Mario and the Invasion of Waddle Dees

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Well, Mario is going to have a successful New Year, indeed. I hope you all read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Mario and the Waddle Dees belong to Nintendo. And HAL Laboratory as well (in the case of the Waddle Dees).


Mario was doing some mowing in his own private backyard behind his own, private red house. He trimmed the bushes he had growing for several days. Humming merrily, the red Italian plumber finished up trimming, and he headed back into his house, to grab a nice soda bottle, As he drank it down, he paused and looked across the kitchen table, to see a small, orange Waddle Dee staring at him, straight to the face.

Mario blinked. "What the...what's a thing like you doing in my house?" He asked as he walked over to the Waddle Dee and picked it up. "You know, there's a thing called privacy." He chucked the little Waddle Dee out of his house, and shut the door close. As he turned around to enter the living room, he was in shock to see more Waddle Dees around, all of them looking at Mario. "Mamma mia... time to get down to business."

Mario started to search for a net. He grabbed one from the basement, and came back up to the living room, getting all of the Waddle Dees into the net. He then headed outside, and released the Waddle Dees. Grinning with confidence, Mario closed the door and headed back to the kitchen. As he started to clean his sink, he turned around to get a dry towel, but to his dismay...

...Found even more Waddle Dees staring at him.

"HOW MANY ARE THERE OF YOU THINGS!?" Mario screamed in rage. Instead of getting them to leave, Mario started attacking the Waddle Dees, punching and kicking the living out of the round creatures. As the mass of Waddle Dees became a bit lesser and lesser, Mario rounded up the remaining Waddle Dee and herded them all out of his house.

Mario grabbed some nails and a hemmer, and he started to put up wooden piles on his door from the inside of his house. Tossing the hammer away, mario walked upstairs to his bedroom. As he opened the door, he found that there were several Waddle Dees jumping on his own red king-sized bed, while there were Waddle Dees who were wrecking the Italian plumber's room. Mario fumed with rage, and he started to attack with even more force. This time, he burned the Waddle Dees with his fireballs, and he started to hammer in wooden piles all over his windows, doors, and even the floors and the ceilings.

Panting, Mario wiped his forehead. He let out a sigh. "Phew! No more hustling Waddle Dees..." He fell back onto his king-sized bed, and let out a sigh of relief. "I can finally relax."

It was then that Waddle Dees busted through the padded windows, emerged from the wooden floors, broke down through the wooden ceilings, and invaded the small red house in large numbers. Eventually, the house was so filled with Waddle Dees, it bursted into broken piles of wood and glass, and all of the furniture collapsed on each other, with Waddle Dees falling down gently from the sky. Mario was sitting atop a hill of Waddle Dees, and he shook his head sighing as he watched the Waddle Dees come down.