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NOTE: So, I had THOUGHT this chapter was going to be much shorter, but...it didn't turn out that way! LOL! However, it is a much stronger chapter than the rest. The weaknesses and strengths of the Hyde Children are shown and Jackie and Hyde's marriage gets a little rocky. However, when they find out some terrible news, they must lean on each other and make a drastic decision together...as a family.

So, it's the year 1999 and this is happening in the Hyde family:

-Hyde's record company has been booming for about a year

-Jackie's morning show that she shares with three other stars, has become #1 morning show in the country

-JR has continued on with his writing and has gotten several poems published in Teen Ink Magazine (magazine that carries teen writing)

-Stevie has taken a passion for singing and dancing; she's likes R&B a lot right now, but will soon be introduced to a new genre that will enlighten her

-Jimmy loves to skate and has a great tallent in drawing and painting, even though he doesn't feel talented when standing next to his brother and sister

--For the past year or so, the family has been drifting apart and it's finally taken a tole on all of them. What will happen?

CHAPTER 22: "Bring it on Home" by Little Big Town

Brooklyn, New York

December 10, 1999; Friday

3:44 PM

El Camino, driving towards the Hyde household


"You're always blaming me for something that I never do!" 7-year-old Jimmy yelled at his brother. He had short, black hair--like his mother--and piercing blue eyes--like his father.

He hated whenever his brother blamed him for stuff. It was always him that got blamed for everything! God, he hated being the damn baby of the damn family! "Whenever something goes wrong, you love to put the blame on me!"

12-year-old Stevie winced. She was sitting between both her brothers, like always, and was getting yelled at in the ear. She hated being in the middle.

"Because it's alwaysyour fault!" the almost 15-year-old Jagur yelled back at his brother. Jagur was the type of person that usually kept his cool, like his father. However, whenever it had to do anything with is little brother, he lost it. He didn't know why.

"No, it's not!" Jimmy argued back.

"Yes, it is!"




They were going back and forth and Zep, who was sitting right in front of Stevie let out a moan. With great effort, because she was in fact not as young as she used to be, Stevie jumped on top of Jackie, then sat in front of her feet. She gave out a few coughs right then.

Jackie reached over and stroked the Brittany Spaniel.

Stevie was more than irritated at both her brothers. "Oh, you both are so flippin' annoying! Can't you ever stop arguing?!"

"Shut up, Stevie!" both brothers said in unison to their sister.

"Don't tell me to shut up! You shut up!"

Soon, it was all three of them that were yelling at each other back and forth.

Jackie rolled her eyes and turned around to her children. "Will the three of you stop arguing?"

However, none of them listened to their mother. They were in their own little world right now. The world of The Hyde Siblings, which was full of yells and screams and arguing. It seemed as if all three siblings lived in that world 60 of the time. The other 40 was spent on sleeping and individual interests.

When they were younger, Jackie was able to tone down their arguments; but as they got older, their personalities grew stronger and made it more difficult for Jackie to calm them down. They were all stubborn and needed to be the ones with the last word--much like both their parents--and felt the need to win every single battle. And this only made their arguments much longer and unbearable to their parents.

Jackie kept trying to calm them down, but it was no use. She grew frustrated now and turned to her husband, who was enjoying the Led Zeppelin album that was playing on his new CD player. To him, this was normal and something he could tune out without any effort.

She reached over and turned it off.

That got his attention. "What the--?"

She arched a brow at him. "Will you calm your kids down?!"

"Oh, now they're my kids, but when they're behaving--"

Jackie reached over and pinched him hard on the arm./

He winced.

She gave him a death stare. "Do it!" She sent her focus back on the road. She didn't care if she had come across as rude. She had just had a long day at work and wanted peace and quiet. And every time the kids would argue, she felt as if she was the only one that tried to quiet them down. Hyde never wanted to get in the middle. He just sat back and let it be. Most of the time, she let it slide, but lately it was getting to her more and she wanted him to finally step up and calm their children down.

