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Optimus paced back and forth as all sat in darkness just deep in thought. Alex watched in worry the mood of Optimus Prime. He knew if Optimus ever acted like this there was very little to be done about anything.

"Why would he do this?" asked Optimus pacing back and forth hastily. "Why would he take my son? MY SON?!"

"You said so yourself Optimus," said Jetfire raising his right hand. "He thinks he's his."

"But you don't know for sure do you?" asked Kaz taking a step forward.

"No," sighed Optimus casting his head down.

"But—what if Galvatron tries to find out and when he does—what would happen if he found out Hot Shot really wasn't his sparkling?" asked Lauren.

"I agree with Lauren," said Wheeljack. "What would stop Megatro—pardon me, Galvatron from really making sure?"

"His pride," said Optimus casting his sapphire optics on the scientist. "What mech wouldn't want to believe he sparked two sons? Hot Shot is an excellent fighter, which Galvatron believes he inherited from him. Starscream is also a strong warrior because of his father, now Galvatron doesn't want to believe that Hot Shot had inherited anything from me being possibly he is my sparkling instead of his and so therefore has cleared his mainframe into thinking he is right about his feelings for Hot Shot being his own."

"Well I hope he comes into a rude awakening!" said Lauren crossing her arms wanting to believe Hot Shot is Optimus'.

"So do I," said Optimus in a whisper as he cast his optics on Alex who had been allowed in the room just to listen about the matter and still didn't look so good.

Optimus scanned the young Primus for a long while. Alex kept his gaze down not wanting to look directly at anyone. It seemed he just wanted to be left alone and Optimus understood why. Hot Shot was his protector, best friend, and not to mention a brother to him—it's never supposed to be easy losing someone so close to you.

"If you don't mind I want to go to my room," said Alex standing up still not looking at anyone.

"It's understood," said Optimus with a slight nod of his head. "Ironhide, escort him back to his chambers."

"Yes sir," said Ironhide inclining his head to Prime and then walking beside Alex to take him back to his room.

All watched in silence as Alex Moore left the command room. It seemed like the darkness that lingered in the room thickened as the maker left. His mood seemed to be just like the atmosphere surrounding them now.

"Should we do anything about him Prime?" asked Tracks.

"We can't," said Optimus. "He misses his guardian. He'll get over it though."

"Who shall guard him now?" asked Jetfire.

"If I may say, none of us where as close to Alex or ever would be as Hot Shot was," said Tracks. "And those who are as skilled as him are off fighting in wars."

"I know Tracks," said Optimus. "I'll let Sunstreaker and Sideswipe watch over him for now—but I want you to keep an optic on them two Tracks."

"Hhh, if I must," said Tracks shaking his head.

"Good," sighed Optimus leaving.

As Optimus left with Jetfire all just cast their gazes down wondering how anything good could come out of this. Arcee folded her hands together and placed them on her chest just afraid of so much.

"First little Alex and then Hot Shot—what are we to do?"

Bumblebee just dropped his shoulders as he wrapped his arms around his tiny sparkmate. Why did the Autobots have to lose so much?

"How do you like your accommodations Hot Shot?" asked Galvatron sitting on his dark throne as Hot Shot sat just a few feet from him.

"Hm? Oh it's fine," said Hot Shot turned from him.

"Why won't you look at me Hot Shot?" asked Galvatron noticing Hot Shot always turned from him. "Are you ashamed of your own father?"

Hot Shot then picked his head up and turned to look at Galvatron who pierced him with blood red optics like lasers to his spark. Even though there was little emotion on Hot Shot's face he knew Galvatron could peer into his very soul to tell what he was thinking.

"If you're my father then why would I be?" asked Hot Shot.

"Because," said Galvatron placing his claws gently on Hot Shot's chin. "I have killed countless transformers without mercy or consideration of who they were—just as you will when you take my place."

There was a slight brightening of Hot Shot's optics once Galvatron told him his destiny. Even if Hot Shot was born to raise hell on Cybertron his spark told him otherwise. His spark told him that he belonged with the Autobots and with Alex—oh the years of deceit it has known by being with Optimus.

"Would you like that Hot Shot?" asked Galvatron leaning back in his throne. 'To rule in my stead?"

"I—I don't know," said Hot Shot once again casting his gaze away from Galvatron.

"What do you mean you don't know?" asked Galvatron raising his right metal brow. "You either want to or don't."

"It's just—" started Hot Shot trying to speak but found it uneasy to around Galvatron.

