Summary: Standing in the storm all we can do is accept our fate, and that is just what Mint does every time it rains.

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Accepting the Threads of Fate

By: Twilightkitsune1

As the rain drenched the earth she stood alone on the mountain side looking to the horizon, her fiery red hair plastered itself to her head and form. Her clothes dripped with the tears she was to proud to shed herself. The solemn look on her face was one no one had seen, one she allowed no one to see. She stood there on the mountain side as she has always done when the rain came, thinking of nothing but the journeys she has had. The sky as dark as she felt, crying out as she wished she could allow herself to cry out. She did nothing but stand there and watch as the storm roared around her and the winds blew harshly against her skin that showed itself.

There was nothing to do about it, there was nothing to do but stand there. Her dreams, they no longer meant anything to her; nothing did but the one who she could not have. He did not look to her the way she wished he would; only having eyes for the woman who he now had. She had no one in this world to call her own, not one. She had been abandoned by the world she lived in, and she knew that was how it would stay. Even knowing this though she lived out her days in the place she had grown up in. There were no more journeys for her, no more adventures to have, that time has passed but she had no regrets about it.

As the rain began to slow and the storm began to pass she took in a large breath and exhaled it before looking to the sky to find the sun coming out from behind the clouds. As she stood there and watched as the light of the sun began to over take the darkness of the storm she smiled. Looking up to the shinning sun as the storm faded and disperse she still stood there, before nodding to some unheard words and with a smile she turned and walked back to her fate with out any regrets. This was her choice, this was her decision, this was her fate and she accepted it to walk alone.

:.:.:The End:.:.:

A/N: Well that's that, I hope you guys liked it. I know it was kind of vague but I mean it's all I had in my head while I listened to the rain outside, plus you know it is only meant to be a dribble (it's 374 words not including the summary, Disclaimer, and A/N). Even though it didn't say who it was, I'm pretty sure any one who was a fan of Threads of Fate can tell just who it is. I'm thinking of making a one shot with Rod next, but that's neither here nor there yet so just tell me what you think of the story and I'll probably post the one for Rod next time. Hope you liked it! R&R.