He let out a breath once he saw that look on her face. She was disappointed, angry, and sad at the same time. And he knew that it was all because of him. He silently let out a cuss word and turned his attention on his annoying kids.

"Don't push me, Jimmy!" Stevie warned.

Jimmy was nearly in tears because both his siblings had come together and were attacking him. Every time he felt defeated, he turned to violence towards his brother and sister. He hated the feeling of being weak. And that's how he felt whenever he was with Jagur and Stevie…mostly, Jagur. He hated being the baby. "I'll push whoever I want to push!" And to prove it, he pushed her again.

Jagur reached over and gave his brother a shove. "You're such a jerk!"

"Don't call me a jerk, jerk!" A tear came down his cheek. He then reached over and gave his brother a small punch in the arm.

Jagur then gave his little brother a sock as well.

Jimmy's face became red with anger and he began to sent strong blows to Jagur.

Stevie tried to separate both her brothers. "Jagur, don't push his buttons!" she yelled as Jagur screamed out insults at Jimmy.

"What?!" Jagur was now angry at his sister for turning against him.

"Hey!" Hyde let out a scream.

He hardly ever screamed…and they stopped.

They all turned to their father, who looked beyond pissed now.

He looked at all three of them through the review mirror. "What the hell's the matter?! Jimmy, do not lay a finger on either one of your siblings, got it?!"

A tear fell off from Jimmy's eyes. "Jagur started it! He was--"

"I don't care, Jimmy! Nothing justifies you laying a finger on either one of your siblings, got it?"

Tears began to flow down his cheeks. He turned away so no one would see him. He was frustrated as hell.

Stevie sent her father a death stare. She reached over to her little brother and tried to comfort him. "It's ok, Jimmy."

Jimmy pushed her away. "Leave me alone!"

She, too, grew angry. "Fine!" She didn't care if he cried a whole river now. "You're such a baby."

That only made his tears come down even harder.

The rest of the ride home was completely silent. All five of them were angry with one another. Jimmy felt everyone was against him, Jagur wished he could have been an only child because he hated both his siblings right now, Stevie wanted nothing more than to separate from her entire family, Jackie was angry at her children for being so immature and was mostly angry at her husband for how he handled the situation, and Hyde was angry at his wife because she appeared to be angry with him and was frustrated with his children because he knew that they were a big reason as to why Jackie was mad at him right now.

And Zep wanted nothing more than to be adopted to another family right now.

When they finally arrived to their house, every one of the kids went straight into their rooms. Zep went straight to the backyard, wanting to be far away as possible in case another argument broke out.

Jackie started going to the kitchen to prepare dinner and Hyde followed.

He knew that Jackie was frustrated with him, but lately it seemed as if she was always angry with him. And he finally wanted to confront her about it.

So, he took out a beer and sat down, getting ready for the battle that was about to come. He took a sip before asking, "So…what's been your problem lately?"

Jackie had been chopping up some vegetables and the moment he asked the question, she put down the knife and turned to him with a baffled and angry look on her face. "My problem?"

What did I say now?!

Jackie placed a hand on her hip and shot him death rays through her eyes. "I don't have a problem, Steven. It's you that has the problem." She went back to chopping up the vegetables.

Hyde frowned. "What?! I do not."

She turned to him, bothered as hell. "Oh, yes you do."

"Says who?"

"You!" she said while pointing the knife at him.

That got his attention…and got him to quiet down a bit as well.

"Lately, it seems as if I've been the only parent to the kids." Jackie wasn't aware that she was waving a knife at him. "I come home from work, tired as hell, and yet there you just sitting on the couch or sleeping and not being a father to them! I have been the one that has stopped the bickering, checks off their homework, and starts conversations with them! All you've been doing for the last months has been to drop them off at school and pick them up! I still cook and clean around here! And yet you do nothing!"

Hyde forgot all about the knife and got to his feet. "I have been working my ass off, Jackie. I work every day and I'm tired as hell. All I ask for is an hour or two to myself. Is that too much to ask for?"