"Is it that Autobot programming of yours that my brother had forced upon you?" asked Galvatron baring his fangs. "If it is don't worry I can fix that."

"No, it's not that but—what of Starscream?" asked Hot Shot turning his gaze to Galvatron.

"Oh—what of him?" asked Galvatron seeing as if Starscream was no less than a rug.

"Well—he's the eldest isn't he?" asked Hot Shot. "If anyone will take your rule first it should be him."

"I can give my rule to which ever son I see fit," said Galvatron.

"But—would that be fair?" asked Hot Shot looking at him. "To give it to a son you know little of and have hardly been with you through the millennias."

"I trust you to trust my judgment Hot Shot," said Galvatron.

"I'm sorry I just—" started Hot Shot before he felt Galvatron quickly wrap his arms around his torso and pull him to himself.

"Shhh, don't worry my sparkling," said Galvatron holding Hot Shot tightly. "Don't think of anything else but me. I know what is best for my sons, and this rule."

Hot Shot's optics couldn't help but widen seeing how the last time Galvatron held him like this was when he tossed him out into space never to be seen again by anyone. Hot Shot was always afraid something would happen to him again for being so close to him—but he was mad now and had forgotten the right of sons.

"Why won't you trust me Hot Shot?" asked Galvatron. "Is it because so many has lied to you and you fear I am to do the same? Or . . . is it something else?"

There was a moment of silence until Galvatron shifted his optics and opened his mouth to speak saying—

"Alex . . . it's that little Primus isn't it?"

Hot Shot was now even afraid to move for fear of what Galvatron was to do. He froze knowing that it was true. Alex had been on his mind and has been so much.

"You're wondering why you left him—your brother," said Galvatron as if reading Hot Shot's very thoughts.

"H-how?" choked out Hot Shot now ever afraid of this new Megatron.

"They say—" started Galvatron casting his gaze out into space. "That Primus' blood holds many powers. That is how I was brung back to life. My loyal servant Shockwave gave me Alex's blood be retrieved from him but a year ago. It seems I can now sense things though impossible—like the feelings and thoughts of others. No they are not clear like images, but I can guess quit close. My old sparkmate—Silentscream—it was said she drank of the blood of Primus at a young age and that is why she could see into the future—though the blood she drank was much more evolved than the liquid I drank, but still . . . his blood holds the power of the Universe and I am slowly learning of them."

"What kind—of powers?" asked Hot Shot licking his lips.

"Oh so much," said Galvatron his gaze falling once again to the form he held onto tightly. "Why Silentscream could see into the future at times—that's why we called her a witch, and what a witch she was. I sometimes think Starscream inherited most from her—sometimes. You see when I bonded with her I received a bit of that ability—just a bit. When I blinded that maggot's great great grandfather he peeked into the future just as I have—because of my sparkmate Silentscream. Yes, things are coming together so clearly aren't they?"

Hot Shot then found the courage to pull away from Galvatron—to his liking he let go easily. Hot Shot stepped away from him and inhaled standing up straight decided to get all the answers he wanted.

"What else is coming together—father?" said Hot Shot almost forgetting to call him that.

"Well, if you ask," said Galvatron crossing his long slim fingers. "The allspark for instance—it speaks through light. I understand clearly how that happened."

"How?" asked Hot Shot.

"I was informed that you were struck by lightning on your way down to earth to join the Autobots—and it surged through young Primus am I right? Giving him the ability to understand and read and write out language."

"Yeah," said Hot Shot titling his head to the side a bit as his right shoulder dropped just a bit.

"That's how—the lightning," said Galvatron with a smile.

"Like . . . this was all supposed to happen?" asked Hot Shot.

"I believe you were told this before," said Galvatron narrowing his optics slightly. "There are so many mysteries about Primus, like to his beginning and now it is unfolding before us. How spectacular wouldn't you say?"

"Yeah . . . I guess so," said Hot Shot in a mumble.

"Be sure not to do that around me," said Galvatron looking at him. "I do abhor things being said around me that I can not pick up."

"Uh, yes sir," said Hot Shot with a quick bow. "Now—if you don't mind I wish to go recharge."

"Then go," said Galvatron. "My young mech needs his strength for later."

Hot Shot just left quit hastily. He didn't like being near Galvatron—no matter his relation. He had always not liked him and now that he is forced to live with him he didn't know how much longer he could take. Once he left the throne room he was shocked to run into Starscream.

The two half brothers just starred at each other for a while. Hot Shot with almost emotionless optics, but Starscream couldn't help but sneer at him. Hot Shot inclined his head and waited for Starscream to do the same, but after two seconds had passed he saw Starscream wasn't going to acknowledge him and so left. Starscream watched the young Prince leave and only growled.

