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Petenshi Daa.


"Punishment, my dear kouhai. … Punishment."

Why? What had he done to them that needed…punishment? Oh…right. Everything they had to do when he skipped out on practice, or when he needed detention. But what did this have to do with punishment? … Kissing him?

Not moving an inch from Niou's grasp, the seaweed-headed junior just remained, allowing himself to be carried, all the while watching the bubblegum-haired tensai grin to himself. This couldn't end well.

And, following silently behind, Yanagi continued taking notes, unknown to the fact that the silver-haired senior knew he was there…

"Saa…Niou, where are we going with him?" Marui asked, a popping noise sounded right after the question. But of course, the Trickster didn't answer. He didn't want to give anything away…not yet at least. "Ahh…"

The dataman behind them began to consider whether he should just leave it to the other two senpai-tachi…but he wanted to collect data and see if he was really correct on his thoughts of their little one. "Iie…data…" He found himself thinking before taking more notes and resuming his trekking behind them.

"Ah, Yanagi…this is your fault if you're scarred…" Niou whispered, a maniacal smirk donning his features before it faded softly.

"What was that…Niou?" The redhead asked, tilting his head in an attempt to get the other's attention, which only managed to earn a small shake of the head, courtesy of the Trickster himself.

"Petenshi daa…"

It wasn't very long before they made it to the taller one's place, that being really the only place they could go seeing as both Kirihara's and Marui's parents were home…and Niou's weren't.


The black-haired second year had started, but was cut off by the redhead's words. "Niou, isn't this your place? Where are your parents?" He inquired with a smirk towards his kouhai.

"They're out on…vacation or something. I don't know. I wasn't listening when they told me…" He trailed off, unlocking the door and letting the three of them inside. Without even bothering to turn the lights on, he trudged through his house, already knowing where everything is even in the dark, and ignored all minor crashes that came from Bunta's direction. Ah, maybe the lights would have been helpful…

Finally, they made it to Niou's room, this time the silver-haired player turning the lights on, and literally threw Kirihara onto the bed, earning a slight gasp from the said boy…and a smirk from the bubblegum tensai.

"Who…gets him first, Niou?" The voice came out rough and playful as he eyed the smaller one up and down.

"N-No one…!" The junior almost yelled, attempting to shuffle as far away from his senpai-tachi as possible from atop a bed.

"Ahh…Akaya, you're so cute…" Niou said huskily, now on the bed, almost crawling towards him menacingly. Kirihara trembled and moved to jump from the bed, but found his wrists grabbed and held to the head of the bed, not by Niou, but by Marui…

"S-Senpai…!" He bit his lip, squirming, but was immediately frozen as he felt lips upon his own for the second time that night, but this time from the Trickster's. Without consent, his eyes slipped closed, his body relaxing as he melted into the kiss, unaware that Niou had the ability to cause that reaction in him.

"Ah, our little kouhai is so adorable…ne, Niou?" The voice sounded from behind Kirihara before the lips latched onto the smaller's neck, nipping and suckling the flesh there. He used his left hand to hold the devil's wrists together, while his right hand moved forward and slipped into the top of the younger's shirt, playing with a pert nipple, earning a slight arch of his chest and a pleased noise flowing into Niou's mouth.

Niou smirked at the sound, his own left hand moving downward to latch onto the buttons of the jeans that Akaya wore, undoing them, as well as the zipper. But he didn't touch…didn't dare give the younger any skin on skin contact…not yet at least.

Pulling away from the soft lips he found he liked the taste of, he licked his own, eyeing his and Marui's work on the Junior Ace. He was panting, chest rising and falling with each breath, unable to move from where he lay due to the hand holding his wrists tight. He seemed to be…pouting at the loss of contact from his lips, but that never stopped the redhead's fingers from teasing the other nipple. Nothing was there anymore to stop Kirihara from letting out the pleased noises whether he wanted to or not.

