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Chapter 30: A Flash of Conclusions

November 13, 2102

Trees flew past Edward at an unearthly speed. He was sure that if he moved his hand one inch off of Jasper's back it would be snapped of by one of the passing trees. He glanced at the other the other five speeding objects. They were spread out and the only one he could clearly see through the foggy night and burred trees was Alice.

Alice's head snapped to the side when she felt eyes on her. She gave Edward and Jasper a kind smile before turning back around. Her sight was clouded over for a few seconds as she saw a glimpse into the future about Serenity. Once the Cullen family and Edward had decided to seek out Bella Serenity's future cleared up, although there were still hazy splotches randomly thrown into her future.

Emmett and Rosalie had stayed behind to make sure she was alright and to watch over Gabriel.

Gabriel, now that was a name that sent chills down Alice' spine. He was alright personality wise, but something about his looks made her wary. That feeling was only worsened when Carlisle had told Gabriel that Edward and Bella were once lovers and they needed his help to get back into the city.

Gabriel at first had stood motionlessly in shock before avidly denying it. When no one was persuaded by him he was silent once more before a look of understanding flashed in his eyes. He made a dash to the kitchen and Emmett followed him. He heard Gabriel mumble something about warning someone as he reached for the telephone. Emmett smashed the phone before he could use it. They had to lock him up to keep him from trying anything else.

The Cullen family didn't know what to make of his actions.

Alice sighed and focused on Edward's future, but she came up with a blank. It worried her and she glanced at him again just to make sure he was really there. He was.

He looked so different compared to her memories of him. There was a slight pink tinge to his skin that gave him a look of youth and life that he never had before. His face had the shadow of a beard that used to be perfectly shaven. She could hear his heart racing and adrenalin pumping as he held onto Jasper's back with all his strength, strength that was nothing compared to what it used to be.

What really surprised her was the slight smile that played on his lips at the thrill of Jasper's speed.

Alice hadn't seen him give a real smile since he left Bella. It made her doubt if what they were doing was the right thing. Even if Edward did get his memories back it didn't mean everything would come out roses. It didn't mean that Bella would take him back or that they'd gain the family member they had lost so long ago.

'What if he remembers Bella and she pushes him away again? He'll be pushed into sad awareness, probable worse than the first time he lost her. Is it right for us to take away the ignorant happiness that he lives in right now?' Alice's thought swirled around making her doubt grow. Her uncertainty was easily dashed out when Jasper sent her his own content mood.

Alice saw Carlisle and Esme slow down in front of her and she followed suit until they were all in a fast walk. She could see the large gate to the underground city through the ever thickening fog. The gate's security had been beefed up since the last time they had paid it a visit. Large, thick metal doors had been put up. It would easily keep humans out, but not vampires.

Carlisle tore down the door making a loud sheering noise. There was a ridiculous amount of cheering and noise coming from the underground city and none of the humans excluding Edward heard the door's removal.

Dread started to pour into Edward at the sight of the gaping hole. He wanted to turn back and go home, but his body wouldn't move as Jasper ran down the spirally dark stairwell and into the underground city.

The smell of good food engulfed Edward when Jasper finally set him down on the floor of the underground city. The smell was coming from the center of the city and he could hear the cheering that the vampires had picked up earlier. It seemed that there was some sort of holiday going on that everyone was celebrating near the middle of the city.

"Happy mood." Jasper mumbled to himself as he took the first steps forward. Edward felt an odd sense of déjà vu as he followed behind him. His head was bowed down, not really wanting to see the city.

As they walked the Cullens were on full alert. They only had to hide in an alleyway twice when a human walked down the same street they were on.

The cheering became louder and Edward glanced between buildings seeing people hopping around and throwing flowers as they walked closer to the center of the city. They finally found the large crowd making all the noise after more cautious walking.

There was a parade of sorts going on. Edward craned his neck to see while keeping a safe distance, but all he could see was the back of people's heads. Jasper motioned for him to climb on his back again as the other Cullens scaled one of the buildings to get a better view.

