Winter in Chi-Town - Chapter 1

January 2nd, 2008

**RE-WRITE- 2012**

By: RocknRide

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Disclaimer: Don't own anything except the ideas. I'm poor, don't sue.

Rating: Pretty tame I guess. Later chapters will get naughty.

Pairing: Charley/Vinnie

Author Notes: Please note that I have not seen the new revamped Biker Mice besides checking out a minute or two on you tube. My feeling towards new series? Meh.

Chapter One

Winter had definitely arrived in Chi-Town and already, it was overstaying its welcome.

"That's the last of it," Charley Davidson said, double-checking the boxes that were piled high on the back of Modo's bike.

Non-profit or not, it seemed the orphanage she and the guys had befriended was always in need of donations; and with living in the less desirable portion of Chicago, help from the local government was almost nonexistent. Therefore, Charley and the guys liked to drop off snacks, clothes, blankets and the like whenever they could.

The guys had a big soft spot for the children there, which Charley found absolutely adorable.

"Thanks Charley-ma'am. You sure you don't want to come along?" Modo asked as he sung his leg over his bike and dropped into the saddle. "This blizzard they're predictin'' isn't fixin' to hit for a few more hours."

Charley nodded. "Trust me, I'd rather go visit the kids than stay here in this cold garage and work on these bikes." She motioned to the few random bikes that occupied her garage. Business had picked up at the Last Chance in the past few weeks and Charley was trying her best to get the last couple of bikes worked on and back to their respective owners before the big snow.

"We could heat things up if ya wanted to, babe." Vinnie said with an obnoxious waggle of brows.

Charley shot him the usual twisted look and a roll of the eyes but glanced away before he could catch a glimpse of the grin that slid over her pretty features. "Cool it, Vin."

The white mouse shrugged. "Just tryin' to be helpful, doll."

"You want to be helpful? Start getting that mess of wiring figured out," Charley said and pointed towards a black Harley in the corner.

Vinnie had elected to stay behind to give Charley a hand on the few bikes she was scheduled to work on. Charley was grateful but you were never quite sure how much work was going to be done with the energetic white mouse around.

Especially when, lately, her feelings concerning Vinnie had been steadily moving in the warm, tingly, lusty direction.

Which, in itself, was a little surprising but had happened so gradually she almost didn't noticed her feelings changing. Almost.

At first, these traitorous thoughts were irritating, which had a lot to do with her tendency to shoot scowls and deflating comments in his direction, if she was honest. Since when does masochistic, immature, hunk of martian mouse turn her on?

"Since you met him." her mind told her.

"We'll be back soon," Throttle said and started his bike. A few inches of snow already covered the ground and he and Modo pressed a button on their bikes, long skies appearing on either side of their tires to improve the driving conditions on the slick roads. One of the many upgrades Charley had added to the guys' bikes.

Charley shook her head in an effort to clear her head. She nodded then waved to the departing bikers.

"So, you wanna-" Vinnie started once Charley lowered the garage door.

"Get to work?" Charley suggested.

"Slave driver."

"I am not."

"Are so!" Vinnie leaned against the nearest tool instead.

"Am no- …I'm not doing this," she frowned.

"Doing what, exactly?"

"Arguing with a…you. Its like arguing with a ten year old boy."

"Excuse me? I'm most definitely all man here, sweetheart. Which I will happily prove anytime, any place, "Vinnie said with a grin when she cracked a smile and rolled her eyes.

Had he been within swatting distance, she would have smacked him.

"You told me you were going to help, you know, "the mechanic replied, pointing to the Harley she indicated earlier.

"No fun, sweetheart. You are no fun anymore." Vinnie huffed with a sigh of mock exasperation but obediently moved to the black bike. He took a moment to poke through the bikes central wiring system.

"Too bad I don't care; I've been told I'm lots of fun," Charley purred. She loved how he visibly relaxed and grinned widely. The sometimes sexy banter she enjoyed with Vinnie was one of her favorite things; though , at first, she'd usually get uncomfortable when she remembered she was supposed to have no interest in him and ruin it with a sudden scowl and flippant remark.

She had to admit that most of their interaction of late, seemed to be in flirty territory.

"Oh yeah?" Vinnie said, not turning from the bike. "Think I'd like a demonstration."

"Don't count on it fur-face." Charley had just about to lower her welders mask when a crash from inside the house sent both Vinnie and Charley leaping to their feet. There wasn't much time to react before a throng of Limburgers goons flooded into the garage.

Charley gasped in surprise and staggered back and into the workbench.

It all happened so fast. Charley was stunned at first, her mind racing to her aid only to fall short under the complete chaos that erupted in the recently quiet garage.

In a flurry of motion, Vinnie rushed toward the mechanic. "Charley!" he yelled, panic in his eyes.

He had been inches from her when a goon snatched the furious mouse by the middle, the move sending both crashing to the floor.

Charley blinked, thoroughly stunned.

Vinnie was down, his bike now pinned to the floor, and assailants littered the garage.


The desperation in his voice was enough to snap Charley out of a daze.

With only a second to spare Charley grabbed a crowbar off the floor and was able to bring it up and into the stomach of a heavily tattooed man that was rushing towards her. He grunted, the air rushing from his lungs, and he momentarily dropped to his knees. The crowbar clamored to the floor.

With adrenaline shooting through her veins, Charley leapt over the man where he was sprawled on the floor and managed to move to the other side of her workbench before another man cut of her retreat.

Weaponless, she tore off the heavy mask and flung it into another thugs face, sending him stumbling back and knocking out a few of his yellow teeth.

She hazard a glance towards Vinnie and was able to catch the frantic look in his eyes before thick fingers wrapped around her upper arm. She was pulled back against an unfamiliar chest, her struggles futile against the thugs hold.

Vinnie roared in frustration. He tried desperately to get to Charley s side but had his hands full fending off six men who were trying to get the irate mouse under control.

"Vinnie!" Charley shouted, seconds before a grimy hand covered her mouth. Without thought, she bit down with enough force on a finger that the man yelped and let her go.

Not one to waste an opportunity, Charley sunk her elbow back into the pot belly of the slime ball that still had her arm caught in his iron grip. The man wheezed and released her suddenly enough that she flew forward, the side of her head connecting with the workbench and then all went dark.