Romeo and Juliet: Konoha High school Play

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Pairings: SasuHina, NaruIno, and maybe some others

Genre: romance/comedy/drama/ some action maybe

Author note: I don't own Naruto or SasuHina. Also my first story so please don't flame me too much. Also in this story Sasuke's clan has not been murdered; and Naruto is evil in here.

Chapter 1

The bell had just rung at Konoha High school for ninjas, to let the students know it was the end of it. In class seventeen all the students and the teacher had left except for sixteen year old Hinata Hyuga, a third year kunoichi in training who was still packing up all her belongings. When she was finished packing she noticed the class was empty and thought "Well I guess I could try to finish off that Romeo and Juliet book until the teacher kicks me out."

She reached into her backpack to get her Romeo and Juliet book out, when she got it out she opened it to the page she was on, and so she began to read. Hinata had only started reading on the first word when she felt something rest on her shoulder. She her head and saw her seventeen year old best friend Sasuke Uchiha reading the book she had while on her shoulder. "Sasuke, I told you before and I'll tell again you can't read over my shoulder!" Hinata said trying to stay calm.

Sasuke just looked at her and said "Well the teachers have told you time and again that you can't stay in class without a teacher in it." She sighed and closed the book saving the page at the same time. Hinata really didn't like the fact that he had a talent for talking back at people. Then as soon as she placed the book inside her backpack and stood up, Sasuke pinched her cheek.

"What was that for?" Hinata whined rubbing her pinched cheek.

"I wasn't done reading that," Sasuke said smirking. That only made Hinata even madder and she wanted to scream at him, but he would probably say something worse in return.

So she tried to calm herself and said as calmly as possible "Okay, let me go to my locker to get my stuff, to go to your place. Then we can read the story at your house, okay?" Sasuke patted her head and nodding with a grin that said to her "I win again".

Hinata started off on her way with Sasuke tagging along too. Since they shared lockers she couldn't say anything about it. Then when they got to the locker she dialed in the code and tried to give it a tug but it wouldn't move. "Darn it! It's stuck again!" Hinata thought out loud.

Sasuke just gave hit the locker door causing Hinata to jump, falling backwards opening the locker and landing in his arms. "Wow… you really are a klutz," Sasuke said plainly while helping her back on her feet.

She decided to ignore the comment and to continue getting her stuff out. Then she felt something being put on her head, she touched the top of her head, and grabbed what felt like a small box. Which it turned out it was when she took off her head to look at it. Hinata turned to Sasuke and he simply turned his head the other way and nodded.

She opened it and there was a beautiful silver necklace with a small locket heart on it. Sasuke right behind her, muttered under his breath, "happy seventeenth birthday Hinata." Hinata turned and said while blushing like tomorrow "T-thank you."

She couldn't believe that she forgot it was her birthday, and that she was now the same age as Sasuke till his birthday came again. But then again her family rarely ever celebrated her birthdays so she didn't ever keep track of when her birthday was coming up.

She began to try to get the necklace on when Sasuke snatched it on her. Hinata turned around wondering "What the heck?" But Sasuke merely replied "Let me put it on for you."

"This is what's weird about Sasuke; at first he is so mean then he's just as sweet," Hinata thought turning around to allow him to put the necklace on. As Sasuke slowly put the necklace on he brushed his hand on her neck as the necklace followed after causing Hinata's heart to seem to skip a beat.

When he got the necklace on Hinata turned around and met Sasuke's gaze. They stayed that way before she turned around, blushing, and continued on to getting things out of her locker. But as soon as she closed it she felt a hand grab her chin turning her around to Sasuke's face which met her eyes again. They stayed like that for a minute and he started to bring his face closer and closer to hers. Hinata could feel herself being glued to the ground as her heart was ready to burst.


Something was struck right across there heads. As Hinata and Sasuke rubbed their sore heads a male voice came and it scolded "None of that in the hall! Save it outside of the school campus or when you two get married!"

They turned to see one of the teachers, Kotetsu whom was a holding a roll of paper. Then when Hinata realized what he meant she stuttered "N-no it's n-n-n-n-not like that!"

Then Kotetsu stopped scolding and looked at Hinata. Then glared at her and asked "Hey aren't you Hinata Hyuga?" Hinata knew that if she answered she would probably stutter too much so she just nodded. Then he took her arm and said "Okay than you're going to the 5th Hokage's (who was also the principle of the school) office."

"Wha-wha-what do y-y-you m-mean?" Hinata asked shocked yet still stuttering.

"You're accused of stealing the test papers because you were the one who was supposed to turn them in." Kotetsu said while dragging her.

She pulled back and told him "B-b-b-but I-I-I-I didn't!"