Jackie was again baffled by his words. "I work too, Steven! You're not the only one. But yet, you don't hear me complaining. And besides, you're a father, those hours of you spending them by yourself have been long gone! Jagur, Stefani, and Jamin come first!"

"I know they come first, Jackie."

"Then act upon it." Jackie tried to calm herself down. "Lately, I've been the only one that has fit the parent role. I keep up with their school work and ask them how their day has been every single afternoon. Parenting isn't just about providing them with clothes and food."

"I know that, Jackie," Hyde argued.

"Then tell me: when was the last time that you've asked the kids about their day?" Jackie asked.

Hyde didn't know what to respond. He thought long and hard and honestly couldn't remember the last time that he had had a conversation with his children.

Jackie shook her head, disappointedly. "You see. And this affects them, Steven. They not only need a mother, but a father to look up to and respect. And I'm not saying you're being a horrible father, but you're not being a very good one right now."

Hyde took a seat and let out a breath. He was letting everything sink in and he thought long and hard about his wife's words.

Jackie saw that this truth was really hurting her husband, but it needed to have been said. She took a seat right next to him and took his hand. "You can still make it up to them, honey."

Hyde shook his head. "How the hell did this happen?"

"You got too caught up with meeting their physical needs that you forgot their emotional ones," Jackie said truthfully. "I mean, you wanted them to grow up in a home that was big and secure--wanted them to have what you didn't." She took his cheek into her palm and stroked it. "And I love you for wanting that for them, but…"

"It's not what they truly need," he finished for them. He got to his feet. "I guess I better go make amends, huh?"

Jackie smile. "Yeah. Especially with Jamin. You didn't handle it very well with him."

Hyde nodded. "Yeah. I'll go talk to Stevie first." He started to make his way towards his girl's bedroom, which was blaring with Hip Hop music.

Jackie chuckled. "Because she's the easiest?"


Jackie shook her head and went back to the cooking.

Hyde knocked on his daughter's room. He waited a while and got no response, the music was too damn loud. "Stevie!"

Still no response.

Hyde slowly opened the door.

Inside was his daughter, who was dancing to the music. She didn't hear anything besides the voice of Aaliyah, her favorite R&B artist.

He smiled at the sight. Stevie had grown passionate about music, she didn't go a second without dancing or singing or listening to music-many times she did all three at the same time. She had her CD player on her at all times, which didn't make it any better.

Stevie was practicing her routine in front of her big mirror and was paying any attention to anything else. It wasn't until she did a twirl that she noticed the man standing by the doorway.

"Dad!" She reached over and turned off her music. "Don't you know how to knock?!"

Lately, Stevie had been getting real serious about her privacy. Hyde figured that she was getting older and a bit girly--which she never used to be. He loved the days when she would throw away the barbies that Jackie would get her when she was younger. And how he enjoyed last year on her birthday when Jackie got her a kit of make-up. However, these last few months he'd been noticing how close she was getting with Jackie. Before, it had been him that she was the closest too. He didn't know whether it was because she was getting older and needed a female figure more or if it was because he hadn't been around much to lend the ear.

He closed the door behind him. "I need to talk to you, Locks." He walked over to her bed and sat on it. He patted the space next to him.

Stevie walked over and sat down. "Did Mom tell you to come talk to me?"


She arched her brow, which perfectly matched that of her mother's. "So, she didn't give you a lecture or anything that made you come over here and make amends."

"Hey, I'm a grown man. I don't need a woman to tell me what I need to do, ok?"

She kept her brow arched. She wasn't buying it. "Whatever. So, what'd you wanna talk about?"

He scratched his nose and thought about how he was gonna word this. "I wanted to talk to you about these last several months--"

"You mean the ones you haven't been around much?" she smart assed.

And this is the easier one of the three, he thought. "Yeah…I wanted to let you know that I'm real sorry and that I'm gonna try harder and be there for you."

