Before time began there was . . . the cube. We know not where it comes from only that is holds the power to create worlds and fill them with life. That is how our race was born. For a time we lived in harmony, but like all great power some wanted it for good, others for evil and so began the war.

A war that ravanged our planet till it was consumed by death and the cube was lost to the far reaches of space. We scattered across the galaxy hoping to find it and rebuild our home. Searching ever star, every world . . . and just when all hope seemed lost message of a new discovery drew us to an unknown planet called earth . . . and a boy.

Alex laid in his cradle just starring up at all the new faces. They all smiled at him and so he decided to mimic. The covers never seemed to stay on him as his feet kicked them off from excitement. Friends and family gathered around him just to see this new wonder and indeed he was a wonder.

The proud parents just smiled and the mother tried to keep the covers on him even though he really didn't need it at the moment. He was wide awake now and no one was going to get him to sleep with so many faces to see. The mother eventually gave up in trying to keep the covers on him and so let him be.

"He's so cute," smiled an old family friend. " . . . so why again did you name him Alex?"

"Hhh, Jetfire!" sighed Arcee rolling her optics. "Like I said before we wanted to name him after the maker. Primus was too much of a sacred name and so we decided to call him by the first name he was ever called."

"Alex," smiled Bumblebee touching his son on the belly feeling his small metallic body wiggle in his grip.

"You know he really doesn't look like any of his parents," said Wheeljack.

All then looked at the sparkling and saw he was right. Alex was a dark green unlike his father Bumblebee who was yellow and his mother Arcee who was pink.

"He takes after my father and sister," said Bumblebee remembering his family.

"Oh, okay," shook Wheeljack understanding.

"So you were carrying him during the battle for the maker right?" asked Jetfire calculating things.

"Well . . . yea I guess so," said Arcee. "Mr. Moore told me I had some junk, heh, heh."

"So you got blasted at and tossed around . . . while pregnant?" asked Jetfire.

"What is your point Jetfire?" sighed Arcee placing her fists on her hips.

"Nothing, it's just he doesn't look messed up from the fights you were in . . . I heard a sparkling can take damage too . . . but . . . if you count that contagious smile of his then he's really messed up," smiled Jetfire bringing his finger to Alex's nose.

Alex let out a giggle as the friend of the family played with him.

"Hhh Primus it's been too long since I've seen a sparkling," sighed Jetfire.

"You're right Jetfire," agreed Ironhide. "Too long."

All were having a good time greeting the new little one into the world. Hot Shot then noticed Alex was off at the other end of the room just looking at his reflection in the metal wall. He could tell Alex was bothered and so came up to him and asked him what was wrong.

"Hey Alex . . . what's wrong? Aren't you glad for the sparkling and that they named him after you?"

"I look like Dr. Doom," sighed Alex touching his face the was getting metallic patches on it. He was turning into a robot and he didn't know how . . . but he assumed the allspark was the one changing him.

"Alex?" wondered Hot Shot.

"Hm? Oh I'm sorry Hot Shot," said Alex turning to Hot Shot and gazing at him with bright red optics. "I'm glad for the sparkling and I was honored they named him after me . . . but the more I think about it . . . the more I know I'm gonna have to start having them soon and I still don't know how . . . but then again I guess I'm looking better suited for the job every day."

"Hhh, Alex," sighed Hot Shot giving an 'it's okay' smile. "You have to not be afraid. Look, even I don't understand what is happening to you and probably never will . . . am I scared? no."

"But Hot Shot you didn't wake up one day and suddenly not breath air anymore," said Alex.

"Look I said that was an accident," said Hot Shot. "I forgot you were in that room and so let all the air out."

"Yea . . . whatever," sighed Alex turning away.

"Alex," said Hot Shot trying to get him to look at him.

"Hot Shot look at me!" said Alex turning to him and pointing at him face. "I have optics for the love of . . . all that's right and normal! I woke, again, and BAM there they are clear as day. I can close my eyes and hurt myself watch!"

Alex then placed one of his fingers that was still organic where his eye . . . er . . . optic was and blinked pinching his finger in a tight grip.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow!" cried Alex trying to get his finger out.

"Alex stop this," said Hot Shot taking Alex's hand out for him and making him look at him. "Now get a hold of yourself. You're not supposed to be normal. You are Primus remember!"

