Well hello, strangers!

It has been quite some time. In all honesty, I had no idea what I wanted to do with this story. First it was writers block and then I just forgot about it. But here I am!! I'm back and I hope I can keep up. I started thinking about re-writing it but that meant in my reviews getting deleted. I mean, I realized how some of it was totally cliché and I had no idea what I was thinking.

So I'm starting over with a few minor changes on the first two chapters. I don't want to delete the story because the reviews encourage me and I can see where I made mistakes and such.

So here it is, Out of Control – Revised.

Chapter 1: These Things

Rain. There hasn't been anything but rain for weeks in the 'Big Apple'. It would start to snow but no sooner than five minutes later, it would turn into water—Ice cold water that fell from the sky. Tyler sat bored stiff by the window curious of when the water would stop hitting the cold piece of glass. He was sick of all – Reid going out to the city clubs, Pogue spending his nights with Kate in his hotel room ordering room service as Caleb took Sarah to the finest restaurants and play houses.

Reid had tried to drag Tyler to one of the numerous clubs in the greatest city in the world, but Tyler was sick of all the blonde bimbo Barbie dolls wanting nothing but a one night stand. As fun as that might be for Reid, it's not what he, Tyler, was looking for. He was tired of the lonely nights and only wanted someone to share it with. He tried to picture this perfect girl for him but every time he did, he drew a complete blank.

It's their Christmas vacation. They had gone to New York City for the holiday and are staying long enough to see the New Year's bash in Times Square. As Caleb spent his nights with Sarah, Pogue with Kate and Reid with some random city chick at her place, Tyler spent the time in his hotel room thinking of how his life came to be.

When they received their powers at 13, he thought that his 'brothers' would always be there and no girl would come between them. He should have seen it coming when his first official girlfriend left him for Reid.


It was summer and Tyler just celebrated his 15th birthday. As a family, Tyler's parents took him and the boys on a cruise and out of hope and some desperate timing, he begged his parents to let his girlfriend, Kim, on the cruise as well. Reluctantly, his parents obliged.

Kim, in Tyler's eyes had been perfect. She has straight light brown hair, had brown eyes and a smile that sent him to the heavens. Even though she only stood at about 5'2, and even though it hurt his neck after a while, the make-out sessions with her made him love her like there was no tomorrow.

Four days passed on their weeklong trip and Tyler was planning the perfect dinner for Kim and himself. He asked Reid if he would be able to distract Kim for a few hours while he got everything set up on the sun deck. Once he had the roses, candles and the small band set, he sent a text to Reid letting him know to send Kim up. A half hour went by and no sign or word from either person. Tyler called Caleb questioning where Reid and his girlfriend were.

"I heard Reid say something about the pool room, but I'm not sure if that's where they are." Caleb responded.

"Alright, I'll go check, Thanks." Tyler hung up and told the band to relax then went in search of the couple.

As Tyler neared the doors of the pool room, he heard moaning. Thinking someone was hurt and hoping it wasn't some couple on their honeymoon trying to have a good time, Tyler busted through the doors walking in on something he least expected -- His best friend and girlfriend in the pool with their tongues in each other's thoughts.

Tyler stared at the pair wishing that this was all a dream. He never thought his best friend would do this to him. He knew Reid liked many girls and even tried to play boyfriend to two girls at the same time. Tyler normally didn't care what he did, but this is a very different case.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Tyler yelled trying to keep his eyes from changing.

The two pulled apart and Reid started to walk slowly to the other end of the pool. Tyler only walked around towards him.

"Reid, I never asked you for anything. But when I told her not to touch her, I wasn't kidding!"

"I know Ty, and it isn't what it seems," Reid tried to say.

"NOT WHAT IT SEEMS?! Reid, are you fucking kidding me?! What? Was she drowning and you decided to give her CPR? Usually that requires for the person to be out of the pool and passed out. From what I seen, she looked very awake … attached to your mouth!" Tyler screamed.

"Ty, baby, why don't you calm down," Kim tried to reason.

"No, I won't calm down until you tell me what the fuck you were doing. Kim, all I ever tried to give you was the world. I loved you and you do this to me? If you didn't want to be with me all you had to do was say so. Good-bye, Kim, I hope you enjoy your time with him." Tyler stated with a lasting glare at Reid and left the pool room.


Tyler couldn't help but let a tear slip. Kim was the first and only girl he ever truly loved. He was going to tell her that night about the secret that he and the boys shared. But that idea came crashing down the minute Reid and her played tonsil hockey.

Deep down, Tyler could never forgive Reid. It was impossible to do so. He would Never to do that Reid, ever. It was something of an ultimate betrayal. Yet, he doesn't understand why he continues to befriend Reid and still seems to be

"Hey baby boy! We're going out to dinner, care to join us?" Caleb let himself into the room trying to pry Tyler out of his depressed stupor.

"Nah... I'll think I'll stay in tonight," Tyler mumbled banging his head against the cold window once again.

"Common, Ty, You've cooped yourself in this room for the entire time we're here. You have to get out and see the city at some point. We don't come here often and we're leaving in a few days. You don't want tomorrow be the only day you get out. It'll be super packed and you won't see anything good." Kate tried to bargain when she and Pogue walked in behind Sarah.

"I guess one night couldn't hurt." Tyler agreed. He grabbed a pair of shoes and a sweater and left for one night that would change everything.