"Rose remember, this watch is me. Keep it safe. Jack...Jack?"

"Jack?" John Smith called out in the darkness. His breathing was heavy and his head was spinning. However, he was momentarily reassured by the strong arms that wrapped themselves around him.

"Dreams again?" asked the sleepy voice of his husband.

"Yeah." Now he was embarrassed. "Sorry for waking you"

"Don't worry about it, babe." He pulled John closer and kissed the back of his neck "What did you dream?"

"Same as always" he said, settling his head into the crook of Jack's neck "I was a different person and you, me and Rose were in some kind of spaceship. You were a captain and there was a watch…or something. I don't know. I can't remember."

"It was just a dream" Jack whispered "There's no such thing as aliens. Go to sleep."

"I love you"

"...Love you too...John" and John couldn't help but feel that Jack had had trouble getting those words out. In fact, ever since they had moved to Cardiff he got the feeling that Jack was pulling away from him. He didn't have anymore time to think about it though because sleep was coming over him again and this time in did not let him go so easily.