"Yea, but why do I have to change . . . why is the allspark doing this to me?!" asked Alex. "When I agreed to come to cybertron with you guys I didn't think I was gonna end up looking like you too!"

"Hey . . . what's wrong with the way I look?" smiled Hot Shot placing his fists on his hips.

"N-nothing," sighed Alex looking down at his hands. "I guess it's only a matter of time before I become one of you . . . I'm still waiting to wake up one day and be as tall as you."

"Aww, but then you won't be able to ride in me," smiled Hot Shot.

Alex just looked up as Hot Shot and just smiled. Hot Shot could always make him smile.

"You wanna get outta here and race buddy?" smiled Hot Shot knowing it's what Alex needed.

"Yea sure . . . I could use a drive around," smiled Alex.

But right before Alex got in Hot Shot he halted seeing more people join the party . . . it was the high council. Alex met them the first day he came to cybertron and didn't really like them too much after hearing all these things about them . . . and now he knew why . . . they were very stuck up. They came to see the new sparkling and as they looked at him they looked back at the parents and said-

"Hm, a boy . . . we still need a femme."

"Look!" pointed Arcee. "He was huge and very hard to have and so either I'm not having anymore or not for a very, very long time!"

"You're duty is to produce daughters so we can repopulate this planet until the maker starts creating more which will, more or likely, not be for a very, very long time," they said.

"What is going on here?" came Optimus Prime.

"Prime," they halted and gazed at him.

"Look, leave Arcee and her family alone. Your expectations are too high for her to handle for she is one so small. Alex will start making transformers soon, but you shall just have to be patient," said Optimus.

"Yea now leave her alone!" came Alex.

"Y-yes maker," they bowed and left.

"Well there's one thing good about being Primus . . . I get to boss those guys around," giggled Alex.

"Thanks Optimus and Alex," smiled Arcee. "I'm glad you chased them away."

"No problem," smiled Alex. "Besides . . . look at you. You're still worn out giving birth to him."

"You said that right," sighed Arcee finding a place to rest her body and sit. "It's only been a day but he was just so hard to hold . . . I'm glad it's over, but yet . . . I miss carrying him. I guess it's the mother in me."

All just smiled. Optimus and Ironhide remembered this speech. Both their wives said the same thing when their children were born. All mothers were like that and so they knew that Arcee was probably going to have more. Sparklings always lighten the day.

"Alex . . . your father is on line," came Ratchet to Alex who almost drove off with Hot Shot.

"He is!" smiled Alex. "GREAT!"

He jumped out of Hot Shot and ran to the nearest comlink which was just outside near Bee and Cee's home. There he saw his dad which he hadn't seen in about a year or so since Gary didn't have a comlink set up where on earth.

"Dad! Dad!" smiled Alex touching the screen just so overjoyed to see his father again.

"Ah Alex," smiled Gary seeing his baby again after what seemed like forever for him. "How you doin' son?"

"Just fine dad," smiled Alex tearing filling his eyes surprising Alex he could still cry.

"Alex is this thing broken or something 'cause you look like a transformer to me," said Gary getting closer for a better look.

"No dad," shook Alex. "All you see . . . this is me."

"Wow . . . what happened son?" asked Gary.

"I'm becoming . . . Primus," sighed Alex.

"Oh . . . I see," said Gary casting his eyes down.

"But don't worry dad. I'm still your son remember?" smiled Alex. "This doesn't change anything right?"

"Alex," started Gary. "The human government now knows about you and the transformers. I am now part of the defense against the decepticons if ever they try to attack earth again. Just thought I'd tell you."

"Well that's cool . . . what'd they say about me?" asked Alex.

"Well . . . they thought I was an alien too and so did all sorts of tests on me to make sure I was human," chuckled Gary.

"Are you?" smiled Alex.

"Well . . .eh," said Gary casting his eyes up thinking to himself.

Alex's heart almost stopped as his dad did this, but Gary just came back laughing and said-

"Of course I'm a human son. Gotcha didn't I?"

"Very funny," smiled Alex. "So why now did you plan to talk to me."

"Well," started Gary with a smile. "It's been a year and Sam and Makeala are graduating. They wanted to invite you, but were too scared and so I said I'd ask."