"Are you gonna come to my practices again?" she asked, a little teary eyed.

The question broke his heart. The look on her face made him almost break. God, he had been such an ass. How had he done this to his little girl? He knew very well how important her dancing was to her and how proud she was of it. And she always wanted her dad to be there and experience it with her during the practices. Back when she was younger, he used to make most of them, but the last several months he had not attended whatsoever.

Hyde reached over and cupped her face with his palms. "I won't miss a single one anymore."

A tear appeared on her eye. "Promise?" She did not want to be disappointed again.

He smiled at her and nodded. "Daddy's honor."

She smiled and hugged him tight. "Thank you, Daddy!"

Hyde laughed and gave her many kisses. "Anything for you, Locks." He let go of her. "I'll let you go back to your practicing." He gave her one last kiss and headed for the door.

Stevie turned on her music again and went to the front of the mirror. Within two seconds, she was back to her passion and Hyde noticed the extra energy in her steps.

He smiled and closed the door behind him. He opened knocked on the next door.

It took some seconds for someone to answer him.

"Come in," came a low voice.

Hyde stepped in and saw Jagur sitting by his window and reading his new book: The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

"Mom tell you to come talk to me?" asked Jagur.

Hyde rolled his eyes and closed the door behind him. "No."

"So, she didn't give you a lecture?" Jagur echoed his sister's words.

Hyde gave his son a look. "No." He sat down. "I came on my own accord."

Jagur rolled his eyes. "Sure."

Hyde ignored the comment. "I wanted to apologize to you for my behavior lately. I know I haven't really been around much for a few months--"

"Try almost a year," Jagur remarked.

It hurt, but he deserved it. "You're right. And I have no excuse. But I wanted to let you know that it's gonna be changing. I'm gonna spend more time with you, you can count on it."

"Are you gonna come to my writing competition next month? Cuz you haven't been to one in almost a year." Jagur's voice actually sounded hurt. Jagur was the strongest of the three and for him to let his emotions get in the way meant something big. "It's been pretty messed up, you know."

Hyde nodded. "Yeah, I know. And I'm gonna make it up."

"Do you mean, you're gonna be there for us for the next few weeks and then slip back into your old ways?" Jagur didn't have much faith that his father was going to permanently commit to this promise. He wasn't stupid. He knew how people tended to fall back to their old habits.

Hyde shook his head. "That won't happen, JR. You have my word on it."

Jagur looked away, still not convinced.

Hyde walked over and sat right next to him. "JR…look at me."

Jagur did.

Hyde looked at him straight in the eye with the most serious face. "I. Will. No. Longer. Be. That. Way. Again."

He held onto his son's blue eyes for a long time. Jagur was always the one to take the most convincing when a mistake was made by either one of his parents.

Jagur let out a breath and his expression softened. "Ok…I believe you."

Hyde gave a small smile.

Jagur lifted a finger. "But if you let me down again, Dad…I'm telling."

Hyde snickered. "Who?"

Jagur gave him a sly smile, one identical to his own when he was planning something that knew was going to piss some people off. "Grandma."

Hyde's smile faded. "You wouldn't."

"Try me."

And Hyde knew his son would.

"Fine," Hyde said. He got up, ruffled his son's hair--because he knew Jagur wasn't much of a hug type of kid--and walked out of the room.

However, before he closed the door, Hyde turned to his son. "Oh, and you better start being nicer to your brother."

Jagur made a face. "Why?"

"Cuz then I'll take away your Malcolm X book." It was Hyde's turn to give that sly smile.

Jagur's face fell. "You wouldn't."

"Try me."

Jagur wanted nothing than to let out a curse. "Fine."

Hyde closed the door behind him and went to the final door in the hallway.

He knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

And he got one. "Go away!"

Hyde knocked again. "Come on, buddy. It's just me."

"Go away!"

Hyde let out a breath. He had been so thankful when Stevie and Jagur had been born because even though both were a little loud and opinionated like their mother, they didn't have her dramatic characteristic…but then Jimmy was born….

