Disclaimer: I do not own Mutts.

A/N: Hi, this is a little oneshot based on the Mutts Comic Strip by Patrick McDonnell. Hope you enjoy.

Mooch and Earl walked together, enjoying the first day of a New Year. They had been together a long time, and their friendship had only grown stronger.

"I love you, Mooch," Earl blurted out, stopping to look deep into the eyes of his feline friend. He would be lost without him.

"I love you too, Earl," Mooch grinned back, an almost Cheshire expression on his face. What would he do without Earl?

"Let's go home," Earl said, and eagerly made his way down the field, tail wagging. He couldn't be happier.

"Yesh, let's," Mooch lisped, and ran after his friend.

They were two separate species, but their bond was forged from true love for one another.