"Oh . . . I'd love to go, but I can't," said Alex. "The autobots would never let me go . . . sorry."

"Aw . . . that's a shame. They really wanted you to come . . . I really wanted you to come," sighed Gary. "I miss you son."

"I do to dad, but I have a responsibility remember?" asked Alex.

"Did you . . . ?" started Gary.

"No! Not yet. I don't know how. I just witnessed a sparkling birth, but it didn't help!" grumped Alex.

"Well I'm sure they won't force you or anything Alex. Just take your time," said Gary.

"Till when?!" asked Alex. "Till I grow old and die?! What if I can't do it?!"

"Alex calm down," said Gary. "You really need a break from all this don't you?"

"YEHES!!!" cried Alex shooting his head upward to space. "I want to come home . . . even for just a day . . . I would be satisfied."

"Well . . . I don't want you to get in trouble or anything, but if I were you I'd sneak off that planet, you know steal a space ship or something and come down here . . . but that's just me," said Gary.

Alex then smiled knowing that was a very good idea. He then looked at his dad and said-

"I hope to see you soon dad."

"Me too, bye."

"Bye," sighed Alex.

And so it was over. Alex only bowed his head. Ever since leaving earth he had got nowhere. He did need a break from all this advanced science and robot things. He needed to spend some time home, but how?

He later spoke to Hot Shot about taking a trip back to earth for a week or so. He wanted Hot Shot to come, but Hot Shot had matured and really became like an older brother to him.

"Are you insane?!" gasped Hot Shot. "Uh-ah! No way. I'm not gonna get in trouble with father again for taking you somewhere you don't need to be."

"But Hot Shot I need a vacation!" cried Alex.

"What's that?" asked Hot Shot.

"Errr, some time off!" said Alex getting frustrated with him.

"But you have plenty of time off here on cybertron," said Hot Shot.

"But it doesn't feel like home," cried Alex. "It's not my home."

Alex then sighed seeing Hot Shot wasn't going to help him and so he bowed his head and left him.

"Hey, you better not think of trying to leave cybertron!" warned Hot Shot. "You could get into serious trouble!"

"Oh no," sighed Alex with a hint of sarcasm. "Why would I want to do that?"

He then left and Hot Shot feared he was going to try something, but just let him be seeing he wanted 'time off' from everything and probably everyone. Alex went back to his 'heavily guarded room' and just tried to sleep . . . or recharge, but fear crept in on what was going to happen when he woke up. Would he change some more like in the past weeks? He was now afraid of that which was supposed to be peaceful to humans . . . but he wasn't human anymore now was he?

With yet another sigh he just stayed awake thinking to himself. He looked outside his one window that seemed to have the best view in cyber city and just gazed at all the lights from flying transformers and things happening down below. It seemed everyone was having fun now that he was there . . . he guessed it gave them comfort, but he didn't feel it right now. Right now, as he thought of it, earth gave him comfort. It was such a beautiful planet why would one leave . . . only if they were Primus right?

No! Alex needed to go home . . . he wanted to, and besides . . . Sam and Makeala were graduating and he wanted to see them do so. He was going to go to earth no matter what! Alex got up and left his room.

"Hm, where are you going sir?" asked one of his daily guards.

"Out," said Alex. "I'm Primus so don't ask me anything."

"Yes sir," he said straightening.

Alex just smiled. It worked all the time. He made his way to a small shuttle where he knew no one was around and so 'borrowed' it. When he sat in the seat he found it was going to be a whole lot harder than he thought. Sure he was taught how to fly one, but this was huge. It would take him forever to get it started up, but he had to do it.

Autopilot would work and so that was all he needed to get to. It took him about an hour till he got it working and so took off with a couple of other ships circling the planet, but he soon broke away when they all landed again. To earth . . . he could hardly wait.

"Father!" gasped Hot shot running to him.

"What is it Hot Shot?" asked Optimus turning to him.

"Alex is gone!"

"What?!" gasped Optimus. "Where has he gone?!"

"Earth," said Hot Shot knowing without a shadow of doubt.

"How do you know?" asked Ratchet.

"He was talking about going to earth with me before . . . I didn't think he'd actually do it though!" said Hot Shot.

"Then let's go get him men," said Optimus. "We will get him back even if I have to bring the whole army. He will learn his lesson this time for sure."

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