With a sinister smirk, the silver one grasped Kirihara's hips tight and thrust his own into those of the hips he held, causing friction between the two which, in turn made Akaya release a surprised moan. A slight grunt followed through the Trickster's lips as he felt himself stiffen against the younger one, but gave a prideful smirk once he felt the seaweed-headed one was the same.

"Akaya …" He said in a husky tone, grinding his hips down into the boy's own again. "You seem to react…have you done this before?" The question was asked in a smug tone, which earned a growl from the other, followed by a moan because of the pressure.

"D-Damn it, Niou…" The said boy smirked, eyeing the panting Kirihara, the prideful look never fading as he locked his eyes on the red tint to his captive's cheeks. He was affecting him more than he thought he would…

Marui let out a small sigh, a bit annoyed that Niou had taken complete control and gave nothing for him to do to their little kouhai.

"Oi, Niou," he said, popping a bubble with a slight glare. "Let me have a chance to play, eh?" The reply he received was a yet another smirk from the Trickster and a worried look from the kouhai. He gave Kirihara a small glance, grinning at the look on his face. "Don't worry, little brat, I'm nothing like Niou…"

With that, he spun slightly, grip never loosening from Kirihara's wrists, and quickly straddled the devil's chest, swooping his head down in a quick move and captured his lips in his own in a rough kiss, well aware that Niou was still behind him, grinding harder into the younger's pelvis.

With the lips covering his own, he was unable to release any pleasured, or pained for that matter, noises into the air…only Marui was receiving them, and that only made his smirk widen.

Finally giving in, Niou groaned and tugged down Kirihara's pants and boxers, leaving the boy half-naked and exposed to them. But the silver-haired trickster still had some form of, pity, was it? and that was what made him able to hold it in and keep his own pants on…for now.

Needing to latch onto something, Niou's lips found the back of Marui's neck, licking and sucking lightly, if only to distract him from fully taking the younger immediately.

Small moans passed from Marui's mouth into Kirihara's, his eyes shutting at the feeling of the tongue on his neck. Automatically his hips thrust into the younger's chest lightly, which in turn caused him to throw his head back with a moan because of the sudden friction he left from the pressure.

Smirking, Niou reached past the tensai and, without warning placed his middle and forefingers into the brat's mouth. Kirihara, not exactly knowing what was going on, opened his eyes and protested the fingers in his mouth. "Nn…"

"Kirihara," the voice was firm and demanding. "Suck. Now."

Fearing what would happen to him if he disobeyed, he obediently sucked on the intruding fingers, weakly, but still sucked nonetheless.

After dubbing the fingers were slicked enough, he nodded and took them back from the junior's mouth, giving him a reassuring look before speaking. "Just…relax, Akaya." He received a questioning look and a mouth agape before he was silenced immediately by the redhead's lips upon his own again, almost sympathetic.

With a thoughtful grin, Niou finally pushed a single digit into the small, puckered entrance slowly, giving him time to react and adjust.

Marui's eyes had remained open as he kissed his kouhai, wanting to see the smaller one's facial reaction to the intruding finger and, upon seeing Akaya's eyes spring open, a large gasp following suit, he gave him a worried expression, hand finally releasing the other's wrists to softly touch the red-tinted cheeks. Immediately, Akaya's head tilted towards the hand, needing to feel something and hold on, his now free arms reaching up and wrapping tight around his tensai's neck for support.

Knowing now, or rather only taking a guess, that Kirihara was ready for another finger, Niou slipped in the second to accompany the first, the two intruders stretching him to make it easier for what was to come soon.

"Ngh…" The Trickster grunted, finally dubbing that his kouhai was stretched enough, he pulled the two fingers out and immediately moved to undo his own pants, allowing Marui to be the one to force Akaya to relax himself. By now, he was immensely aroused, to the point of being in pain…and he also knew that the redhead was, too. He'd have to make it as quick as possible so he could give Marui a chance next.

