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I remember that day so clearly. It was just like it was yesterday, but only it was weeks ago. We were all standing on the top of Sokka's and the Mechanist's invention, the submarine. Toph, Sokka, Katara, and my last true meeting until the end of the failed invasion.

"So this it huh?" I said. This was it our last stand…or it was suppose to be. I looked at my friends.

"Are you ready for the Fire Nation to know the Avatar's alive?" Sokka bent down to my I level and took a stance signifying he was ready.

I responded, "I'm ready." We grasped each others' arms in a Water Tribe handshake. After that the whole group went into a hug. Seeing it might be the last time we would see each other, we wanted to make the moment last.

Toph spoke up with a smile, "I hope you kick some serious Fire Lord butt, Twinkle Toes."

As much as we wanted the moment to last, we were interrupted by Chief Hakoda.

"Everyone listen up." We broke up our hug giving him our full attention, "The next time we resurface, it'll be on the beaches. So stay alert and fight smart. Now break time's over back in the subs."

Toph and Sokka followed orders and went back into the subs, but Katara and I lingered for a bit. Having one finally exchange off words before I headed off.

"Aang, I"

"Katara, I" We both spoke at the same time.

But I yielded, "You go first."

Katara smiled at me then started speaking, "We've been through so many things together and I've seen you grow up so much. You're not that goofy little kid I found in the iceberg anymore." I blushed as she said that. "I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm really proud of you."

I took a moment before speaking, "Everything is going to be different after today, isn't it?"

Katara pulled some off her hair behind her ear, "Yes, it is."

I thought for another moment and then spoke, "What if," I had been wondering this for a while, "what if I don't come back?"

Katara gave me a concerned and shocked look, "Aang don't say that. Of course you'll…" I cut her off sealing it with a kiss. She was in shock, but she did respond. I knew I couldn't waste to much time; so I pulled back.

I saw Katara's face was painted with a light blush. She turned her eyes away from me. With that I gave her a serious look and hit my glider down opening it. I jumped up and glided away giving her one last look before I left.

That was weeks ago when we failed. We fled to the Western Air Temple for refuge. There we changed our plans yet again. We were back to the old plan of mastering all four elements. Fate seemed to like the idea, for Zuko showed up offering to be my teacher. It took us time to let him in and it took us time to get use to him, but we did.

Now having mastered all the elements we headed off towards the Fire Capital. This time we had much more to fight for. Our friends and family locked away needed rescuing, the world still needed us, our futures were still at stake, and we no longer had the advantage of the Eclipse.

Zuko, knowing the Fire Capital like the back of his hand, led us in with out being noticed. That's when it got tricky. Some how we were spotted and firebenders were on our trails. Toph, Haru, the Duke, and Teo stayed to keep them at bay. Zuko, Katara, Sokka, and I headed towards the main chamber. None of us thought this would be easy and it wasn't.

Seems like it only got harder though, never letting up. Azula and the Dai Li showed up. I'll start from there.

Azula smirked at Zuko, who was already in a fighting stance, "Hello Zuzu, with the Avatar now? Father told me about that. Tisk Tisk you finally had everything you and you threw it all away. Uncle really was a bad influence on you."

Zuko had fire in his eyes, "I decided on my own destiny. My destiny was…is to help the Avatar and Uncle knew that all along. Now Azula move or you'll have to fight me."

I could tell Zuko really wanted to prove his worth and defeat Azula. However, there was hesitance in his eyes, Azula was still his sister.

"Oh no, my failure of a brother fighting me. Whatever shall I do." Zuko gripped his swords tighter at her sarcasm. "Sorry to disappoint, but someone else wants to fight you and I don't think I could say no."

Zuko's eyes widened as Mai appeared from behind the Dai Li. "Mai?"

"Nice to see you back Zuko." Mai's voice was indifferent as she spoke.

Ty Lee appeared from behind the other agent, "Ooooh looks like someone is mad."

"How can you tell?" Sokka spoke up, questioning Ty Lee.

"Her voice is slightly lower than normal."

Sokka turns to Katara, "Why can't you act like that when you get made? You know instead of hitting or yelling at me just lower your voice a little."

Katara glared at him, "Sokka now isn't the time!"

Sokka nodded quickly then scanned the room, "Hey Katara, where is Azlua?"

We were all in shock. Each of us glancing around for the Fire Princess. Then suddenly a blast of blue came from behind me. I rolled to the side dodging the blow.

"Aang!" Katara shouted my name in worry. That's when the fighting commenced. Zuko against Mai, Ty Lee against Sokka, and Katara against the two Dai Li agents. As for me I was against Azula.

I mostly dodged the attacks and retaliated with a few airblasts. I knew I wouldn't want to get injured or overly tired before my final fight with the Fire Lord so I was careful with my chi and stamina.

I glanced around seeing of the others were fairing. Sokka was dodging all of Ty Lee's blows, aware of what would happen if she even tapped one of his pressure points. Ty Lee seemed somewhat tired and she had a few cuts from dodging Sokka's sword. Zuko was off fighting Mai. It was obvious they were pulling punches. As weird as it was Mai looked like she was missing on purpose. One wasn't aimed anywhere near Zuko. And Zuko, his slashes were just in defense, the only few he took were easy-anyone-could-have-dodged-it ones.

Last person was Katara. Katara had taken down one of the agents and was on the other one. She had frozen the first agent and was scanning the area. No Dai Li in the area. Toph had taught me to sense vibrations. So when I felt a rumbling in the ground I panicked. Katara didn't know what was going to happen. She wouldn't even be able to dodge quickly enough.

I made up my mind quickly. I went racing off to save Katara. Azula wasn't fast enough to catch me and I was only a blur. Katara saw me coming. I dove and tackled her out of the way as the Dai Li game tunneling up. I took my staff and swung as hard as I could. The airblast that came was so strong it blew the agent out through the ceiling.

I heard some movement behind me and turned quickly. Katara was getting up. I looked her over for injuries and then offered her my hand.

That's when she spoke, "Aang, you need to get to the Firelord. We'll be fine here. Azula is just wearing you out. You won't stand a chance if you go face him tired and injured. Aang you need to go."

I nodded what was the point of coming here only to be worn out before the fight. I gave her a swift kiss. Telling her that if I don't come back I always loved her…in that one kiss.

When we broke a part we shared a hug and I was off. I took one last glance around. Katara was already battling Azula. I prayed for her and everyone else's' safety.

Now several hallways and rooms away from the fight I came across the Firelord's War room. I took a moment to catch my breath and prepare myself. After I calmed down I blasted the door open.

Just looking at the man who caused so much pain to the world sent a shiver up my spine. I'm sorry to say, I was scared.

He looked upon me and grinned, "Welcome Aang, I have been expecting you."

That's when it went all down hill from there.