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Chapter 12: Beth's Song

It had been a day since Beth became the slave of Damien. And nothing had happened. Nothing, really… Kari couldn't help but to worry… but she hid.

"What is Damien's game…" thought Kari pacing back and forth while thinking… that's when she tripped on a rope and landed face first into the mast.

"You okay?" asked Luffy.

"I'm fine…" said Kari rubbing her forehead.

"Still worried about Beth?" asked Luffy.

"Of course I am." Said Kari, "She's been my friend for a long time."

"Maybe you will know how to save her." Said Luffy.

"Maybe if I think like her, maybe if I can come up with an idea." Said Kari, "It's a long shot… but who knows…"

Kari decided to do some meditation, she cleared her though and tried to think like Beth.

"Pirates are bringers of the word of the flying Spaghetti monster… Kelly needs to pay… Should I become a super hero in my spare time?... If Damien ever tried to control me I'll kill him… /Never call me Elizabeth… I wish they showed my audition on American idol…" thought Kari.

Kari opened her eyes… she figured it out… the way to snap Beth out of it. She went to the girls room, where fortunately it was still there, her iPod and speakers. She began to search though the songs when she found the song she wanted.

That's when she began to formulate her plan to get Beth back.

She brought to items to the location where she wanted.

Meanwhile with Damien and Beth… Damien was making his plan.

Kari climbed into the crow's nest.

"This better work." She said turning on the iPod.

Luffy dodged an attack by Beth.

"Damn it… where is she. I know she planning something." Thought Damien, "Well I minds as well come up with my plan.

That night the crew slept unaware of what was going on outside.

"Tonight… will be the night." Said Damien.

Beth just nodded… silently.

The next morning, Larry woke up.

His body was covered in shadows while Beth was tying him to the mast.

"Okay…" said Larry, "This must be a dream!"

"It's no dream." Said a voice.

He saw Usopp next to him. And everyone from the crew was tied up and covered in shadows.

"He did this to everyone but Luffy and Kari." Said Nami.

"What?" asked Larry.

"Now since all of you are awake, I can explain." Said Damien making his presence known.

"The hostage plan again?" asked Zoro.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Damien.

"We haven't known you that long… but this is the second time you did this to us." Said Franky.

"All you changed was that you tied us to the mast." Said Robin.

"And did it to us while we were sleeping." Said Nami.

"I'm not repeating myself… am I Beth?" asked Damien.

"…" was all Beth's response.

"Even your yes man Zombie agrees with us." Said Nami.

"That's never a good sign." Said Larry.

"Shut up! I'm going to kill Little Kari and the Straw Hat!" said Damien.

"Why do you want to kill Luffy?" asked Zoro with a sweat drop.

"I just do! Okay!" yelled Damien.

Everyone sweat dropped when he yelled that.

Meanwhile Kari woke up in the girl's room to find Nami and Robin gone.

"That's weird" said Kari rubbing her eyes.

She left the room and saw what was going on at the mast.

"He really needs to come up with something know." She thought.

Kari took a breath… she closed her eyes. That's when she sensed it…

"Luffy's in the men's room." She thought.

She took a breath. She jumped down to the next level and entered the room with out gaining Damien's attention.

She ran to Luffy who was still asleep. She began to shake him.

"Luffy." She said.

"Meat…" he moaned in his sleep.

She came up with a funny idea.

"They're Gonna get you! They're Gonna get you!" said Kari.

Luffy suddenly woke up.

"What?" he asked confused as he rubbed his eyes, "And where's breakfast."

"Damien captured everyone again." Said Kari, "This time while we were sleeping. And he left only you and me alone."

"Didn't' this happen before?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah, but this time it's a tiny bit different." Said Kari.

"All right! Let's go save them." Said Luffy.

"Wait! I have a plan." Said Kari.

"What kind of plan?" asked Luffy.

"Okay! Listen carefully." Said Kari.

Kari began to tell Luffy her plan, which came up with a while before.

"Wow that's pretty good…" said Luffy, "So how do you know it will work."

"Because I know Beth." Said Kari.

Luffy smiled big time.

A few minutes later Luffy ran out of the room.

"Damien! I'm hear to fight you!" yelled Luffy.

"Where's Kari?" asked Damien.

"I don't know!" said Luffy.

Damien scowled.

"You're hiding something." Said Damien.

"No way!" yelled Luffy.

Luffy jumped down to the deck right in front of Damien and Beth.

"Go take of care him Beth!" shouted Damien.

Beth nodded.

"Power of Wind! Wind Gust!" said Beth.