Hyde opened the door and stepped in.

Jimmy was thrown on the bed and looked as if he had been crying for quite a long time now.

"Get out!" Jimmy screamed at his father.

"Jimmy, don't use that tone with me," Hyde warned. He shut the door and walked over to his son's side. "I just want to talk to you."

"Go talk to your favorite son instead!" Jimmy went under the covers and let out a small sob.

"Jimmy, I do not have a favorite son," Hyde defended himself.

"Whatever. I see how much you prefer Jagur over me! Today you showed it by siding with him and yelling at me!" He gave out a small cry.

Hyde wanted nothing more than to be swallowed whole right then. He climbed closer to his youngest son. "Jimmy…I yelled at you because you were acting childish. And now I know that I should have handled it differently, and I'm sorry about that. But that doesn't mean that I prefer JR over you. I love the both of you, and Stevie the exact same."

Jimmy let out a sniffle. "What's bologna."

"No, it's not. The three of you--and Mommy--mean the world to me." He reached under the covers and took his son into his arms. "Come on, buddy."

Jimmy tried to struggle away. "No!"

Hyde held on tight and managed to bring his son out. "Jimmy, how could you think that I don't love you?" He made his son look deep into his own eyes. "You're my favorite skater and artist in the world."

"I'm not that great of a skater and artist," Jimmy said. "You're just saying that to make me feel better."

Hyde hated the fact his son had no self-assurance. Hyde knew Jimmy got intimidated by Jagur's intelligence and Stevie's strong talent. However, Jimmy had his own talents. He was excellent in that skateboard that he had received on his last birthday and awesome in painting and drawing. Jimmy was turning into a small Picasso, everyone that knew him saw it…well, everyone but himself.

"Jimmy…what you can do with a pencil and paper is something that Jagur can't come close to doing. Both of you are talented with those two objects, but you do it so differently. There's no way Jagur or Stevie could come close to drawing like you do. Just like you can't belt out a note like Stevie's or can't come up with beautiful writing like Jagur's. All three of you are equally talented in different subjects and you shouldn't try to be like them. How boring would it be for me and Mommy to have three kids that are exactly the same?"

A small smile spread across Jimmy's face.

"There's my Picasso's smile." Hyde gave his youngest son the biggest hug of all.

Jimmy looked up at his father. "Thanks, Dad."

Hyde gave his son a kiss on the forehead. "You're welcome, buddy. You forgive me, then?"

Jimmy nodded. "Yeah."

"Dinner's ready!" came a voice from the kitchen.

Hyde let out a breath. "We better hurry before Mommy turns into Medusa again."

Jimmy laughed and followed his father out of the room.

"Mom! Daddy called you Medusa again!" yelled out Stevie.

Hyde took a stuffed animal toy that belonged to Zep and threw it at his daughter's head.

"That's what you get," said Jagur as he laughed at his sister.

Stevie threw her brother the toy and it landed straight inside his mouth.

Hyde, Jimmy, and Stevie started laughing.

In that very moment, Zep entered the room very slowly and coughing.

Brooklyn, New York

December 26, 1999; Sunday

1:05 PM

The Hyde household


"Dad! You're doing it completely wrong!" Jimmy took the Nintendo 64 control away from his father. "I'll show you."

The family was playing Mario Party 2, which Hyde and Jackie had gotten them for Christmas, as Jackie took Zep to the vet. Zep had been coughing quite a bit lately, and Jackie had decided to check up with the vet about it since Zep was a bit old already. She was 19 years old.

Stevie watched as her brother played the game. "Jimmy, hurry! Jagur's right behind you!"

Jagur let out a laugh as he got closer to his little brother.

Jimmy, however, didn't let his brother get too close. He got to the finish line just in time. He let out a yelp.

Jagur groaned. He hated playing Nintendo 64 with his little brother. Jimmy always seemed to win.