"A-Ah…" The voice sounded from Kirihara's mouth as he felt the bubblegum tensai's hand reach backward and grasp the younger's own arousal, making a point to squeeze it ever so gently before releasing it, the smaller one's hips trying to buck upwards but to no avail; Marui's legs that straddled the seaweed-haired boy's chest held him in place.

Pulling back with a smirk, the tensai licked his kouhai's lips seductively before turning around as the bed dipped slightly with Niou's return. He knew what was to come, but…he wasn't so sure Akaya knew.

"Hm…ready, little kouhai?" The silver-haired player smirked before pressing his arousal to the devil's opening. Without warning, he pushed in all the way to the hilt and stilled all movements, allowing Kirihara to adjust before he moved. It was…an amazing feeling. "Ah, fuck, Akaya, you're so tight…" The elder moaned, trying to force himself to keep still. From the way the younger was…this had to be his first time.

The pain that the Junior Ace was feeling was almost unbearable. He had never been penetrated by anything before…especially not anything Niou's size. But, upon hearing Marui's words, he calmed down as fast as possible, biting hard into his bottom lip in attempts to null the pain.

"Relax," the redhead has whispered into his ear, a gentle right hand stroking his cheek. It was evident that he wanted to have his turn with Akaya…and he didn't want the Trickster to put him in too much pain.

"It…It hurts, Maru—" He was immediately cut off by the soft lips to his own, his eyes closing as his muscles relaxed. He wasn't used to those muscles being stretched.

"It's alright, Akaya, just keep calm," Niou whispered with a smirk, finally pulling out halfway and thrusting back in ever so lightly. He couldn't take him too rough just yet. But the noises, both pained and pleasured, were definitely making the pain of both Niou's and Marui's arousals be unbearable. And soon…

"Petenshi daa…"

Came the whisper from Niou before his smirk widened immensely and he pulled out all the way before thrusting back in, not even giving the kouhai another chance of adjusting. His left hand moved and grasped the younger's ignored arousal, moving the bubblegum tensai's hand away from it so he would be the one pumping him to move evenly with his pelvic thrusts.

Unable to contain it, even with the tensai's mouth covering his own, he released a loud, both pain and pleasure filled moan, turning his head away in hopes of breathing.

"A-Ahh, Niou…!" He screamed, losing all honorifics for the time being. Both Marui and Niou smirked knowingly. The Trickster found just the spot he had been looking for.

"Puuurii…" Was the elder's reply as he sped up his thrusts, purposely aiming at the younger's prostate to hear those moans again. The brat had great lungs…

From atop Kirihara's chest, Marui was panting, his erection throbbing painfully. He loved the look on his kouhai's face…the amazing sounds. And he silently wondered what it would be like for Akaya to react this same way towards him.

"N-Niou…hurry…" The redhead whimpered, wanting so bad to finish as well, but he wanted to feel the younger as Niou had so he couldn't finish himself. "I…can't anymore…"

Smirking more maniacally, the Trickster sped up both his pumping and his thrusts for a final time, turning slightly to look past the tensai to see Kirihara's panting face. They were both close…but he refused to finish first.

"N-Niou…senpai…" The younger tried, but bit his lip immediately, trying his best not to whine. "I'm…I'm almost…"

"I know," he grunted and, with one more powerful thrust, they both came, Niou inside Kirihara…and Kirihara in Niou's hand. A loud moan followed suit and he lie there, unmoving below his two senpai-tachi.

"S-Senpai…" He groaned as the elder pulled himself out slowly, his teeth finally unlatching from his own bottom lip. "Nn…" He went to move, but found that the other two weren't moving. "Can I…get up…tensai?" He asked Marui; a smirk was his only response.

"Ahh…naïve little kouhaaai…" The redhead whispered close to his ear before he darted his tongue out to lick it, earning a shiver from Kirihara. "I still haven't gone yet…"


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