"What are they celebrating?" Edward asked as Jasper started up the stone building with him on his back.

"I have no idea. From what I can hear it has something to do with an anniversary of something of importance just like most holidays. I can hear Gabriel's name being mentioned. People are asking where he is. Do you know if he was going to be traveling here sometime?" Edward didn't answer. His eyes were pulled to the mob of people.

They were all circled around a procession floats. None of the floats were really that grand, yet they were still amusing. People were pushing each other forward to get a better view, but there was still a safe distance between any people and the floats.

Edward's eyes were drawn to the float that was in the front, leading the whole festivity. Just as the float was turning a corner he caught a glance of someone he once knew. His mouth went dry and his lips formed her name without thinking.

Edward felt himself lurch and fall to his knees. Just the sight of a woman he couldn't even remember seeing in his life awoke so many emotions, hurt, want, regret, but most of all love. No memories resurfaced, just emotions.

Jasper eyed him, feeling what was going on inside him as Esme panicked at his sudden change of stance. She helped him up.

When he was stably on his feet again he ran to the edge of the building trying to get another glimpse of Bella, but large houses were blocking his view.

"Do you believe me now?" Jasper whispered in a low tone. His hand was hovering over Edward's shoulder just incase he fell. Edward took a step back from the edge of the building and Jasper's hand dropped. Edward nodded.

"I need to talk to her."

It had been eleven hours. Carlisle could tell without checking his watch. Countless years of experience gave him the ability to just know what time it was.

The sun was setting and they still had yet to find Bella by herself. There was always someone there. None of the Cullens mentioned to Edward about the man that was hanging off of Bella's arm, kissing her occasionally. If he wasn't at her side there was a woman and two men there.

Carlisle recognized the man on Bella's arm as the same one Edward had attacked years ago.

Bella mentioned something about feeding the cat. She left her many companions and went upstairs to the library. They seemed to understand that feed the cat was code for being alone.

Carlisle woke Edward and alerted the rest of his family. Edward was groggy, but when Carlisle pointed to Bella sitting alone he was immediately on alert. His heart rate picked up and a small sheen of sweat covered his upper lip as anxiety became his predominant feeling.

Breaking into the room was easy enough for the Cullens. Bella didn't notice the small scratching noise of the window being unlocked from the outside or its creak as it slowly opened. What she did notice though was the small breeze that sent a chill down her spine and made her pull her blanket closer. The movement of a shadow caught her eye, but she chose not to react to it, instead opting to flip the page of the book she was reading and letting her hand slowly move towards a sharp letter opener.

Edward glanced around the small library looking anywhere, but Bella. All the other Cullens had abandoned him, going just out of hearing range thinking it should be a private moment for the two of them. Of course, they had not told Edward that they he would be alone so when he noticed their departure the small part of courage that was left in him died.

He took a step forward towards the beautiful woman sitting with her back towards him reading a very thick book. His breath faltered as he took in the warm scent that seemed to surround her.

Edward took another step and Bella's hair fanned out as she swung around without warning. The stainless steel letter opener was positioned in her hand ready to strike. It fell do the ground with a muffled thump against the Persian rug as Bella took in the sight before her. The only noise in the room as the two once lovers took in each other's appearance was the soft swoosh of the blanket slide off Bella's lap.

"Bella." Edward said in a soft whisper as vague memories started to form in his mind. He tried to remember if she always looked this beautiful.

Bella's expression slowly changed from one of shock to anger then comprehension. She picked up the letter opener and blanket before sitting down and motioning for Edward to take the seat across from here.

Edward took it, not know what else to do. He stared at Bella as she meticulously folded the blanket and placed the letter opener in its rightful place. She was using the time to think.

A memory flashed into Edward's mind of Bella having the same facial expression as she tried to figure out a particularly hard math equation.

"What are you doing here, Edward?" Bella didn't look at him as she asked. Her eyes were trained on the folded blanket in her lap as her hands smoothed over invisible wrinkles. Edward's eyes followed the movement.

