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Watching In Affection.


Staring. That was all he ever did, and that was all they ever noticed. The green eyes locked on the silver hair…and soon after, locked on the bubblegum red hair across the courts. They knew he stared, but they never figured out why. Kirihara himself didn't even know why. Maybe it was utter trust for them? He had no idea how to feel…just knew that they were the two he noticed most. Not even Yanagi had his complete trust. Though either way, the black-haired one hoped to find out why soon.

Then, of course, the first to notice the reason was the data master, himself, silently taking notes on it everyday. The seaweed-headed one was so easy to study it seemed…and always fun to watch when flustered. If only his kouhai knew why he watched the other two…

Though his thoughts were snapped away quickly.

"Oi, Yanagi-senpai…" Came the drawling voice of the Rikkai Dai youngest, almost whining. Ah, it appears he was caught studying.

"What is it, Akaya?"

The questioned reply was short, emotionless, and mostly quiet which, in turn, made the smallest one pout silently. Sometimes it was just adorable.

"Senpai…I really don't want to stay after for detention! Fukubuchou will kill me if I can't stay for the whole practice again…" He complained, trying his best to pay no mind to the elder's notebook which he just knew held notes on his current…obsession. But, luckily, he knew his senpai's ways. Yanagi would never give out personal information from anyone else…not even himself. As odd as he may have seemed with his studying, everything was confidential…unless it would put a damper on the team's playing. In that case, Sanada would take control.

"Akaya," the elder replied, facing his kouhai as he closed his notebook. "If you want to stay on this tennis team, you have to stay after and go to all detentions." He hated the fact that the Junior Ace wasn't ever doing any work…and when he did, it was all incorrect. "I will handle Genichirou and, later on, I will meet you and help you with your English homework. Until then, get going."

It wasn't a mean or rude statement, but it was firm. All he wanted was the best for the team's favorite little kouhai. But sadly…all Kirihara wanted was to stare some more.


"Ahhh…mou…" The bubblegum redhead whined, tired of having to run more punishing laps than usual because the youngest brat got out of it and Sanada had nothing to do with himself. "This isn't faaair…damn that seaweed brat!"

Niou sighed and ran towards Marui, running alongside him. "Hey," he said with a smirk, finally pulling the tensai aside. "We should punish him."

A knowing smirk crossed Marui's face at the other's words. They both knew that they were constantly stared at and, by now, they figured it out, too. Though they also knew that Akaya hadn't figured it out. … Oh the fun they would have toying with their dearest little one.


Sighing, Akaya plopped himself on his bed once he reached home after two damn hours of detention. It figured, three of his teachers all specified detention for that day. Everyone was against him, it seemed. Then, suddenly awakening him from his half-asleep, half-alert state, there was a knock on his bedroom door. Hadn't he told his mother that he wasn't going to eat?

"… What?" He asked groggily, not even bothering to move from where he lie…until the dataman walked right in. "What do you want?"

… That was going to get him in trouble.

The elder nodded, paying no mind to the other's rude statement. "I have something," he said, pulling out a Junior English book and sitting right beside the smaller one. "Turn to page 132 and begin reading. I will help you."

A loud, exasperated yell could be heard from almost all the way down the street. Now everyone knew what happened.

Kirihara and English don't go well together.


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