Starscream inhaled and couldn't help but hit the wall next to him in anger. He couldn't believe how foolish his father was. Or—how easy it was to forget him. Starscream cast his optics down in sadness just wishing this ordeal hadn't happened.

He wished Galvatron could just remember him for once and not think back on him in hindrance to anything. He seemed to be so happy when Galvatron was long dead, but ever since this issue with his, once, cousin arose all he wanted to do was be noticed by Galvatron. How could Galvatron favor a son he didn't know was truly his? How could he?

This was the reason for Starscream's agony. It wasn't Hot Shot—no he had done nothing wrong, but Starscream pitied him for he'd have to live now a life had had come to hate. He'd have to live with a father who could easily forget you like you weren't even related to him. Hot Shot had a hard life ahead of him if he planned staying by Galvatron's side.

The true reason for Starscream's agony was not Hot Shot, but Galvatron and his tendency to for forget him . . . just like his mother. Sometimes he wished he were born as Optimus' son for he knew a father like that wouldn't take him for granite, but alas he was born to this son a glitch fragger.

Why couldn't Galvatron uphold him like he did when he was little? Why did he have to forget how much loyal he was to him? He had gone mad that's why.

"Oh—my poor sparkling," came a voice to Starscream.

Starscream's optics brightened at hearing this familiar voice. He looked around and saw no one was there and so ran down the hall to a quieter place to look. After a few moments of looking he soon found she who spoke to him earlier.

"YOU!" he growled ready to attack the seeker.

"Why it is good to see you too my mech," she said with a smirk on her face.

"Silentscream you little glitch!" he cursed at her as he pointed his claw at her.

"Shame, shame," she said shaking her head. "Cursing at the one who gave you life."

"You wouldn't have if you had a choice," said Starscream.

"Hm, you're right," she said with a small giggle.

"You're just as mad as your bonded," said Starscream shaking his head.

"I guess they were wrong when they say opposites attract huh?" she said.

"Why are you here?" asked Starscream watching her ever move. "Why have you bothered to come back?"

"I have my own reasons," she said.

"If it is to make me hate you more then it's working," he grumbled at her.

"Oh I know you hate me and you have every right to," she said.

"Of course I do!" spat Starscream. "You left me when I was only 11,000 years of age. I had to spend 10,000 years with my father—without you."

"You seem like that's such a long time," she said turning to him.

"It would seem so if you were beat because of Megatron's anger," said Starscream.

"Do you not know how much I sacrificed for you?" asked Silentscream narrowing her optics at her sparkling.

"Not nearly enough as I have," said Starscream.

"You could have had a worse life then you have now," she said. "It is true your father liked to take out his anger on others, especially his family. He would have taken it all out on you if I hadn't intervened. Do you remember that Starscream?—when he wished to hurt you but I took your place?"

"Yes," said Starscream casting his optics away for a second. "That was the only motherly thing you did for me."

"You have to understand that I didn't want to leave you but I had to," said Silentscream. "I foresaw the femme massacre and knew I'd be counted among the number if I didn't leave now."

"Why didn't you warn the other femmes then?" asked Starscream.

"Because if I did then this war would be worse than it is," said Silentscream. "There'd be a lot more number of offlined than you think. I did save Arcee though—telling her to go to another planet for a 'project'. Oh she fell for it."

"Why just her?" asked Starscream.

"I have my reasons, that's it," said Silentscream with a smile.

"I still hate you," said Starscream. "That's the only emotion you'll ever get from me."

"I know," she said bowing her head. "That's all you ever seem to emit—even from your own brother."

"He is NOT my brother!" screeched Starscream ready to slice her into nothing.

"So you say," she said with a small smile.

"What do you know?" asked Starscream.

"Not as much as you think," said Silentscream pacing around. "I can't even tell you who Hot Shot's true father is. It is a mystery even to me. I'm afraid only Primus himself can tell you that, but then again I heard He's not been very talkative lately."

"Does it look like I care?!" asked Starscream turning away from her.

"No, but you do care about being noticed," she said quietly.

"Just leave!" said Starscream. "Leave like you're good at!"

"Very well," she sighed. "I just have one thing to say before I leave . . . make sure Galvatron notices you—before it's too late."

At that she took off and left. Starscream just shook his fists. He hated her riddles, but—in a way he knew exactly what she meant.

Silentscream had just predicted the downfall of Starscream.