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Note: This is probably the fluffiest fluff I've ever written. But I found it on notebook paper when cleaning my desk and decided to post it.

If you only allowed Kuki Sanban to choose one part of her boyfriend, instead of the having a whole Wally, she'd always pick his eyes. When they first met in the park years ago, Kuki was interested in the boy's bright eyes first. (Back in Japan, she had rarely seen anyone with eyes that weren't black or dark brown.) As the two grew up, they remained friends and eventually were assigned to the same sector after they graduated from the Kids Next Door Academy.

Wally tried to cover his eyes with his bangs during the early years of Sector V and, much to Kuki's disappointment, he often succeeded. Slowly, she grew attached to other aspects of Wally. His accent, the way he acted tough, and even his temper became adorable in Kuki's mind.

But his eyes were always her very favorite thing about Wally. Kuki could, and on a few occasions did, just sit in her room and think about Wally's eyes. She still hadn't quite figured out what shade of green they were, but Kuki knows it's the loveliest shade of green possible, if not the loveliest color all together.

By sixth grade Kuki was convinced she had fallen in love with Wally. She knew it was in his eyes that started I all. They were too perfect, too pretty to belong to a boy, especially Wallabee Beetles. Kuki murmurs that into Wally's shoulder as they spin around the gym floor at a school dance.

Later on, when they've both finally admitted they like each other more than friends and are considered a couple Kuki can compliment and tease Wally at once. It's almost an everyday occurrence, but they never get tired of it. However, Nigel groans whenever ever Kuki asks, "Do you know what made me like you the first time we met?"

Of course, Wally does know, but still replies, "No, Ah 'aven't got a clue. What?"

With a sigh and a dreamy smile she answers, "Your pretty green eyes."

"Boys can't be pretty," He says this as if he was talking to small child.

"But you have pretty eyes, and you're a boy," Kuki lowers her eyes purposefully, "At least you said you're a boy."

Wally kisses the top of her head, and then adds, "Ah am a boy, and Ah'm telling yeh, boys can't be pretty!"

Kuki always nods as if she agrees with him, but she never has. Despite what Wally may want to think, he is the most gorgeous thing in Kuki's world.