"Loser!" Jimmy said excitedly to his older brother.

Jagur took a pillow and threw it at Jimmy's head.

"Settle down. Alright, it's Stevie's and my turn." He extended his hand to both his boys so they could give him the controls.

Once Stevie and Hyde started their own game, Stevie--who had a real good ear for engines--heard her mother's car come into the driveway. "Mom's home."

A few seconds later, Jackie came into the front door with Zep right behind her.

Jagur turned to his mother. "What did the vet say about Zep?"

Jackie gave her son a small smile. "He gave me pills to give her. Hey, why don't you kids get ready. We should go to the park today. It's so nice."

The kids were always ready to play outdoors. So, they turned off their game and went to go change. Zep followed Jagur into his room.

Once they were out of the room, Jackie turned to her husband with a sad look upon her face.

Hyde frowned. "What's wrong?"

Tears began to fall down her face right then.

This made Hyde grow worried. "What is it?"

Jackie took in a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. "The vet…he…" A strong sob let out and Jackie could barely get herself together.

Hyde's face drained. "Did he find something wrong with Zep?"

Jackie nodded as she continued to cry.

"What is it?" His heart pounded fast, afraid to know the answer.

Jackie took some breaths in. "She has a tumor."

Hyde felt as if someone had just ripped up in half. "What?"

Jackie nodded. "It's growing pretty fast and he thinks that if we do surgery right away, he might stop it, however…seeing that she is the age that she is…there's a big chance that she might not live through the surgery. She's not as strong as she used to be."

Hyde took in a deep breath and sat down.

Jackie sat down next to him. "Also, she has diabetes. And that only makes it worse."

"What else did he suggest?" Hyde asked, knowing the answer to that question already.

Jackie looked down and tears formed again. "We…we could put her to sleep. The vet said that she's in pain and she may live on with the tumor for about a month more or so, but…her pain is only gonna get more unbearable."

Hyde didn't know what to say. Zep had been with him for so long now. He had taken her in and treated her like a daughter, a sister, and a best friend. It had been almost 20 years that he had had her. Now…

He swallowed deep. "What do you think we should do?"

"I don't think we can be the only ones that make that decision."

Hyde looked up at her and nodded. He knew this. Knew it very well…

That night…

After a nice day at the park and a long walk along the city, Jackie and Hyde finally decided to sit their children down--lock Zep in their bedroom--and tell them what the vet had said about Zep.

When they were done explaining, the children all looked ready to cry.

Jackie held back a tear. She needed to be strong for her children. "This is a decision that we must make together. All of us have to agree with the decision. Nothing will be done up until we come with an agreement."

There was a long moment of silence.

Jagur was the first to say something. "Can we think about this a little more? And come with a decision tomorrow?"

Jackie nodded. "Sure, sweetie."

Jagur got up and went directly into his bedroom.

Stevie too stood up and went to her room.

Jimmy started to cry the moment both his siblings were out of the room.

Jackie and Hyde took him into their arms and soothed him.

The next morning was a tough one for all of the family. They sat down and discussed the situation and it wasn't until well in the afternoon that they came to an agreement. It was a hard one, and took many tears.

And, on the 30th of that same month, each one of the Hyde children were saying their last goodbyes to their treasured Brittany Spaniel. Many sobs landed on the old dog as Hyde held her against his chest.

Jackie gave Zep many kisses as her tears fell. "Thank you so much, Zeppy."

Stevie clutched onto her dog. "I love you, Zep."

Jimmy really couldn't say anything because his tears were just so strong.

Jagur stroked her. "You're my best friend, girl." Silent tears came down from his eyes.

After several minutes, Hyde finally took her away, which caused stronger sobs.

On the ride over to the vet, Hyde tried his best to keep himself together. Every now and again Zep would turn to him and give little moans. He knew she knew. And knew she knew this was best thing to do. However, that didn't stop the sadness…it only made it greater.

When he finally got to the vet's parking lot, he stayed there in silence with her for a while. He didn't want to do this. Hated that he had to do it.

