls up." Clank reported.

"No Clank the virus tracks firewalls and any other antivirus program." Al nagged "And we can't have you go down, your memory banks will self reset! All the different environments you've been in affected your system, made you better in some ways, and worse in others."

They were puzzled as to what to do with Clank. They came to the conclusion that their only choice was to put Clank in an air tight container to shield them from the virus. But distressfully Al decided to ruff it outside the container since he wouldn't be able to breathe. So off they went to Grelbin to find Verv.

The trip was quite uncomfortable for Al; nobody had ever seen him so insecure. But after three long days they arrived at Grelbin.