Hey everybody, no this is not a chapter for all you would be readers, but an announcement. My author friend, Shika Lazy, has adopted demon emergence and has chosen to continue it. The first chapter is already up and running. The story is in the wrong format for right now, there are lines broken in the middle of sentences and such, but nothing we can't fix in a few minutes. He has a few problems with gramar so I've volunteered to beta it, check him for mistakes and the lie\ke, so you'll stiill see my influence in the story, it just won't be me writing it. The first chapter that he's written is very well done and I hope you all stop by to read an review it. It's his first time taking over a story so give him a few tips if he needs them or give him some constructive criticism.

here's a link to the story, hope you all read and review.

/s/4440015/1/Demon emergence shinigami Naruto Redone

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