He finally turned to Zep and at that moment, many memories began to wash all over him. The first time that he had seen her on the side of the road. And how he had taken her in and cared for her as a pup. How she had scared Jackie when Jackie had first met her. How he always let out his woes to her back when he and Jackie were broken up and how frustrated he was with himself.

Over the course of the last 20 years, Zep had really become someone important to Hyde. She had been there for the hard times in the beginning--ever since he had left Point Place. If it hadn't been for her, he highly doubted he would have ended up where he had.

And looking at her now, knowing the impact she not only made on himself, but the impact she had made in his children's a wife's lives, made him love her even more.

He reached over and stroked her ear. "Hey, girl."
She gave her a small moan and licked his hand.

"You know I have to do this. And I hate it." He kept stroking her. "You've really become my best friend, you know that?"

She let out a small, weak bark.

Hyde and her looked at each other for several minutes, trying to take it all in. Finally, Hyde stepped out of the car and took his loving dog into his arms. He just wanted to hold her one last time and pretend she was that puppy that he had found on the side of the road many years ago.

The vet came to take her soon afterwards. Zep licked him the whole time while they were waiting. Hyde gave her one last hug and kiss before the vet took her away.

She didn't take her eyes off of him as the vet took her away. Her eyes weren't sad at all, but they did hold small tears.

She gave one last, small break towards Hyde when the vet closed that door behind them.

And once that door closed, Hyde set off to his car and drove off.

After several minutes of driving, he pulled over, not being able to hold it in anymore.

Tears streamed down his cheeks and his shoulders shook uncontrollably.

The Hyde household was quiet. The only noise being heard was that of what was coming out of Stevie's room. She was listening to some slow and soft music. She had come across a station as she was flipping through the radio channels just about a minute ago. And she had come across a song that she took to her liking and mood at that very moment.

The voice of the woman singing was so serene and beautiful that Stevie fell in love with it immediately. She laid down on her bed as she listened to the lyrics:

"'Cause there's a long line of folks giving up on love
So many hearts get broken in the push and shove
I'll believe in you for the rest of my life
Baby, lovers like you and me will never say die"

After the second chorus had kicked in, Stevie had learned the chorus and was singing along to it.

It was the first country song she had ever heard, and the first Dixie Chicks song as well. After that day, Stevie usually kept the station on that station, taking a liking to the genre very much so.

For the next days, the family helped each other cope with the family member they had lost. It was difficult to do continue on. But, with each other, they were able to do so.

They were strong. They were united. They were willed. They were The Hydes.

I cried soooo much when I was writing that last part. I came to love Zep soooo much. It hurt me to have her go. And apologies to you fans that came to love her very much as well.

So, ORIGINALLY this story was NOT supposed to be this long. It was SUPPOSED to be two chapters of another story I was working on that was post-season 8. The story was about the Hyde family. It took place in the beginning of the 21st Century and centered around all five of them. And as I was writing the -flashback chapters- that explained how Jackie and Hyde got back together, I saw that it was going to be IMPOSSIBLE for me to write everything that happened between them in just TWO chapters. So, I then decided that I should just go ahead and write it as a complete story. I knew that it was gonna take A LOT out of me, but I really wanted to do it. And THAT is how this whole story came about.

So, I've already written three chapters for the new story that I've been working on. It centers Stevie and her family and friends. This story will also contain about 20 chapters as well, but the chapters will be smaller and less analitical than this one! LOL :). So, if you're interested...keep a lookout for it.

Well, thank you guys sooooo much for those AWESOME reviews! And I apologize again for the LONG wait for these last two chapters! Thanks for being so patient with me! LEAVE REVIEWS!! And be sure to look out for the next story that will be coming out in about two weeks (i need a break!). (I still don't have a title for it). THANK YOU!! It was sooo much fun writing this one.

PREVIEW FOR THE NEW STORY: a new change comes about for the Hyde family...