"I'm not really sure." Bella's eyebrows went up minutely and she leaned back into her seat examining him. "I've lost something. My memories, they're all missing." Bella didn't show any reaction to his words. She reached over to the end table and picked up a cup of light brown liquid. She swirled it around watching tealeaves rise to the surface. They both sat silently for five minutes straight.

"That makes things complicated." Edward snorted at Bella's statement of the obvious. "So you don't even remember me?" Edward nodded. "Than you should leave. There is nothing for you down here." Bella couldn't look at him.

"I love you though," A vision of plump lips whispering the same words flashed through his mind, "apparently." He added on.

"Apparently? What a pleasant way to put it. I assume someone has been whispering into your ear about an inconsequential former life." There was a cold look in Bella's eyes as she sipped her tea. "You really don't remember anything?"

"Not a thing, but every moment I spend down here it becomes clearer." Edward gave Bella a sheepish grin. Her eyes narrowed and she abruptly stood up, heading for the door. "Bella!" Edward followed after her and grabbed her wrist before she could reach the door. He swung her around, but the motion was cut short when he saw tears in her eyes.

"Just leave, Edward. It would be better for everyone if you were just gone." Bella ripped her arm out of his iron grip and stood motionless. Her arms wrapped around her chest protectively.

"Why, why do you want me to leave?" Another image stole Edward's eyesight as he saw the same lips as before whisper 'You're leaving?' in a distressed tone. His heart quivered. "They told me you loved me." Bella's eyes refused to soften as a million images of Bella whispering 'I love you' ran through Edward's mind.

"That's right I loved you, loved as in past tense. I have someone who I love now; I actually have two, a lover and a son and lots of people who care for me dearly. There is nothing you could offer me that I don't already have. You are useless here and should have just stayed away. Go back to playing vampires with the rest of your 'family'." Bella was being needlessly cruel, making Edward shudder.

"I love you, Bella. I can feel it. I know that and you do too." Bella let out an indignant huff.

"You know nothing. You don't love me. You've never loved anyone in your whole existence." Bella's arms clutched tighter at her middle and she attempted to control her breathing.

"I love you. I may not know why or how, but I know I love you." Edward placed his hands on either side of Bella's face, trying to get her to see his way. She brushed his hands away and more tears began to stream downwards. Tears, so many memories of tears came back to Edward. All her tears.

"Do you even understand why we aren't together? Can you even comprehend why I'm with someone else?" Bella paused and her voice dropped to a whisper. Another memory of a meadow. "Do you even remember how we 'broke up'?" Edward's breathing stopped and his mind seemed to draw a blank.

He let out a feeble no and the fire in Bella's eyes reignited. A fire from his past life.

"You left me. Your whole family left me all at once without warning." The tears ran freely now. So many tears. "You said that you never loved and that you were sick of playing human with me." Bella's voice was full of venom. "I was emotionally numb for a year before I got angry.

"You know I once considered killing myself for you? I was just that fucked up and it was all because of you. I was self destructive, drinking, smoking, and anything else I could get my hands on.

"I was so furious at everything and everyone. If I hadn't met the people of this city I'm sure my death would have been a violent one that would make the headlines." Bella felt like her chest was on fire. She wanted to scream and shout. She wanted to hit Edward while at the same time just roll into a ball and cry. Nothing was making sense.

"Bella. . ." Edward was at a loss for words. He had no idea that he had told her all those things to protect her from the monster he truly was.

"You broke me, but these people put me back together." Bella turned around and opened the door. "Leave Edward, and don't ever return." Her voice drifted off slowly as the door shut silently behind her.

Edward stood in front of the door feeling a great sense of loss. A few stray tears ran down his face. Something was unfathomably wrong to him about the whole situation. His mind wasn't letting him remember a key part of his past life. A past life in which he lied to keep the one he loved away and safe. A past lie that ended up making the only one he could ever love not love him back.

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