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Ichimaru Gin was a man of many fixations.

Power, of course, was the thing that held his fascination the most. It came in so many delightful forms and each seemed to be as intoxicating as the next. There were some powers that had a way of flaunting themselves openly to any eyes that paused to linger or were forced to stare, dangling seductively in front of the greedy hands and hearts of the masses who were not immune to that type of charm. Yet, then there was that quiet power, often stronger in its covertness, and all the more alluring. Perhaps, this was the type of power that drew Ichimaru in the most, and perhaps that was the reason why he had followed Aizen in the first place.

Though Aizen Sosuke could charm his way into the hearts of the people who surrounded him, his exploits had always been clear to Ichimaru Gin. And he had always known that behind that polite smile there was a cold heart, a cunning mind, and an immense power that made the silver haired man's mouth water at the very thought of tapping into it. It was a winning combination in Ichimaru's book, one that drove him to show loyalty when he had always lacked it and instill enough respect to bow down graciously on his stubborn knees when given the opportunity to participate in the devil's game. Oh yes, Aizen Sosuke was a devil, but one that was destined to become God and who was Ichimaru Gin to stand in the way?

So Ichimaru followed along willingly behind the man that would mean the end for Soul Society, and he himself acted out the many games and tests the flowed intricately out the older man's mind, taking an active part in bringing his current home to its knees as he had been done as well. He did it all because Aizen-Taicho saw the potential that dripped freely from him, Aizen-Taicho had offered him a chance to stand unashamed in God's light, and Aizen-taicho had what Ichimaru craved and he had never been one to stand aside while power engulfed those who did not deserve it.

Some would say the Ichimaru Gin was wicked but he preferred to view himself as an opportunist.

It wasn't as if he didn't have a heart, his was just slightly distorted in the sense of what would be considered normal. He was man who knew what he wanted and consequence and guilt be damned.

His intentions were thinly veiled to the prying eyes that grew in number as the years passed and the smile that cracked his features offered little comfort to the his many suspicious comrades that watched out warily for Ichimaru Gin.

That fox-like grin offered him the appearance of a snake in the grass, biding his time before administrating a poisonous bite that could be fatal to anyone who happened to stand in the way.

But if Ichimaru was the snake then Aizen was the grass, and in the end which one was the most deadly? The snake makes no allusions to its deadliness. It is often blunt in its sinful prowess, and if you don't want to be bitten then you step out of the way. But the grass is what lures you into a false sense of security, hiding the otherwise viewable enemy. Offering safety in its cool and clean richness only to end of being the true betrayer for guarding the beast and allowing the fools who fall unaware into its lie to be bitten. Yet Ichimaru would always be the first one to be suspected while Aizen would always be the last because that conniving grin and those slitted eyes demanded more suspicion then a kind smile ever could.

Yet all of Soul Society would soon be the victim of both.

Ah, power, it made his hands tremble at the very thought.

Yes, power was the thing that Ichimaru craved the most, but it was not the only thing that held the third division captain's attention.

No, in fact there were many other objects that provided entertainment for the cunning man, and a little white haired captain was one of them.

He would suppose the reason he first started taking interest in the young shinigami was due to his childhood friend's, Rangiku Matsumoto, own relationship with the icy chibi-taicho. She would often ramble on, as she was prone to doing, her large breasts jiggling as she chuckled merrily over some sake while discussing the latest news on her newest captain. And Ichimaru would listen with growing interest at the descriptions of the genius-child that Matsumoto was so keen on describing.

And genius seemed to be the proper word when referring to the boy, especially considering he was the youngest shinigami in Soul Society history to be promoted to captain. He gained a lot of attention on his rise to fame, what with his immense power and exceptional ability to turn into quite the icy little bastard. He commanded respect even in his child body and that was something the Ichimaru covertly respected even though it did nothing to stop his open teasing of the boy.

But the boy's fighting ability, commanding presence, and snarky attitude were not the only things that drew Ichimaru to the child-prodigy. No, it was often whispered under the breath of those who did not want to appear perverts and drunks who were too far gone to care, that Tenth Division Captain, Hitsugaya Toshiro, was quite the gorgeous little thing.

And Ichimaru was not oblivious to this fact.

That snowy white hair that stood out stark in its unusualness and yet matched his icy demeanor and those wide green eyes that still held a sense of innocence even when scrunched in annoyance to compliment his pointed and elegant features that still held a trace of baby fat in his cheeks, and that body so small and lithe yet promising the hint of strength beneath that milky white skin was something that Ichimaru could not ignore. So while he carried on his deceit he also let his eyes wander to Hitsugaya-Taicho.

Yet, Ichimaru Gin was not well liked in Soul Society and Hitsugaya was of no exception to the rule. The boy seemed to develop a distrust for the silver haired man from their very first meeting and perhaps the animosity that he felt from the small taicho was even stronger then the one others held for him. Still, hatred was not the only thing he read in those piercing eyes, for Ichimaru had always been able to read people, and he could easily see that small hint of curiosity and the confusion that it brought along with it. This only proceeded to amuse him further and he spent what little free time he had tormenting the pretty prodigy.

Whether it be a small jeer or a lingering brush of contact, Ichimaru reveled in any reaction that he could bring from Hitsugaya. He played many games and this was one he had grown quite fond of. And still, even with the teasing and the seemingly innocent chats Ichimaru would not even attempt to deny that his little game was so much darker then all of that. For there were times when he wanted to break that pale skin and see what it would take to make that pretty mouth open in a scream of mixed pain and pleasure, and other times he merely longed to run his hands along that flesh and alight a blush the would be sure to follow in its wake. The boy was like a sin that a sinner like him had yet to indulge in, intoxicating as much as forbidden. And he knew he should have been disgusted by these thoughts and half of him demanded it but the other part of him was too amused by his own lack of decency to truly care at all.

He enjoyed those short moments of getting the boy riled up and being able to see a spark of passion that would be much better suited for his eyes and his alone.

His fondest memory of this had been so fleeting and exhilarating that he had spent hours later eternally laughing at it all. They had passed each other in the main office and Hitsugaya had shot him a well rehearsed glare and Ichimaru had felt that his only option was to step right in front of the short boy and with a snide grin reply. "Ya got so much anger pent up in the tiny body don' ya, 'ittle taicho-brat."

Hitsugaya had promptly proceeded to snarl, "Teme" coming out clearly through his clenched teeth. Ichimaru had merely laughed before reaching to cup the boys cheek, causing an involuntary gasp from the beautiful captain. "Careful 'ittle one, or I might jus' 'ave ta wash yer mouth out with soap." He had purred in a voice that was openly seductive and his hand had lingered a little too long for Hitsugaya's taste and a blush had formed on those baby cheeks and it was delicious moments like this that Ichimaru enjoyed reminding him that though he may command and deserve the respect of an adult, he was still a child in many ways.

When little Hitsugaya had become apart of their plans it was exciting and yet off-putting in a way. It meant more time to harass his little captain and yet the game was far more dangerous now, and Ichimaru often wondered at the relief that he felt that the object of his desires was still breathing when he fell bleeding to the floor. And as the bright light enveloped him and led him off to his new life of the power he had so craved, the single thought that lingered through the haze of anticipation was, I'll be seeing ya again, Hitsugaya-Taicho.