"Well stuttering and talk back at me makes me think you did it even more!" Kotetsu yelled trying to pull her to the 5th hokage's office. Then as she was about to be dragged off there was a loud slam on the wall causing Kotetsu to stop and turn around. Hinata turned around too and saw that Sasuke had slammed his hand into the wall and was glaring at Kotetsu.

"There is no way that Hinata would ever steal! Trust if she did she would have told me!" Sasuke yelled at Kotetsu. He glared back, let go of Hinata, and began to walk up to Sasuke. But then Kakashi another teacher bumped into him, causing them both to fall backwards in opposite directions. Hinata noticed that Kakashi was wearing the backpack that her ex-boyfriend Naruto Uzumaki wears.

Kakashi was apologizing to Kotetsu and about to getup and leave when Sasuke gave him a knock on his head. Then with a poof of smoke Naruto appeared and papers began to fly out of the backpack. Kotetsu grabbed one and exclaimed "Hey these are the missing test!"

"N-Naruto-kun…" Hinata stuttered, but Naruto just turned his head the other way as if it he would die if he looked at her. She looked at the ground sadly while clinging on to her white skirt tightly, as Naruto was dragged away to the hokage's office.

Then when they were gone Sasuke walked up to Hinata and asked "Hey aren't you to going out?" She shook her head while still hanging it down to the ground, then she snapped her head up when she remembered why Naruto had dumped her and moved onto Sakura Haruno.

"It's all your fault he left me and that now he's with Sakura!" Hinata fumed "Because you stole my first kiss!"

flashback ten years ago

Seven year old Hinata Hyuga was just on her way to school with some girls who were asking if they could borrow some money from her for god knows what. When they squealed and started to run toward Sasuke Uchiha.

As Hinata could see the girls were trying to get Sasuke's undivided attention. Some more girls were starting to crowd around Sasuke. He somehow noticed Hinata and began to run toward her. Then when he got to her, he grabbed both of her shoulders, and smashed his lips against hers. That made all the girls scream and run away crying. Then Sasuke walked off as if nothing had happened. Hinata didn't think much of it other than that it was sort of gross.

But through out the rest of the day girls started to avoid she and she knew that Sasuke had just ruined her social life! So after school Hinata ran right up to Sasuke and asked him angrily "why you do that?"

Sasuke looked at her and asked "What did I do?" She just stared at him in disbelief that he didn't remember what he did to her.

Then she asked again folding her arms around her chest "Why you kiss me?"

Then he nodded as if he had just remembered and said "To get those girls away from me. That's all."

end of flashback

Hinata then thought "How did we become such close friends after that incident…" She was deep in thought trying to remember that until Sasuke flipped her skirt up exposing her underwear, which made her snap out of her thoughts to scream and pull down her skirt.

"What the hell?!" Hinata yelled blushing like crazy and waving her fists at Sasuke.

"Well… I wanted to get your undivided attention when I start to talk to you," he said plainly as he dodged the punches that were coming after him. Hinata stopped flinging her hands and crossed them to show he had her attention now while they began to walk out of the school.

"What does me stealing your first kiss have anything do with Naruto dumping you?" Sasuke asked "I mean you were with him for four months didn't you two ever kiss?" Hinata looked at him glaring at him while she shook her head.

Then Sasuke started to laugh which made Hinata even madder. "It's not funny!" Hinata fumed.

After he had finished laughing Sasuke looked at Hinata and asked "So what did you tell him you were a bad kisser or something?" Then she flung her fist onto his head as a signal no.

"No, you see what happened was that I was discussing my first kiss with my friends and Ino Yamanaka-," Hinata began, but Sasuke interrupted her asking "You mean the leader of that stupid Sasuke fan club?"

She just nodded feeling very irritated. After that she continued saying "Well we were discussing who we would have our first kiss with but then I remembered that I had mine with you!" Hinata exclaimed as they got closer to the school entrance.

Sasuke then asked her before she could say more "So what? You tell them that I was a really good kisser?" Hinata blushed like mad and he just grinned evilly.

"No! I told I just had my first kiss with you when I was seven!" she yelled as she began to stride ahead of him. But before she could get as far away from Sasuke as she wanted to he grabbed her arm and apologized.

"Hey don't worry I'm sure Naruto will be begging for you back!" Sasuke said.

"Doubt it! I mean Sakura is just so…" Hinata stopped dead in her tracks when she saw an audition flier for the drama club on the wall in front of her. It was for a Romeo and Juliet play! She let her eyes wonder down the paper to see the list of names. There was a lot of people she didn't know when she read the names to herself. But the very last thing written on that list was what struck her dumbfounded and it read:

Naruto Uzumaki, note who is no longer with Sakura Haruno

The end of Chapter 1

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