Luffy managed to dodged. Beth punch him in the face.

"You think that will hurt me?" he asked.

The two fought, Damien watched this with a grin. Behind him Kari silently crept over to the rigging, she climbed it.

"What is she doing?" asked Zoro.

"Going to the crow's nest." Said Franky with a sweat drop.

"She left something up there." Said Usopp, "I saw it yesterday… it one of those weird music machines they have on their world."

"That's weird." Said Larry, "Then again Kari is trying to get Beth back."

Kari got up the crow's nest, she grabbed the mike and turned it on.

Outside the announcement system began to crackle and music began to play…

"This song…" said Larry with a sweat drop.

"You know this song?" asked Nami.

"I've heard it in a movie…" said Larry, "You'll hear why I'm embarrassed."

That's when the dirty part of the song played… the song was "I Touch Myself" (For best results, reread the lines when the music began to play while listening to the song)

"Your world is weird." Said Usopp.

"Yeah... I know…" said Larry.

"What the hell is this!" yelled Damien, "Go up there and kill her!"

That's when he saw Beth trembling, she put her hands on her ears.

In the crow's nest Kari grabbed the mike.

"You have to remember who you are! You are not his slave! You are the ass kicker who thinks for herself! It's your job to torment the school with robots! You're the bane of Kelly Edwards! You hear! Don't let him do this to you!" said Kari.

The black aura on the crystal began to crack.

Kari sensed what was going on… she knew she had to add the icing on the cake.

"You hear me Elizabeth! Don't let him control you like that!" yelled Kari, "You have to snap of it Lizzie!"

That's when the black aura broke… Beth regained her senses and yelled out one thing.

"Kari just because you're my friend! You're not getting away with that!" yelled Beth.

"Well she's back." Sighed Nami.

"Is that a good thing." Said Zoro.

"Well for Kari for it is." Said Larry.

Beth noticed what she was wearing, she stuck her tongue.

"I have to get rid of this stuff." She said.

She began to groove to the music as she stripped off her skirt and tossed it into the air, she then took off her shirt, after spinning it around she tossed it onto Sanji's head. She kicked off her shoes which both landed on Damien's head.

"Damien… I don't know what you did… but you will pay…" said Beth.

"Oh no." said Damien.

"Sword of Wind! Appear to me!" shouted Beth, "Crystal of Wind! Wind Shoes!"

"Oh fu…" muttered Damien.

Beth ran towards Damien while shouting "Sword of Wind! Wind Slice!"

The wind harshly cut up Damien, he landed hard on the grass.

He got up and saw Beth, she placed her sword on the ground. Then punched him hard.

"Promise me one thing… never do that again." Growled Beth.

Damien nodded quickly… he knew it would be wise do that.

"Good." Said Beth with a smirk.

She then disappeared, she reappeared on the other side of the ship…

"Great…" said Damien, "This bit me in the ass big time."

That's when Beth kicked him high into the air… sending him flying with a twinkling star.

"And Team Rocket is blasting off again." Said Beth.

Kari looked down and smiled… "It worked." Said Kari.

"Kari come down right now!" yelled Beth.

Kari laughed nervously as she came down.

"First… you should use your powers to uncover them from the shadows." Said Beth.

"Oh right…" said Kari knowing that would be a good idea, "Crystal of Light! Darkness Dispel!"

The shadows disappeared and they able to move, Beth cut the ropes with her sword.

"Now Kari… about what you said." Said Beth, "Elizabeth and Lizzie?"

Kari began to sweat.

"You have to punished." Said Beth, "Close your eyes and bend forward."

"Okay…" said Kari, she did just that.

That's when Beth farted in the face.

"It smells!" yelled Kari.

"I'm back baby!" yelled Beth.

"So it looks like things are back to normal." Said Luffy.

"No it's not! We're still here." Said Larry.

"Oh… yeah…" laughed Luffy.

"We can't go home until Damien returns back to our home." Said Kari.

"Well I have a plan s great I haven't thought of it yet!" yelled Beth.

"Beth… can you please put on clothes,…" said Nami.

"Make me!" yelled Beth brandishing her sword.

"Well at least she's back." Said Kari cheerfully.

"Is that really a good thing?" asked Nami.

"Well in the long run… yes…" said Kari, "And she's my friend…"

Everyone sighed while Beth laughed manically… things were back to normal… well not quite… They still had to get home… And who knew how long that would take…

Next Time: Beth, Kari and Larry must try to figure out what they should do... Particularly if they should get the Straw Hats involved or not... What will happen? Find out next time!