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I met Zuko in my study. Even if this was our base, who knows who could be lurking about.

When I walked in, Zuko acknowledged me with a curt nod before waiting for me to shut the door so he could begin his reconnaissance report.

After I had shut the door and had taken my seat Zuko spoke, "They are after you again."

I raised my eyebrows. They were after me again? They hadn't been trying to track me since last year's Lychee Nut fiasco. Don't even ask, you don't want to know. Alls I can tell you is that it involved lychee nuts, a few hundred firebenders, Momo, and me.

Ozai called off finding me after the first year of my disappearance. His ideas were that I had failed and now he was the supreme ruler of the world, so why does it matter if the Avatar is still alive? Also he said I would come back when I was ready, freely or not. That part always gave me chills.

Zuko gripped his hands behind his back, "They have set up some sort of plan to capture you. Whether is be a Fire Nation camp or a raid on another Earth Kingdom village, they are setting something up."

I rubbed my chin in thought, "So do you have any thoughts on what I should do?"

Zuko nodded, "We should stop raiding their camps for a while and maybe stay out of the way of their next raid."

"But we can't do that. The camps hold necessary supplies. The shopkeepers and vendors can't afford to keep supplying us. Plus, Azula just raised the taxes. We have to raid their camps to get the money back." I glanced over the mission report on my desk, "Also, people depend on us to defend them during raids. Innocents could be hurt if we don't protect them."

"But, if we stop for a while. They will most likely give up and then we can go back to our usual way of helping people."

"Or they could keep attacking until we come out." I furrowed my eyebrows, "Then all of that waiting will be for nothing."

"Yet, if you do come out you could be capture." Zuko said, a little irritated.

"But we need to protect our people. I'm their only hope!" I raised my voice a little.

"Yeah, I understand that, but if they capture you at any time we are done for. No one can afford to lose you again!" Zuko shouted back.

I stood up, about to shout back, when there was a soft knock on my door. I glance from Zuko to the door. I sighed, "Come in."

Katara opened the door. Katara could probably feel the tension in the room; it was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

"Sorry to interrupt." She turned to Zuko. "Suki said you were injured during your mission. She also said that it was pretty bad; I want to look at it. Please go to the infirmary, I'll meet you there."

Zuko nodded. He began to leave, but before he left he whispered, "We'll discuss this later." Then he was out the door grumbling about stupid six inch cuts, and how he could just wrap it up and go on.

Only after Zuko left did Katara look at me, "Is everything okay? I heard you two shouting?" She gently placed her hand on my shoulder.

I took her hand in mine, "Everything's fine, don't worry about it." I spoke, bringing her hand up to my lips to kiss.

Katara, still not convinced, nodded before giving me a kiss on the cheek. As she began to leave, she glanced back over her shoulder to look at me, "But, Zuko is right. No one can afford to lose you again." She walked out the door, but I could still hear her finish what she was saying, "Especially not me…"

My heart began to ache. I knew it was hard on Katara. Both of us were always in danger and we could never reveal that we were together. That really hurt Katara the most. But, when this was over, we'd be together and we'd have our happily ever after.

I sighed letting my face fall into my hands. But, when would this war end? And how was I going to end it?

I read the full report before heading out to find Sokka. I needed something to get my mind off the Fire Nation.

Searching from room to room, I had finally found him, which at that point I wished I hadn't.

He and Suki, for being separated for so long, were making out like their lives depended on it. It took me only a second to shut the door. My face was on fire. Wow….that gave me a few ideas for me and Katara.

I began to wander around the base, seeing I had nothing to do.

I passed some soldiers coming back lunch, when I heard part of their conversation, "What patrols do you have today?"

One of them shrugged, "I don't have patrolling duty this week." He gave out a big sigh, "I'm stuck looking after the Fire Nation Colonel." The other soldier gave him a confused look. The soldier rolled his eyes, "You know, the new prisoner."

"Oh that kid! How did you find out he was a colonel?"

The disappeared around the corner, "Funny story actually, you see…"

The prisoner! I totally forgot about him! I rushed to the prison; I needed to get there before I was needed again.

I rushed down the stairs, jumping two at a time. When I got to the bottom I composed myself. I turned the corner to see my captain and a few of his soldiers coming towards me.

Ping was laughing with his friends when he saw me; that's when he turned serious, "Avatar Aang!" He gave a swift bow, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see the new prisoner."

Ping froze up, "O-of course, s-sir!" He faced his soldiers, "Clear the way boys, the Avatar wants to see the prisoner!"

All taking a sidestep; they stood up straight as I passed. By the time I had got to the end of the hall where the prisoner was, they had all left leaving my alone.

When I got to the door, I earthbended it open. Our prison was made of earth, making it harder for firebenders to escape and if there was ever an earthbender prisoner we would just place them in a wooden cell.

The prisoner was lying against the wall and his face was hidden from my view. He flinched as he heard me earthbend the cell open. But that was the only recognition that he knew I was there.

I earthbended a chair. I sat down and just waited for him to talk to me. When I realized that he wasn't going to talk I decided to start, "So….how's it going?"

I could hear him scoff at my attempt of conversation. I would too! I mean gosh, if I was sitting in a jail cell, I would be weirded out if my jailer asked how I was doing. I smacked my head, I am so stupid!

"I'm fine, for being in a jail cell."

My eyes widened in surprise. I wasn't expecting him to actually talk back. I ran my hand through my hair, "That's…good?"

"You make is sound like a question." He responded.

I remained silent.

He gave a deep sigh, "What do you want?"

I scratched my head, "What do you mean?"

"Why are you here? Do you want to mess with me like your soldiers? Are you here to mock me, interrogate me, beat me like them!" At that moment he turned so I could see him. His face was covered in bruises. Blood was flowing freely from his nose and there was cut on his eyebrow and lip. He had a black eye and even though it hurt him, he refused to shut it. I could tell he was stubborn. I looked closely to see what looked like finger marks around his neck.

I started to think, if that is what they did to his face, what did they do to the rest of his body? I looked at his arm which was lying limp at his side. It looked strange, like out of shape.

"I'm not going to hurt you." I stated calmly as I made my way towards the man. Even with my statement, he still flinched as I started to roll up his sleeve. I gasped. The bone was definitely broken; I barely moved it and he held back a cry. It had earth rubble all over it.

I gently put his arm down, "I'm going to get someone to heal you, okay?" He made no response. "You are going to be okay." With that said, I raced off to get Katara.

When I finally made it to the infirmary, Katara was finishing up Zuko's wound, "Katara!" I shouted as I entered the room.

She instantly turned away from Zuko, "Aang? Is everything all right?" She walked closer to me, inspecting me as if she was looking for something wrong.

"The prisoner is hurt badly! I need you to help him." I grabbed her hand and began to run towards the dungeon.

Zuko was smirking as he watched us leave. At least he was until he heard Katara shout back at him, "Don't think this is over! We are still going to have a talk about how you got that wound!" His smirk was replaced by a frown.

Again I ran down the stairs two at a time, Katara was trying her best to keep up with me. As soon as we entered the cell, Katara was at the man's side. She checked his wounds, "It doesn't look fatal, but that doesn't mean it is good either." She looked back at me, "I need you to go get me some water. A jug of it will be fine."

I was out the cell door when I heard Katara whisper to herself, "Who did this?"

I knew exactly who did this and they were going to pay.

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